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Is Traditional Education as Effective as Homeschooling?

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Wordcount: 1740 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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The last couple of years in America, homeschooling has grown exponentially in high school students. Even though there are more homeschooled students everyday, this does not mean that high schools are losing popularity or students are dropping out of school. However, research in the last couple of years has shown us that, in some cases, homeschooling can be more beneficial than the traditional education system. Most of these studies show that when traditional students and homeschooled students go to college, homeschoolers tend to do better academically. This means that the traditional education method is not as effective as homeschooling, but how can this be improved? There are many ways that can make the traditional education method as successful as homeschooling, tackling problems related to education itself as well as the physical space of schools. It is important to understand in what it the traditional education method failing and how can we solve these problems. 

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There are many factors that make homeschooling more successful than traditional high schools. First of all, homeschooled students have a flexible schedule and most of them do not have an established place and time where and when they must study. This makes homeschooling easier to be applied anywhere and at anytime. Also, homeschooling helps students have a “personalized” education for every student, so that these students can learn in the most efficient way for each one of them. Another important characteristic that makes homeschooling successful is that it enhances family relationships between children and parents and among siblings so that their relationship is always improving. It is also important to consider the fact that homeschooling provides a safer environment for children because there is a much smaller chance of experimenting physical violence, drugs and alcohol, psychological abuse, racism, and improper and unhealthy sexuality associated with institutional schools because these are problems that can be seen in most high schools in the US. This are most of the reasons why parents choose homeschooling, but what about academic performance?

Believe it or not, research shows that most of the time, homeschoolers do better academically than traditional high school students. Homeschoolers score 15 to 30 percentile points above traditional students on standardized tests. Homeschool students score above average on achievement tests, and this has nothing to do with their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income. This means that if a parent who is homeschooling their kids, is not a certified teacher, des not mean that the homeschool student will do bad academically. Home-educated students usually score above average on the SAT and ACT tests. This tests are taken in consideration when a person is trying to get admitted in a college or university. Homeschool students are increasingly being recruited by colleges because of their good academic performance. Now we understand the reasons why homeschooling is a success and also the information behind the academic success of homeschooled students, but what about the social development of homeschooled students?

Most people think that homeschoolers are socially awkward but the truth is that homeschoolers are above average, on measures of social, emotional, and psychological development. Research shows peer interaction, self-concept, leadership skills, family cohesion, participation in community service, and self-esteem. We can understand that these skills are learned in a familiar space and that parents make their kids become even more socially developed than traditional students. Homeschool students are engaged in social and educational activities outside their homes, as well as, socializing with people other than their family members. The most common activities they are involved in include field trips, scouting, church ministry, sports teams, and community volunteer work. This shows that been close to relatives is actually beneficial because it helps homeschool students become more socially active rather than just having one group of friends and always spending time with them and never talking to other people. Last but not least, homeschool students do really good in the adult world. Most homeschooled students participate in local community service more frequently than the general population, as well as, voting and attending public meetings. Homeschoolers go to and succeed at college at an equal or higher rate than the general population. These students by adulthood, internalize the values and beliefs of their parents at a high rate.

After understanding why homeschooling has been so successful the last couple of day we can determine what problems does our traditional educational system have. First of all, some people may consider that the traditional educational system is becoming obsolete, I strongly agree with them because as time passes by, people change and today’s generations may need a different way of been educated so that they can achieve academic success. There are many ways in which the traditional educational system can improve.

First we have the fact that traditional education is not for everyone. Treating students as if they were all the same is what causes that the students who do not have the skills necessary to do well in school, have bad grades and they are not able to learn what they are supposed to. Research has shown us that there are 7 different types of intelligence and each person has a different type of intelligence. Also, traditional education does not have a flexible schedule and because of these students are not able to focus in extracurricular activities outside school. As, a student-athlete, it was really hard managing school and soccer during high school because I had a really thigh schedule. Relationship wise, traditional education can improve so much because even tough our teachers and professors should not be treated as friends, a good relationship with them will always help our academic development, it can even help us in the future for our professional careers so that we build a job network. But the most important factor in which traditional education needs to improve on is on the social environment. Going to school in the US is not safe anymore because students are exposed to physical violence, drugs and alcohol, psychological abuse, racism, unhealthy sexuality, and this is not their fault. The traditional educational system is so insecure that we hear about shootings in schools all around the US. This is a problem that everyone needs to work on. First, parents have to educate their children as good as possible, make them respectful and responsible. This is the first step to improving violence in schools. Then teachers and supervisors in schools have to identify bullying or any type of abuse so that there are no problems in the near future were a student suffers from depression or suicidal thoughts. Just think about it, parents want the best for their kids, and I am sure they would prefer to homeschool their own kids, instead of risking their lives for an education that may not even be beneficial.

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On the other hand, we have problems on education as itself. Everyone has experienced that failing a math test in high school makes someone dumb or not intelligent. This is never true because our intelligence is not determined by a test or a grade. The thing is that, traditional school puts this kind of thoughts in our minds. The traditional educational system is obsolete changes must be made. To begin with, the biggest mistake is that traditional schools is treating every students as if all were the same. The first step towards change should be realizing that school is not for everyone, but everyone can be able to learn in their own way. Teachers and the educational system should come up with a plan that helps every student so that they can all learn in their own way. Just think about it, homeschooling is successful because it is “personalized” for every student. Imagine how could society improve if all of our students are able to archive academic success and gain knowledge to help society in many ways.

In conclusion, homeschooling is more effective than traditional education because of two main factors. First, education is becoming more dangerous everyday and traditional education is becoming obsolete. If people start solving these problems, traditional education could bring the best out every student and at the end this is beneficial for everyone because at the end these students will become future professionals, and these professionals can contribute to society in a very positive way that can be beneficial for everyone.

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