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Demonstrate And Deliver A Range Of Transferable Skills

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Skill is an art of completing work in a time frame. It includes creativity, solving a problem and managing time. Different people have different skills but one of the skills is recognizing the skills they possess. Managing time, body language, communicating with people, reading are some of the type of skills.

Skills are required to help ourselves for solving different problems that comes in our life and to get success in our life. There’s two type of skill

General Skills: Time management, leadership and capable of working in a team, communicating properly, reading, writing are some of the general skill which is very essential for people.

Specific Skills: Beyond general skills or the skill they have which are not common are specific skills. Example Engineer. These types of skills are not possessed by everyone.

Transferable skills: The skills which we have are used to generate another skill is known transferable skills. Example if someone has a skill to play

Likewise I do have some skills which are helping in my daily life though I need to learn some more skills which would help me for getting successful in life. I do have a skill for team work and time management, reading, playing football and to do graphic designing and create some designs.

In other hand, `I do lack communication skill. As I am foreign student here and English is not my first language so I do have problem in speaking in English sometime. So I really need to improve my communication skill. I need to be innovative so that I can generate new ideas which would benefit me and the world as well.

1.2 You will produce a technical document that could be used in an organization using at least two appropriate transferable skills

Employers are always looking for graduates who can quickly fit in to their organization and produce added value for their company. The graduate who is flexible and can adapt easily is most likely to achieve success both for the company and for themselves. Transferable Skills are highly valued by employers. So student should take the chance to develop these skills at every opportunity in their degree course. There are many different transferable skills that should be possessed by a person which could be used in an organization. Some of them are listed below

General Skills

Academic Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Motor skills

Innovation skills & Developing ideas

IT competence

Self-motivation, self-regulation and self-assurance

In modern world, almost everything rely on computer as it helps people in doing work more easily, simply and systematic. It also helps in doing work fast so it saves time. Nowadays even in school from basic level student are taught computer. So people should have at least knowledge of using some software like MS-office, which helps a lot in daily life. So these skills can be used in organisation. As a organisation has lots of data to be sent, saved and made. So doing this entire thing in computer makes it easier, simpler and systematic. Example In an organization many information has to be sent and received and if these information are sent by post then it takes time but if use email, information’s can be sent within a few seconds .so IT competence is one of the transferable skills that can be used in an organization.

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Secondly most important transferable skills that can be used in an organization are interpersonal skill. Internal personal includes listening, writing and speaking. If a person has a habit of listening to the lectures in class in student life, discussing the topic in class and doing his assignment then, this kind of interpersonal skills can be transferred in future. So later he would be habitual to this skill and would be taking active participation in meeting and seminar by listening to other’s thought and expresses his ideas too. It helps to make plans and progression of an organization.

As I work part time in a hotel as a housekeeper. There are some skills I need to possess to perform my work. Firstly I need to be punctual and be there in work at time. Secondly, as I work with 2 other colleague to complete the task. I need to work as a team. And I have team player skills which is helping me at the moment in the work.

1.3You will justify why it is important to have good transferable skills and the ability to communicate these across a wide audience.

Transferable skills mean the skills which we have and that skill is transferred or used in doing other work. It is important to have good transferable skills because it helps us doing new work. Example if we are a good team player we can transfer our that skill in job which would really benefit us very much because in work place we meet different type of people and different people think differently so we should be able to work together with other people to run a office properly. Likewise if somebody is a manager in a workplace then he should be able to lead the people otherwise there may be a problem and the management cannot go smooth. Likewise if we have good mass communication skills then we can impress people by our words and thoughts. And we would be able to express yourself to the world.

If we have good skills in learning and reading, then we will be able to know other’s idea and with the help of that ideas we have create new different idea. Example Newton had created three laws which are used in science for doing many different things. So it has helped science in many ways. Similarly, we need to have transferable skills like




Time management

If we have self motivation skills, it will always lead us to development. Example when we are in school, if we don’t get good grades at first then we need to have self motivation skills to study more seriously so that we can get good results next time. And if we are able to acquire this skill then we can later transfer this skill in different place in workplace so that we would be able to do bring positive change and receive benefit from it. In other hand, time management is very important skill that everybody should possess because if we can’t be able to manage time then we can’t do anything. Example in a student life, we need to manage time for studying and extra curriculum activities. This is equally important for our knowledge and personality development. As well as, if we can be able to manage time then it will help us in future .As everyone knows time doesn’t wait for anybody and once the opportunity is gone then the same opportunity never comes back again. And to be successful in life we need to be able to know the importance of time. Example when we have to attain some meeting and we if we don’t be able to be in time we won’t be able to discuss about the subject and conclusion. So it is very important to have transferable skills and which would benefit us and to other people as well.


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