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Demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories

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Psychology Portfolio Presentation

One of the best ways of presenting work as a psychology student is through the completion of a personal portfolio as one progresses through the respective curriculum in psychology. Moreover, it enables easier assessment and evaluation of the success of the psychology curriculum in terms of objectives and goal fulfillment. This is represented in the following discussions:

Demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories

Application of scientific methodology

Basic Knowledge in keys areas

Upholding professionalism in psychology

Understanding of relevant psychological theories is an important factor in the understanding of the psychological curriculum. It enables students to understand the application of scientific methodologies in carrying out research undertaken in the psychological field. For instance, the students will be able to become acquainted with how theoretical frameworks can be applied during the real study (Betz, 2008). Additionally, the study of core courses in different intermediate levels enables the learners to gain the basic knowledge necessary for grasping the course provisions. This enables students to understand the application of different theories as they progress from one level to the next. Not only will this enable them to understand the areas that are required of them in partial fulfillment of the course but also enables them to identify particular subfields of the discipline that fits their interests. Finally, psychology as a discipline ensures that learners as prepared to gain psychological knowledge by not only studying it as a social science but also as a profession (Betz, 2008). This entails learners being taught how to write unmistakably and effectively by following the appropriate professional standards.

Include examples to support major points

Conceptualize current societal issues

Conducting assessment and practice

Citing relevant theories

Theories are not always accurate because they are not only based on individual viewpoints but also are subject to stand the test of time. Therefore, it is advisable to support each theoretical assumptions with supportive evidence that can be verified when the need arises. This can be achieved by relating the current issues affecting the society with theoretical assumptions (Westefeld, 2009). Alternatively, assumptions are usually drawn from research that has been undertaken and therefore it easier to support theories by relating them to research findings that had been undertaken before. Finally, other related or relevant theories can be cited to boost the validity of one’s assumptions.

Psychological theories and their importance.

behavior theories

cognitive theories

Developmental theories

The nature of human behavior and thoughts has led to the development of various psychological theories that try to explain them. Behavioral theories help to demonstrate ways in which new behaviors and information can be acquired though conditioning. Cognitive theories are centered on internal states of the human nature and therefore aid thinking, decision-making, and problem solving (Williams, et al (2008). Lastly, developmental theories do serve to provide a framework from which understanding of factors relating to human growth and development are covered.

Psychological theories and their disadvantages

Humanistic Theories

Personality theories

Social Psychology Theories

Arguably, not all psychological theories are easy to understand and relate. For instance, humanist theories focus on the goodness of human behavior, a factor that is not practicable in society. On the other hand, personality theories concentrate in the study of personalities of people around us. These require that one invest a great deal of time in scrutinizing such behaviors, a fact that I do not like (Betz, 2008). Finally, social psychology theories are focused on the study of social behavior and require giving attention to particular aspects of social phenomena.

Criteria of arriving at conclusions.

-Understanding the Knowledge Base

Identifying major concepts

Using Technology

Understanding of various psychological aspects requires deep understanding of the discipline. This factor enables learners to gain an insight of what is being proposed in the study. Alternatively, identification of key concepts and psychological models enables learners to arrive at conclusions (Westefeld, 2009). Finally, using technological applications to process data into information enables them to arrive at conclusions.

Future influences of theories in psychology.

Improve human counseling

Competent professional relationships

Integration of science and practice

Psychological theories are certain to discover new ways of performing psychological related chores. In turn, this will improve the level of service delivery in many areas such as improvements in human counseling whereby excellent services will be delivered to patients (Williams, et al (2008). Additionally, psychological practitioners will try to outdo each other in the delivery of services thereby leading to increased completion amongst themselves and thusly, the formation of competent professional relationships. Lastly, the need for scientific researched to support proposed psychological theories would increase thereby increasing integration between science and practice (Williams, et al (2008).

New Methods in Psychology

Information and Technological literacy

Ability to utilize the power of computers

Technological Applications in Psychology

With the advent of new technological innovations, each discipline will be backed by technological integration and psychology will not be left behind. This entails improving literacy in learners through the integration of information technology programs in the study of psychology, the use of computers by learners and lastly, development of technological applications specifically meant for psychology (Inman, and Ladany, 2008).

Effects on the worldview

Understand psychological concepts

Improved self assessment

Increased levels of applications and understanding

The information contained in this presented is certainly going to impact heavily on how I view things from the psychological perspective. To begin with, it will enable me to fully understand the application of psychological concepts and their relationships to theory, enable me to improve ways of self-assessment and finally, enable me to apply diversified technological applications in the field of psychology (Betz, 2008).

critical or creative thinking

Ability to think critically

Applying appropriate scientific approaches

Decision making and problem solving

Critical thinking enabled me to logically demonstrate the necessary applications of theory concepts, formulate the design and organized presentations when undertaking scientific approaches (Westefeld, 2009). Finally, critical thinking was useful in solving problems and making decisions.

Psychological Language

Right psychological terms

Correct writing style

Professionally written

Understanding of psychological terms is very useful in this presentation to ensure that flow of information is not interrupted (Inman, and Ladany, 2008). Additionally, the paper ensures that it follows the correct writing style to ensure that it meets the standards of professionalism typical of this paper.

Importance of theories

Understanding theories

Their scope and applications

Relationships to research

This curriculum requires that learners master the applications of different psychological theories in different scenarios. Specifically, their importance and how they are applied in different perspectives is very important. Finally, demonstrations on how they can be related to psychological research are also another important factor that these theories help to achieve.


Writing abilities

Research skills

Applied experience

The study of this discipline enabled me to acquire practical skills that are applicable in real life situations. Throughout the study, we were equipped with writing skills that enabled us to produce accurate and well-written professional papers in addition to sharpening our research skills though carrying out studies on various topics. Finally, applied experience was acquired through participating in real life situations by assuming roles such as psychological counselors and practitioners.


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