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Importance Of Time Management And Teamwork

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Personal development is very useful and influence people to be success. Personal development means activities which can improve the self-knowledge and identity. It also develops the talents and potential in order to support human development at the individual level in an organization. Besides that, personal development can identify the strengths and development needs. It also is an importance for managers which can let them know which parts employee need to develop their personal awareness and skills. In this assignment, it will through four questions to perform my personal development.

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Everyone have different personal experience, but most of the things we can remember are those unforgettable things. One of the things was happened during my learning in the university in china. In that time, I just graduated from senior middle school, and as a new student join into the university. In class, I join the evidence match for monitor and identified with classmates, and I become my class monitor. Soon or later, I joined my department student council. In the student council, the hardest thing was to arrange my study time and activity time. Every day we got a full time study, from morning to afternoon and then, we even got a night study. The left time just used for entertainment and council work. Our work was to make show to present our department feature, and some evidence among the different departments. I usually feel time is not enough, without study, there have some class things need to do and help my coordinator to control my class. And I need to join the student council activities. The competition is strong. Through the life is busy, I’m happy.

The thing was cause by a school department ending year meeting. All the departments in school would join and got an evaluation by school president. And in this time, I would get my exam soon, I’m a bit worry about exam and

Our council got a big challenge because most of tasks we need to do. I was arranged to lead and teamwork with other five people to gather information and work to make a report for a presentation. My senior told me a lot of attentions for my working because this speech is very important. But in that time, I was in bad temper, I ignore what he said. I thought I understand what he said and my computer operation skills were good enough. I also think I can do the thing with not a hurry, the team was surplus. I arrange many work for them, just left me some easy one. This was the first time I did not fair things for my teammates. Through the different media tools, I found the information and I finished my work before council arrangement. I was so happy and proud because I finished the work, but unfortunately, the result is not good. When my senior check my PPT he got a cry, he was very disappoint for our work, because I ignored many attentions he told to me, and I not told my team. It was the last day, and he help us to correct our mistake in a hurry night. From this things, I start to get a change, tell myself to do things seriously, if I perfunctorily to finish, it is waste others times and myself times.

What have you learnt about yourself thorough these experiences?

Everyday we can get different experiences and from these experiences we can learn several of knowledge and it makes us growth. Through this event, I learned a lot and everything not just like what I think going. For myself by the thing, I recognize that I got some problem in my working pattern. The basic I don’t have a good hearing behavior to take care the attention problem, it will cause a bad result. A good hearing is respect to other, and it will let opposite know you are well bred.

With in the student council and work as a monitor I find time is hard to control and it pass very fast. To get a good time management is very important. Everyone no matter busy or lazy just only have 24hours a day, or 1440minutes. No matter how to use it, it will run away from us. During I work in the student council, I found it hard to use time with my personal entertainment. If I want after work get a play, it will influence the next day study. I understand a good time management is very important. I use a paper to calculate my spend time in a day and know which parts I worse the time. I get a schedule to do good arrangement of my time, I put study first, then use the free time like time before lunch and after class time to deal with the council work and coordinator’s work. Then the left night time I can share with my friends for entertainment or get a over time for student council, with this arrangement, I not lose any friends and get a good work in my class and student council.

The other things I learn are it is important to use your team to finish the work. Teamwork is very important. One person’s power cannot bigger than the group. It is important to know each other’s advantage and disadvantage, and then do an appropriate arrangement. In the student council, I find no matter do what things there always get a meeting. The meeting’s talk always makes a thing more depth to consider. If just let me to do it, I think my ignorance and arrogant will make me fail. With the work, I find one important weak. I need to develop my leadership. Stress management skill is one of the important skills of the leadership. Stress management required to maintain control and stability. To maintain a team success, the leader must be calm and various consider. For myself, I always feel lose if the work heavier than I can afford when I am a team leader. It also called lack-confidence. With to development this skill, I start to learn the SMART strategy.

How have you developed your skills during the practice of management skills module?

The practice of management skills is not like other subjects only have theory and calculation, it showed us something we need and can used in our life and study. Our lecturer provides the chance to have us improve our management skills systemic for several weeks. Through the study, I recognize different parts like importance of active listening and giving verbal feedback, time management, teamwork and good presentations and make a C.V. are real useful for my life.

During the session active listening, I know a guy who don’t listen others and later he got problem. And this story vividly told me the importance to understand others speaking. It has a direct influence to me. Through I laugh the guy in video I recognize I also do the same mistake. I find it is important to change the bad habit. A good listener should listen and responding the other by observes the other person’s behavior and body language. And we need to give respect to the speaker no matter what he says good or not, and then we can get good communication with each other.

Factors which contribute to active listening:

A relaxed but alert posture

Frequent eye contact

Feedback to speaker

Checking understanding

Avoiding expressions of judgment

During the time management, we do a calculation for one day’s time and be aware of time is really important and no matter how you spend your time, it still will go over. A good time management can help me reducing stress, gaining time, reducing avoidance, promoting reviews and eliminating cramming. Another advantage is managing time helps us to stay motivated while we avoid procrastination. A good start from how you arrange your time, the time management is really a important session for me to learn.

During the teamwork study, class separate as several parts and choose one leadership to lead to use creativity to match. The different person works in the team help me understand how teamwork’s important and suitable use it will have a good result.

During the good presentations, I learn how to make a good presentation. To do a good effective presentation, firstly need to formulate strategy for specific audience, secondly to develop a clear structure, thirdly, support the points with evidence. Then combine the ideas with an enhancing presentation style. To do better, you must good preparation and practice, practice and practice. A good presentation is very useful in my life, obviously, it is a useful session in my study.

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During make a C.V. I really got a clear understand about how to write a C.V. in before through I want write a C.V., I don’t know the form to write .with the session learning, I get a correct thought to write my C.V. a good C.V. should not be long, it need short and enough, can exhibited your feature. To understand this is very important and avoid fail in the working way.

Through our textbook not heavy and every session is simple, and not many lectures for PMS, I think I got a good unstinting about it, every lesson is marrow and after class I can find what I doing is not enough and wrong, it help me get a good check for myself. The class is vivid and emotion and I very enjoy the learning atmosphere.

How will you develop this skill?

Napoleon said” He who doesn’t want to be a general isn’t a good soldier.” For the student, who do not want to success in the future? I ‘m one of these want success in the future. So I need to have a good development to operate myself. I have a lot of defects, like not calm, hurry to be success. It needs a clear goal, just like SMART goals. The SMART goals include:


A specific goal is much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. Understand the specific goal ,I need to know who involved and what I want to accomplish. Get more detail like location and time schedule and with a clear reasons or purposes. For example, a general goal would be “finish my homework” but a specific goal would be” finish the homework at home by three days with five books for references”


It establishes concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. When I want to measure my progress,, I will ask myself the question such as when can finish ,how to accomplish . Give me a target time, and experience the exhilaration of achievement to reach my goal.


When I identify the goal is most important, I try to figure out way I can make it come true. I try to develop my skills, abilities and attitudes to get it.


The goal must represent an objective toward which I can work and willing to work. Try to keep myself get a good conditions. Some of hard work I can finish because I get the exhilaration which I love it and can do it simple


It is a goal should be grounded within a time schedule. If with no time schedule, there is no sense of urgency. A good timely will help you set your unconscious mind into motion to begin working on the goal.

From this, I start my action from now. my action planning is to get clear goal and make everyday useful. I learning the session from lecturer like time management, stress management, teamwork, and I think I will mix mum them together to arrangement my life, and make me feel enough per day. No matter what I do the thing, I will consider its smart goals and give me a detail specific method to finish it.


In my assignment, I represent my experience of the study in university and work in student council and class. From the experience, I recognized the importance of time management and teamwork. I identified that stress management is a weakness for me especially some activity make me stress. I also emphasized the important learning from my session and these learning are very important and strong influence for my life. At last, I get how to develop my skill and my action planning. And I think with this preparing, my personal development will have a large growth.


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