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Importance of Sex Education in Schools

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Sex is a really complex topic to talk about, though it has both harmful effects and beneficial side effects that can help with the health of the body. “young people often do not know what they are getting into when they have premarital sex”. Sexual activities are more common within teenagers from ages as early as 14 to 18 years, this could be because of trying to be popular in high school or simply because individuals feel left out from friends and to maintain that man chain with friends. Worst case scenario is because individuals try to forget previews relationships that had a tough breakup by using other individuals who are willing to accept and help a friend, because at the end of the road is where ‘true friends are reveled’. Although, pregnancy is more common around high school students because they tend to have crazy hormones and are not familiar on how to talk about it with an adult or to simply ask their parents about an advice. Thought parents take time and effort trying to reinforced that connection with their children about topic that they need to be getting ready to learn and know. “parents want their children to be well informed about sex, sexual health and relationships; however, they want to be kept informed about school program”

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High School teenagers are more common to have sexual activities throughout school than any other school grade, this being because of the benefits that this particular activity provides. Today in society we have all this smart phones and technology that we use in our daily lives and nothing stop us from logging into the internet and search anything we want the answer to, in this case what most teenagers will search. What are the benefits of having sexual relationships? And what are side effects after performing this activity. Most of us as teenagers are scared or might not have a fully understandable relationship with our parents to the point that we can’t ask them information about how to have save sex? Or When would be the best time to do it? And what are the things couples need to consider when they are about to move on to the next phase in their lives. However, the majority of us depend on our buddies and we know the common word (hook up) because we all want to know more specific information about having sex with loved ones. Though the lack of communication is making teenagers have more curiosity and having crazy hormones towards wanting to do something but not knowing how to prevent it which leads to the next phase of having sex at an early age. Most teenagers have a partner that they handout with and they enjoy being with, which makes them be more active and interact with them in all kinds of perspectives because they want to know each other more and give each other all they can possibly give.

Further into this topic (sex) we know that pregnancy can be prevented, though sometimes males are scared to buy protection at local stores and gas stations because they feel like they are going to be misjudge by either cashiers or other members in the stores. Therefore, they take the risk of having unprotected sex with may lead into a pregnancy the first time of having sex. Their loved one which might lead to pregnancy and any other disease transmissions while performing inner course. Having a pregnancy while in high school, makes it more challenging for students to continue with their academics because now they will need to be taking care of the new baby and working will need to be a responsibility in order for the couple and the baby to maintain a healthy life. Though throughout all of this new responsibilities, academics must still take place in order for that individual to graduate by the designated date. Is going to be tough and challenging to make this tough responsibility and keep moving forward, because to maintain a good stable status in high school and maintain a well-paid job to support the new pregnant couple is going to require a lot of patience and commitment towards choosing what is going to be best for both the baby and the teenage mom. “Teenagers haven’t done enough in their lives to be having children”. Many teenagers only because they have a good stable job that takes care of them financially and maybe a car to be able to more around places is not all the requirements that a couple should have. Instead of just having money for on they will need to be able to afford the baby’s lifestyle which will require a lot of patient in the first place and also money to buy the food and all then nutrients the baby needs as well as the appointments with the doctor. Having a baby is not only a gift from god but it can be such a distraction while going to school and one thing that parents need to bring to the baby are diapers, wipers, clothes, towels, and all of their attention while there are baby’s because they cannot be taking care of themselves and they can’t depend on themselves, instead they referee to their parent by crying and showing them what they want because as baby’s they cannot communicate and they won’t be able to do independent stuff.

Choosing the wrong choice whether it is for not having a close communication with the parents, or not being taught and not buying protection because of what people say. Simply to forget another relationship, this could lead to no good because not being in love or comfortable with the other individual the relationship is not going to be good; instead if they end up together because of a pregnancy this will only keep the couple together because of the baby itself and not because the couple want to be together and raise the baby together. All of this topics are highly common in teenagers and no matter which one it is at the end a baby is going to change everything, and is up to the new parents of the unborn baby to choose what is going to be best not just for them but most importantly for the baby. Because of his/her innocence they don’t know what is good or bad and is up to the new parentages to take their free time and apply it to all to their new baby.

(Often, teens don’t get prenatal care soon enough, which can lead to problems later on) this problem can be because of not having back up information about how to take care of themselves and thinking about the consequences before taking action to what they might regret later in life, as well as they can ask other grown-ups if the connection with their parents is weak. This results can lead to a more responsible and knowledgeable teenager, only by having that back grown knowledge can help prevent so many things while having any kind of sexual activities.


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