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American And Korean Student Culture

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In the current essay we will review the Cultural differences between American students and Korean students. In the modern world cultural relations are very important. Due to the globalization countries cooperate more closely and build new relationships built on the current trends. Although the cultural differences are considerable, there are many common things that can be found in different cultures. Modern people have almost unique goals in several areas, as the majority of the population wants to study and then to find a job that will suit a person.

There are certain differences between American and Korean student in culture and other aspects. For example, according to Kara Miller (2009), among American students very often there is “no change in effort and no improvement in time management.”

Cultural differences between American students and Korean students

Often, it is difficult to balance studying and playing games and staying online. “By the time students are in college, habits can be tough to change. If you’re used to playing video games like “Modern Warfare” or “Halo” all night, how do you fit in four hours of homework? Or rest up for class?” Sometimes, even foreign students do better in studies and have more intentions to study and to learn the foreign language. According to Kara Miller (2009), “Too many 18-year-old Americans, meanwhile, text one another under their desks (certain they are sly enough to go unnoticed), check e-mail, decline to take notes, and appear tired and disengaged.” There are many distractions and less discipline among American students, as stated in My lazy American students. It can be said that because of the certain aspects of the American culture, American students enjoy communication, they are used to using the technologies that are always near, and studying has to be diverse and interesting. That is why there can be seen clear differences between American students and students in other countries. Of course all American students are different, and many of them are talented, hard-working, they listen intently and pay attention to studies. The majority of American students use their knowledge, innovative approaches, which results in a creative work. These peculiarities belong to American students.

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Although, the creativity without knowledge does not bring any benefits. “In 2007 it was reported that eighth graders in even our best-performing states – like Massachusetts – scored below peers in Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, while students in our worst-performing states – like Mississippi – were on par with eighth graders in Slovakia, Romania, and Russia.”, according to the American Institutes for Research. Also, there is a knowledge gap and the lack of the basic knowledge among American students. They prefer to concentrate only on what they are interested in and they do not want to know a little about everything.

It can be also said that the time management is considered a problem among American students. They spend a lot of time going somewhere, even late at night. It is the way of life and the aspect of the culture that has to be accepted. Missing studies by different reasons is not a way out, as the best way to study is in the classroom.

“In 2002, it was found that most 18- to 24-year-olds could not find Afghanistan, Iraq, or Japan on a map, ranking them behind counterparts in Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Japan, France, and Germany.”, according to National Geographic-Roper survey. It is sad that some students are not interested in the outer world, as they are focused on their problems and several topics that they are interested in. According to Kara Miller (2009), “success is in the time management and in a globalizing economy, Americans’ inability to stay focused and work hard could prove to be a serious problem.” Working hard is the main principle that has to be present in each culture in each country.

In comparison with the American students, it is believed that Korean students make more efforts to study better and better, and finally succeed. Korean students are more responsible in their studies and they are not used to distract on other things. They are used to concentrate on studies and then to do everything else, as this is the “rules” of the implemented culture.

According to South Korean students face long hours of study (2010) , “Korean students spend up to 14 hours a day in some form of education, including after school classes, studying with a tutor or taking supplementary courses, such as English, Chinese, Music, and Maths.- Jeonju, South Korea. 24/01/2010.” Studying for so long is determined by the effects and the expected outcome in the future, in getting the best possible job and life.

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Also, Korea has a long cultural tradition that places a strong emphasis on higher education, which contributes to the student’s international success. A middle school teacher Mr. Bae says that Korea wants to be the first among other countries. “From elementary to high school, Korean students spend up to 14 hours a day, including after school classes, studying with a tutor or taking supplementary courses, such as English, Chinese, music, and math at the local neighborhood “hogwon.”, according to South Korean students face long hours of study (2010).

As a fact, a “Korean student’s life is dominated by the need to pass an exam to gain entry into a high school and getting a high score to gain admittance into a prestigious university. Korean students have to build character and independence by being responsible for their school’s janitorial work, which includes taking out the garbage, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the toilets.”, according to South Korean students face long hours of study (2010). The considerable influence on Korean students comes from their parents, their culture, traditions, goals in life and the main aims.

According to some independent opinions, Korean students study better, as it depends on “the importance given to education in general, parental commitment to their children’s education, teachers’ preparation, and the significance of mathematics for every student’s successful future.”, according to Woo Hyung Whang (2011). The culture of Korea values scholarship and Confucianism is also very influential. As well, Parental dedication to children’s education is remarkable in Korea which determines the success of Korean students and their desire to study. Encouragement to study is present in the Korean culture and it is valued very much, as well as the order in everything and true devotion.

According to Study compares American students with other countries’ (2007) , “Concern that science and math achievement was not keeping pace with the nation’s economic competitors had been building even before the most recent Times survey, in which the highest-performing nations were Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.” Today the level of competition among the countries is very high, and each country wants to ensure that its educational system is the best, the most effective and the most perspective. Promotion of education is extremely important and despite the cultural differences American and Korean students try to study better, to set goals and to succeed. It can be said that the culture has a considerable influence on studies, on student’s relation to them, and to the perspectives that may appear, as stated in Korean students flocking to Canada to study English (2006).

I presume that it is important to respect both Korean and American culture, to use different approaches to educate students and to use various ways of evaluation of Korean and American students. It is important to create comfortable conditions for students and teachers, in order to provide a better educational process and to renew the intentions and desire of students to study more and better. Studying is important and cultural differences do not have to influence the educational process.

All in all, it can be said that there have to be used different approaches according to cultural differences and peculiarities. Korean students should not be evaluated using the same way with American students. It is important to ensure that the evaluation will be different and that there will be used different approaches, more suitable for Koreans and American students. In some aspects there can be found considerable differences in the culture and the philosophy of the two countries, but the aim is the one- to study better.


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