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Having Positive Attitude Is Vital Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 2300 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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I would like to elaborate deeply about my positive attitude. Having positive attitude is vital. This leads to a motivated learning team, a comfartable work environment and also happy personal life. It is hard to find a scenario which a person with positive attitude and full of compliments been scolded. No negative or bad attitudes make my personal life great. I socialized with my family with happy and respectful thoughts which motivate themself to share their happiness with me and others. With my attitude keeps people around me in a good mood. This characteristic makes me to manage the tense situations during my study session especially when I have task to complete my assignment before due date. Being positive motivates and encourages others to be compliant and respectful. Also, a positive attitude will be beneficial in my learning team because it will promote teamwork and friendships. I think that a happy, friendly team will be more productive than a team that argues and disagrees. Biologically, my blood group is B positive (B+) and this may reflect me to be positive.

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My second strength is patience. It is so much nicer to deal with people that are patient. Patient people do not interrupt others, but instead they listen and are helpful. In my personal life, I have an autistic nephew who requires loads of patience. Being bossy, angry, and snappy will only make my nephew regress and become very difficult to handle. I must talk slowly to him and repeat myself several times so that he will understand me. In my study environment, it is also imperative that I am patient. I deal with hard and difficult assignment question. Each question has their own degree of difficulties. Thus, I need to conquer each of the questions with my best answer and support it with reasonable evidence. I patiently search for the articles regarding respective topic and provide my best answer to ensure myself getting great result in my study. In addition, patience is a must when participating in a team environment. When many people get together in a team, things often progress rapidly and sometimes get sloppy or misunderstood. Using patience will maintain consistency, accurateness, and organization.

After describe the strength of myself I must now convey that I have weaknesses. I am not super human, nor a perfect person. My weaknesses often frustrate and challenge me, but my positive attitude forces me to correct and conquer my weaknesses. The weakness which I can found in myself is public speaking. I get very nervous. The sign is my hands get clammy and begin to sweat. Droplets of water appear on my face and I mumble my words when I start to speak in front of large group of people. This problem does not give a huge impact in my personal life nor will it affect my on-line learning team, but it does affect my daily duties at college. I speak with others especially my friends regarding general knowledge and family members that are incarcerated. I am told that my nervousness does not show, but before and during every speech I feel my hands shake, my feet get clammy, and my face sweat. Over the years, I have fought this battle of public speaking by doing many things. First, I completed a college level English class. Second, I completed a college level speech class. Recently, I am taking and English tuition class to enhance my communication skill and widen my English vocabulary.

My second blind spot that I must admit is the shortage of organization skill. I organize my assignment papers by toss them on my study desk and shut the door so I will avoid myself to look at them. I mostly fear of my computer room. It is hard for me to find my belonging especially in my study room because of my unorganized attitudes. When assignment season arrives, it will be a disaster. The defecation in organization lengthens the time to complete those assignments. I often lose my important notes and my framework paper. This matter requires me to accomplish my task twice the actual time needed. I lose my valuable time which I can occupy that precious time together with my family. Besides that, this will seriously affect my learning team. Before it getting much severe, I have to improve my deportment to be a better organise person. I will not frighten up myself when I see papers containing college assignment. A desk together with filing cabinets and a day planner calendar will be the suitable tools to help me to overcome my problem. The fears of my bad result in my diploma level realize me that organization skill is crucial to succeed in my study and any scope of my life.

I have strengths and I have weaknesses. I have taken a good look at myself in the mirror and I know I am the only one that can help me conquer my weaknesses and improve my strengths. I am proud of my positive attitude and patience which are my strengths. In addition, I am motivated to improve my public speaking and organization skills so I can focus on other important issues, such as completing my education. My strengths give me happiness and motivation to help others and my weaknesses are only as weak as I let them be.

I do choose to become a teacher was not a decision made instantly. This resolution was a summit of a process of rebound about what I wanted to achieve in my life. I make a decision to be in education line because I convinced this is the most significant functions practice in our culture today. The ability to change and improve the world to be a better place to live starts from the effort and idea given by teachers. I hope to enhance both my personal and professional skill during the process of teaching. Being a noble profession is my primary direction with the hope that I will be counted among successful future teachers imbues others. Many spectacular teachers that teach me do become my role models and heroes. In secondary school and college, I began to realize that awesome teachers have their distinctive skills that I need to learn. Following their examples can make me to become someone in the society. Good at elucidate content of a subject, firm and patient towards students, always be fair among student, setting high and realistic expectations, have the skill to advice and motivate others are some of the indicator needed to become a great teacher. From the characteristic listed, I intend to grab them all in order to become a wonderful teacher.

Somehow, I do realize that my teaching skill will flourish as I work on my own knowledge, experiences, values and strengths. I want student to study in a comfortable and safe environment. Thus, it will increase their self-esteem. High level of self-esteem will help the student strive to achieve their goals. Helping them to makes their dreams come true will be the important role that I need to carry. I will have the opportunity of configure proactive future parents and member of society. I do often ask myself, what a better job it could be rather than being a teacher after listing all those reasons. The answer is none. It will be a huge contribution from me for the society. I can create an ambitious society and I am proud with the opportunity given to me. During my undergraduate program recently in University of Wales, United Kingdom, I am taking Computer Science course. This will help me to dual master myself both in Information Technology and teaching. Most of the minor classes that I enrol are communication and psychology, which would help me in my career as a teacher. Other than that, I do also teach in a private tuitions centre as my part time job. During that time I also spent considerable amount of time observing classrooms. With strong education background and the wide range of experience that I gain in classroom, I realize that teaching will be the most suitable career for me.

“Razin you’re an idealist” this is been told to me. I want to give my best service for everyone. I set high objective as a teacher and put thousands of effort to accomplish it. Thus, it gives a good example to my students that if we put effort we can reach our goals. My student will learn, understand and interprets into real life all the knowledge which I thought them in class. I want to make my students wonder what they are learning. Make them question, think critically, write, read and keep on reading. By this they will widen their knowledge. A brilliant teacher is not just only explain and demonstrate case study to their student but someone who inspires. This precious characteristic create an excellent teacher and drive them extra mile further than others. A great teacher will explain question been asked by their student and make them fully understood and not let their student walk away in doubt. Brainstorm will be the best tools used by extraordinary teacher to convey particular lesson plan if the student did not understand and the lesson period ends. He or she would think, “How am I going to explain this particular concept to my student and they need to understand clearly what am I teaching?” This type of teacher I intend to be. Ability to inspire others is not just a gift or an opportunity but it’s a challenge. Currently, we can see that there are thousands of educators still with their old mind set and do not like to accept this challenge. This serious matter need to be change. Nowadays, students been forced to school. Most of the times, student will think that learning is not their main priority but teaching is teachers job. Students always learn but may not the same as lesson teach by their teacher. An excellent teacher will not just expert on their field but aware with current issues and prepare themself to teach “something” else. There are something prove to be more valuable than knowledge itself which is morals and character. I want to inspire the children who will represent the future of our great nation.

I believe that, the time I set my goal there will be the obstacles to stop me achieving it. The most common barrier to reaching my potential is my mind-set. What and how I think about myself and what I wish to achieve. I limit myself by the negative thoughts I think and say to myself. If you think and believe that you cannot accomplish something, then that will come true and you will fail. However, when you think that you can accomplish a task or overcome a situation, and you put in the effort, you will succeed. Remember you can’t simply hope something will come true, or simply say to yourself I will succeed, I will succeed and things will happen – you have to take control and take action. I often hear people say they have failed in the past or things have not worked out for them so they are bound to fail if they try again. This is simply an excuse. Because you failed in the past does not mean you will fail again. You should think of things that happened in the past in terms of what you can learn from them. See everything as feedback rather than failure. What will dwelling on past events achieve for you? Will it make you better? Will it serve to make you feel worse? Think about this. The past is only good so we can learn from our mistakes – it serves very little other purpose. The past is over and done with we can’t change it, only learn from it. Negativity can really stop you from reaching your potential. Believe it or not negativity is more prevalent than positivity. Negative influences are all around – in the newspaper on the radio and on TV. Not only this sometimes we get negative messages from family, friends, and co-workers who are stuck in a negative mind-set and believe they are helping you by” being realistic” when in fact they are not helping at all. Mixing too much with these people will only serve to bring you down, rather than lift you up. The best thing you should do when reaching your potential is to surround yourself with like-minded people who are also striving for success. Positive successful people like to help other people achieve success too. Having positive support is very important. One thing that stops many people from reaching their potential and being successful is that they lack a plan. I am always amazed at how people can plan their summer holidays for months, yet when they are asked what plans they have for life and what goals have they set they simply look at you with a blank face! Too many people go through life simply taking what is handed to them. They let others make their decisions for them. Never do they set out goals and plan for the weeks or months ahead. It is essential that you take the time to set out goals, figure out how to reach those goals, and make a timeline for success. This process is vitally important but is often ignored.

Sample of Personal Development Plan


Muhammad Razin Bin Amir Hamzah

Course Title

Fundamental Life Long


University of Wales, United Kingdom


Bachelor in Computer Science

Where am I now?

Study in University of Wales, United Kingdom.

What do I want to accomplish?

Complete my study in Computer Science.

How do I achieve it?

Study smart with proper study methodology.

Create mind map.

What might stop me?

Indolent to do revision.

Do not pay attention during lesson.

Time Scales

Start Date

End Date


Short Term goals



Achieve first class honor in my degree level.

Long Term goals



Accomplish my ambition to be a lecturer or high school teacher.


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