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Inequality In Education Analysis Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 2355 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In the abstract you mentioned that you will talk about personalities who have been negatively affected by the inequality in education around the world. I just don’t see a mention of a single person in the paper. Make sure every in the abstruct is in the paper. Is is important to write the abstract after writing the whole paper.

You have talked about a country, which country?

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This paper discusses inequality in education. This topic is important because inequality in education is a major problem in most nations around the world. The paper therefore gives the foundation of this inequality and personalities around the world who have been negatively affected. The paper further looks at the mitigation measures which are in literatures to address the inequality. The paper then concludes with what governments or nations need to do in terms of legislations to address the problem.

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Inequality in education is linked to the major problems in the society. The need for studies to be done to find ways of overcoming these inequalities is very inevitable. The means of mitigating these inequalities are important for the entire world. This is something of great interest due to the fact that children need quality education which is a pillar for a guaranteed future. Equality in education will to a large extent, guarantee every human being a better position in the society (Pardeck, 2008). Causes of inequality in education range from poor government policies, capitalistic nature of society to poor management of education systems. This paper is very important as it brings out major causes of inequality and how they can be addressed. (In the introduction you could have defined what inequality in education is all about.)

Discussions on Inequality in Education

The past studies show that inequality in education is something which is virtually everywhere around the world. Inequality in education can be linked to the low rate of development in the society. Social problems faced in different parts of the world also point to a certain degree, the inequality in education. Education inequality brings with it problems which governments and nations have tried to solve but in vain. (Dewey, 2009). Solutions have been put forth to address the inequality in education.

There are a number of issues which play a major role towards the promotion of inequality in education. For instance, tribal and racial lines used in the provision of education have been a major cause of inequality. This has brought about disparity between individuals who get quality education and those are sidelined in the process. In some countries with different races, education is provided in a manner which is unequal. This is manifested when one gender is favored in terms of the education at the expense of the other (Pardeck, 2008). When education is provided along sex lines, some groups will receive better education than others causing inequality in society in terms of economy.

Another important thing is with the provision of education to the disabled children and individuals the less fortunate within in the society. In the provision of such education, individuals with disabilities are often sidelined. This has become one of the outstanding causes of inequality with the kind of in education that is being provided. When the disabled are not given the education they do require, it becomes very hard for them to have equality in education compete on equal basis with the normal people. Inequality in education has been noted in very many parts of the world and hence it is necessary to come up with appropriate solutions (this sentence is just a repetition) It is only when education has been is provided equally on equal basis to all when, can societal goals and other developments tends get to be easily realized (Joseph & Russo, 2009).

A number of issues have been cited which appear to escalate this kind of inequality in education patterns within the society. To begin with. One of the issues is prejudice becomes one of the – which is a major tools which promote inequality within a society, and more so when it has been is bred within the society itself. This is something which breeds hatred, and so soon most often all top management shall be have engaged in procedures and mechanisms which have been aimed at compromising the achievements of others (Dewey, 2009). This means that the kind of education being passed taught into to different groups shall will definitely be unequal. and some Some racial groups and families shall be are favored by the system more than others. Another thing is that the materials for educational purpose shall be are passed across in a manner which is misguided and which favors one group of individuals than at the expense the other.

The current statistics (which statistics? Show them?) show that there is a lot of inequality in education within the country (which country is this?), and such has remains something which is highly irrefutable. Over the years, some indexes (what are these indexes, you are talking about? You will be better understood if you write as “over the years, inequality in education in society is best shown by the living index of the people. The higher the living index, the better their education was”. Try to link sentences,) had been founded found which would effectively determine the kind of inequality within the education. To begin with, the first approach had been through the observation of living standards within the society (Banks, 2009). Mark you, the people who had been receiving the best of education over the past years have been able to have better living conditions. For instance, eighty six percent of the individuals who received quality education have prestigious lifestyles and the remaining having better living standards and lifestyles (This is a statistic, where did you get the percentages from? You need to cite this sentence).

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Women who had not been given appropriate education due to the existing inequality leave in sheer poverty. This has been the case with the majority of the minority racial groups. Inequality in education is something which has continued manifest even in the present days. More and more women continue to face such hardships especially when trying to give their children better education which does them right (Joseph & Russo, 2009). The fact that remains is that very many people have been greatly impacted by the inequality in education. It becomes a very significant and important issue of discussion in trying to come up with basic foundations and engagements through which equality can be achieved. This will ensure that all women get the right education which in the long run improves their living conditions.

Impacts of the Inequality

In real sense, there has been the presentation of journal materials which have been able to provide a lot of data describing the inequality in education. There are many journals that provide far enough data that talks about inequality in education. Such materials have shown how the education system in this country (which country? Don’t show you are cooking, talk about the world if you are not sure) has been very unfair and how it has been torn apart through racial lines and thus leading to failed status with the education delivery (Just write about the journals citing them. Just write “Author so and so says blab bla bla…”). Because of this kind of inequality in education delivery, and which has been in place for quite a long time, majority of the unfortunate members of the society have been greatly impacted. This has led to failed living conditions in different parts of the world You are just repeating this point.(Banks, 2009). As well, it has become very hard to have some issues addressed such as with provision of medical services and care due to the fact that the providers of such services have been on the decline (How is this sentence related to inequality in education?). One outstanding fact is that the failed provision of education and accompanying inequality had been a major contributor to the problems in the country such as lack of medical personnel, nurses and other professionals (how??).

In that case, there have also been increased cases of insecurity due to increased poverty, and this has led to the proliferation of the number of criminals and robberies as well (always relate your sentences to inequality in education, like this one). Another thing is that there has been the increase if drug cartels in trying to search for ways and tactics of survival (sentence has poor grammer)(David, 2002). Basically, when there has been inequality oin education, chances are very high negative societal impacts will develop. It therefore becomes very hard to reverse such developments and as well making life very hard. This is something worth studying and coming up with solutions of addressing the inequality in education.

When we talk of inequality of education, we shall see that the minority groups and ‘wrong’ racial groups had always fell victims, and also the disabled had suffered in this mix of inequality (David, 2002). Basically, very many historical developments in the country (which country) have been able to define the groups and individuals who have become victims of inequality in education. It is the high time when we should change everything and come up with new foundations towards a long lasting equality in education. This will make sure that the best of living conditions have been realized for all members of the society.

Basically, this issue of inequality is very important within the society as it defines the economic developments which shall be realized in the society. In that case, there should be measures and adoptions which make it possible to realize equality in the society’s education system (Scovronick & Hochschild, 2006). When this issue has been studied, the major causes of continued inequality shall be established, and from there it shall be possible to come up with foundations through which such weaknesses and loopholes shall be addressed, and from there realize long lasting impressions within an equal education system.

What has to be agreed upon, and which proves the importance of this issue, is that any kind of education system should be viewed as something which has the power of determining the quality of life through which a given society shall live. The trick thus shall be in making sure that all the forms and functions of education systems have been appropriately monitored. This is important in ensuring that the best of education has been provided and as well make sure that all the societal issues have been addressed and as well deliver the quality of education onto the learner. The provision of appropriate education is necessary as this will make life much better for all the people within the society. This is the major reason why this issue is very important, and the reason all people within the society should be provided with the necessary tutors and learning materials which fosters quality education.

Solutions to the Problem

From the major studies which have been done on this issue, there have been a number of provisions and proposals which appear to adequately present solutions to this inequality in education which has been faced in the country. To begin with, the first thing which should be done is to have all schools and institutions to have tutors who are gender sensitive and who have no prejudice or favor towards one gender. Further there should be equal provision of learning materials and resources for all students regardless of the gender. This is necessary as it makes delivery of education equal and in the long run making it possible to disintegrate this kind of inequality in education which has been faced.

The governments should put in place which protect girl child and make it mandatory for parents to educate all their children on equal measure. The importance of gender of gender education and equality in education should be promoted and encouraged in society.Another solution is in making sure that the government provides all the necessary financial support and material support so that there shall be any kind of inequality in the education system (Scovronick & Hochschild, 2006). A proper education system can also be established which favors everyone so that the best of education is delivered. This is done by having all personnel being put in place so that the service delivery can be done in the best manner possible. It is hence the role of the government and states to fund education in a manner which promotes education provision, and by so doing making it possible to realize the best of goals in the education system.


Inequality in education is something which has been witnessed not only in this country but elsewhere. In real sense, this brings very many failed statuses in the society and the reason there should be the derivation of procedures which addresses such forms of inequality. Education is one of the major foundations of the society which promotes realization of economic goals and at the same time making sure that different individuals end up living better lives. This should be the dream of every nation towards the development of the economy.


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