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Self Managed Learning, Evaluated Approaches Essay

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Wordcount: 4135 words Published: 10th Jun 2016

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To find the different way of learning things nothing is better than the self-managed learning, that could be the society which people are living or at their work places which is also has diversified working environment. For any company who want to setting up the goals for the learning, first they need to evaluating the purpose for learning to achieve the desired goals. Due to advance stage in technology people may faces new challenges here self-managed learning gives a chance to people to comes up with new and own ideas and way of learning strategy. those who adopt short measures can not face the present situation and proved failure, it is important for people to improved their knowledge for a long terms with the effective way of learning techniques which they could use these knowledge in their personal and professional life.

1.2 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning

The best way to self-managed learning to observe the present business, analysis the problems and try to research what going on in business environment that is the only way to learn efficiently.

1.2.1 Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences are the best way to self-managed learning, because attending the seminars and conferences people share their ideas and their experiences, which help them to improve their personal skills and personality development, by sharing their personal ideas may comes up with new things. This also help to improve their confident in speaking in the public and that is very important for the organisation.

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1.2.2 Social Networks

This is another way to self-learning is to get socialize, it may be the local community or virtual community like “Facebook, Twitter, My year book” and many more internet based community. Research shows that people spend more than two hours a day to share their ideas and chat with other people and learning new skills, personality and way of communication.

1.2.3 Internet

People could gain knowledge by surfing the different website for an articles which is related to management studies, risk management, and many other theories written by different authors. all these knowledge people can share with co-workers at their work place.

1.3 Conclusion

By doing self-managed learning, people may have experienced personal things which are ways in lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged.

2. Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged.

The exact mean of lifelong learning is about learning personally continuous that could be the personal analysis such as what their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats “SWOT Analysis” or could be to contribute to the professional perspectives. By doing these type of self analysis will help to improve to build good confidence and enhance their communication and relationship with people.

2.1 Self Evaluation

By doing the SWOT analysis personally this will help your professional learning, doing this you may came to know about what is your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. e.g.

2.2 Strengths are “Good learning new skills, ambitious, friendly behaviours etc.”

2.3 Weaknesses are “short tempered, get stressed etc.”

2.4 Opportunities are “Better Environment, Better Job, Learn new skills, Enhance their talent, continuing with further studies etc.”

2.5 Threat may the recession of money, health etc..

2.6 Continuous Learning

Continuous learning means personal and professional growth by learning from their experiences and events. It can be applied to individuals, team and organisation bases. This is key point for any organisation or individual to be successful and to achieve their goals.


On the other hand we can define continuous learning is changes, once learn that couldn’t be the same for long terms. There is a constant evolution which brought the new skills, new understanding and new knowledge.

At the Individual level it would be a behaviour and developed own thinking, skills, talents and knowledge. e.g. measure how to handle a new situation, expanding and learning knowledge and skills of particular area with their exiting knowledge. This way learning requires time and effort and individual interests to want to learn. For an individual level this type of learning could be done by the seminars and workshops, trainings, coaching and mentoring. This is not enough at the individual level this should at team level and organisation also need continuous learning, because this comprises change of interaction patterns, changes in policies and business procedures, adopt new culture, and new innovations and systems. This will not only help the entire organisation this will help and gives the great benefit to the learner as well.

2.7 Effective Leadership

As an Effective Leadership is an interpersonal dynamics, is about to learn the process of influence. This is also comes part of lifelong learning

in which we learn how leadership influences others bring diverse culture people together to do focused things. by doing this self lifelong learning process people may learn about to tackle with the situation, why this influence happen, and what is the experience got while be part of it. As a result of an effective leadership we can able to empowering the team of people to do what they want to achieve their goals.

2.8 Good Communication and Relationships

In the modern world most of the international companies are multi cultured, so it is very difficult task to deal different type of peoples within the same organisation. This is also comes part of self lifelong learning to observe different people and communicate with them. Effective communication is play vital role for managers in the organisation to perform the particular task. such as “Planning, Organizing, leading and controlling people. Communication help them to manage all the things to complete their task and to achieve their goals. To learn this communication skills and make it to lifelong learning in their life, to do that they need to devote a good time in communication. They need to spend great time to communicate with people by face to face or telephonic and over the internet medium. To communicate with the senior staff, colleague, customers and suppliers this will help to build their confidence and may help to learn new skills and talents.

2.9 Achievement and Motivation

2.9.1 Motivation: This is another way of lifelong learning in which an individual should be self motivated to do the things and more importantly this will keep satisfaction for an employees. To get self motivated it should keep in their mind to get something from the organisation or from themselves e.g. Get the good incentives or get the good benefits. So we should keep learning from our colleagues by take the inspiration from them and get motivated to the do the same or something better or do some new things. This will also help to increase the efficiency, more productive. This will also help to build friendly relationship.

2.9.2 Achievement: To achieve something it is necessary to have some objectives, so when reached up there then can say we have some achievements. It could be personal achievements and they may give you feel better and keep you self satisfied, confidence and happiness. once goals are defined then after need to learn and observe that how to achieve them, this lifelong learning make you more efficient among others.

3. Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organisation

There are so many benefits and positive impact of self-managed learning to the individual learner and organisation as well. It also help individual to acquiring decisional making skills through their past personal and professional experiences. In general individual learner can learn from their personal experience that could be an advantage for organisation in a professional manner.

While sharing with others within the organisation some of the things like problem solving, these type of skills an individual can learn through self-managed learning which are transferable skills and can be learn from their co-workers at work place. Most of the organisations today prefer flexibility to their workers like assigned to different tasks without any personal commitments. With this self-managed learning individual may be able to learn and build skills and talent as below:

3.1 Team Work Skills

As we already discussed above self-managed learning by attending the seminars and group discussion this will help an individual to working in teams. Researches shows that every successful company have reason behind their success is good team work. So this not only help to gain growth to an individual this will help an organisation to be successful.

3.2 Presentation Skills

Doing their self-managed learning by attending the seminars and group discussions with others, that will enhance their individual communication and build good confidence as result learner learn how to make and present the presentations which gives the chance to express the knowledge and talk in front of others and which is an advantage for an organisation.

3.3 Communication Skills

Self-managed learning helps to develop communication and writing skills which is very useful for an individual as well as for organisation objectives. It also help to work independent as result it comes up with their own and new concept and that will be share with others to learn new things which they don’t know about it all. That will create a good working environment which gives good impact on organisational development.

1. Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development

1.1 Introduction

First thing is need to be accept that every individual is responsible for their personal and professional development nobody else is responsible for that. your personal development is your own personal responsibility. how many of us ever talked to a new employer about our skills, or lack of skills? so many of us doesn’t have an attractive set of skills, so how we can blame to others as we are know very much we are self responsible to the same. In general every individual is charge for his/her personal and professional development, and they should learn from their experience by doing self-managed learning. Once you realize that your development is your responsibility you need to start work on it to make proactive decisions which will give a positive impact on your personal as well as professional development.

1.2 Evaluate own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organisational objectives

As an organisational objectives they try to recruit the good staff or may provide their existing staff a good training to them to make sure their objectives are met. To achieve their objectives organisation will prefer a theory SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) some of the qualities are required as an employee it should have leadership skills, time management, team player. he/she should have good writing and communication skills. All these skills could be relate to objectives of the organisation.

1.2.1 Personal Skills

If I try to find out what is the best quality in me, then I would like to say, I have good writing, listening, friendly, researching skills all these mentioned skilled will useful for meeting organisations expectations. I also love to share all my these skills to others so we can work together this will help to invent new things and brings new ideas to the organisation.

1.3 Identify own development needs and activities required to meet them

As an organisation requires an employee who have the time management skills, leadership skills and IT skills, all the mentioned skills I feel uncomfortable and it seems that these are my weaknesses. To cover up these lack of skill I engaging myself in the training at my work place and do some practising self study and attend some personality development sessions. Sometimes I face communication problem, and I try to solve all my weaknesses by have class presentations in this regards.

1.3.1 Personal Strategy

To improve my performance I have to adopt some personal strategies in my personal and professional life, to do so I read more books, news paper such as Times of India, Financial times, Telegraph etc. to expand my knowledge which is also help to develop my way to communication skills which is also important for an organisation. Personal development by doing the analysis of external environment (PEST) like Politically, economically, socially, and technological analysis.

1.4 Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

1.4.1 Current Needs

I observe that my current level is I can do whatever it takes, I respecting individual differences, already adopted multi cultured environment, I am quick learner other than current need I observed still I need some current skill needed such as “Inspiring commitment, Strategic planning, leading people, personal development, participative management, building and mending relationships”.

1.4.2 Future Needs

I need to take my personal development to the another level of understanding. In general we know that every skill is important to become for success over the next few years. This include leading people, strategic planning, inspiring commitment, managing change, employee development, balancing personal life and professionally, decisiveness.

1.5 Devise a personal and professional development plan based on identified needs

Planning is very important in every aspect in personal as well as professional life. Me and anyone can draw a plan that will help to know where they are and where they want to go in future prospective personally and professionally. I need to have to do proper planning put in place for the future development due to requirements of the organisation. Changes are essentials in every aspect of life so new knowledge will be require to expand their abilities. Below are the stages for the professional development plan.

1.5.1 SWOT Analysis

Monitoring repeatedly personal analysis by using the SWOT analysis by doing this analysis I am able to find my strengths, my weaknesses, my opportunities and my threat and further I will doing self learning process to solve and avoid my weaknesses and threats. This is give me a chance to get more opportunities in my profession.

Time frame analysis is also help my professional development from the beginning time when I get started my professional career to till the time and still I am planning to reach. apart from the self learning I need to learn effectively by attending the various seminars and learning programs which will help me to develop my personality and my professional life.

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1. Be able to implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan

1.1 Introduction

Any successful organisation is always depends on continually observed their development and improving skills and new talents, and knowledge is essentials for an individuals and organisation as well. In general A personal and professional development plan is a plan of action where every individual is responsible to achieve their goals and to achieve the goals they need to set it up. At the organisational point of view the organisation should take the aspirations and the skills to achieve them.

1.2 Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan

The idea of personal and professional development planning is not new, changes are continually in the existing industries, to implement these development in the action most organisation looking to introduce some sort of personal/professional development scheme. Below are the key point which will be required

Scope and content of personal/professional development plans

The relationship between the focus of PDPs and their links with other processes

Implementation and support


1.2.1 Scope and content of personal/professional development plans

The main focused to personal development plans is to be used by the staff. In the PDP forms will be used by the case study and the guidance gave to users in terms of specific areas for development. although all the case study were using competences as to take a motive to help individuals according their development needs.

1.2.2 Relationship between the focus of PDPs and their links

To perform better in the existing job a personal development plan is need to be focused and purely concentrated to the specific purpose. This may take the development to the next career step. This approach will encourage the individual to consider their personal and profession effectiveness and related to their development needs. This is very important to consider how individual employee take the opportunity and feel more satisfied by the development planning plan.

The process which we used into personal/profession development plan to have closely focused. Case studies are linked personal development plan with successful planning.

1.2.3 Implementation and Support

To implement these personal/professional development plans may faces two major issues in terms of implementation and support. First a plan which is considered to apply to all individuals needs a lot of efforts of communication and training support to reach its objectives. Second big challenge is self-managed learning, sometime and most of employees need help in thinking throughout their own judgements for development. In both cases the considerable amount of support is required. In generally to support implementation, support will be required to keep maintain interest and encouragement in the development planning.

1.2.4 Impact

The impact of case study of personal/professional development planning was mostly a culture change, what their employee feeling they are responsible for their own development. The employees and managers contribute in the research were mainly keen about the personal development plan approach and its link with business development.

1.3 Undertake and document development activities as planned

Through all the possible activities which is requirement for personal and professionally business analysis take in action. To the specific requirement all the activities would be performed. below are the some key points which are required when want to prepare document for development.

Create document gather initial thoughts, capture all the information and all requirements, this document is also contain meeting notes and decisions. Document the results of all the meetings, sometimes need to document all the coming thoughts, notes and concepts etc. Need to review the drafted document with the other team members, try to find the loop holes, by doing this it’s help to improve the existing process. So this is very important to present this document among all other members. This also help to introduce some new ideas which give the good impact on your personal and professional development plan.

1.4 Reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan

It is very important to reflect and give time to your personal and professional development and evaluate your working and progress in the direction of your ambitions, aspirations or goals. By give reflecting towards your personal/professional development plan will give you the logic from your experiences, thoughts, knowledge and ideas, this will help to you think how you can get more improved, and to identify to do in the near future. While giving reflect on personal development plan few things comes in their mind is what work has been done? what training has been completed?, when?, what did we achieve? and do we need any further training?. These kind of prompts for reflection of your research.

Once you achieve your objective or goals, there is no stop, you need to keep in mind what you achieved and need to setup or update your goals again and try to achieve them by expanding your thoughts, knowledge and with new ideas. In general this is Personal/professional development plan cycle, you need to review the existing things and need to change the objective and try to achieve than and again repeat the same process. It should be share with the others or senior members and make a plan to achieve these goals. While reviewing the research development plan some are the key points arise as below

1.4.1 Initial meeting preparation

What we achieved till date? as academic, personal and professional levels. The reason behind this to make sure that you and your team members have the same expectations of what you researched.

1.4.2 Previous Knowledge and experiences

You may need to think about what skills and talent you developed through your previous experiences. What you done and get good rewarded

1.4.3 Motivation and Expectations

It is important to know what is the expectations to achieve from undertake a personal and professional development plan. What type of skills you required to develop in your research and planning. You also need to know what other personal and professional type of aims and objectives you expected in your coming years. you need to define what is long terms and what is short term goals for personal and professionally. To do that development planning it should be outlined of work, keep review the plan, what kind of training and research methods are required.

What are the strengths and skills we have and also need to know where improvement is necessary in form of skills, talents and knowledge. More importantly need to know what is exact need to work on.

1.5 Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation.

Take continuous review from personal point of view and reflections some point should be considered such as “how do you feel that research is going?, is existing methodology is perfect for the research, or need to be change?, is the aims and objectives need to be change in the coming time”. We also need to measure what is most satisfactory level with the research and what was the most significant achievement and why.

What you improved and what you need to improve, and how is the relationship with others team members. after reviewing and analysis, further we need to make some plan to do the things right way. we need to do the Planning.

1.5.1 Planning: We need to think about and make a plan action to achieve the goals and research development plan. A clean and good beginning is to define the goals and objectives, and make sure you have the resources and time to complete them. Defining the goals which help you to know what is going to do and what are the expected results. While work with your research and goals gather all the information and knowledge and new skills and make a review document. It is very important to review such goals which we already achieved by doing this we may research further what still we need to improve or get the better results.

1.5.2 Reviewing: If we spend some time to reviewing the achieved goals, it will help to understand more about ourselves and be in position to enhance your personal and professional development. This will also help us to give a clear picture of what we want to achieve? and what did we achieved. what we build on strengths and what we improved our weaknesses.

4. Recommendation

My recommendations is to developing their learning skills it is better to join some self-managing learning programmes into the groups, where they can share their knowledge and put in place in proper strategic learning and progress of it. It should be reviewed time to time by doing this some new challenges might be facing through their learning. I believe that learning into the groups way better than the learning individual, and it also very cost effective and within groups new ideas and knowledge will share and give clear sense which help to solve the business problems.


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