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Developing Education Creativity and Innovation

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Development of education creativity and innovation in developing countries


With this paper, we want provide information of how developing countries can improve the education. Ecuador has the same problems of education than other countries. It is necessary use new way of teaching that can help in the ambit of education. Creativity is a necessary value that currently has to be developed in the educational process. We could say that it is as important in education as literacy and we should give it the same interest now that creativity has become a factor or an essential requirement to innovate in any type of work. Creativity can be fomenting through several methods starting in the schools changing the typical teaching due the most of children are losing that ability because they are afraid to make mistakes. Moreover, we could say that education makes us less creative but also is necessary to impart artistic sense as an important factor to avoid the afraid to follow your dreams. Also, we found that the time to interact with other people is more valuable than make homework during all day.


Actually, a most important problem with school is education killer many ideas of children only focus in create smart people, and it is not appearing changes due the great companies think to need this people to work.

Today Education has had the same problems for some times because it continues using the same form as formerly used to do. The education does not use new methodologies that can work very well in different countries. Around the world all education system has the same structure letting down the art education, when the subject is more important (do school kill creativity, s/n). Education has a hierarchy and always art is in the background, this is the reason why many people do not study dance or picture school are only focus in subjects that they Education system thinks are important. The same educational system around the world because great companies require more staff and more qualified for their jobs, they require smart people. Some companies are chemical or biological or it may be technology where they use many maths that is reason which education remains the same for a long time. Therefore, for students from developed countries develop their creative and innovative skills, it is necessary that schools use new ways of teaching, impart artistic education and provide students with periods of interaction so they have more opportunities to learn at home and by interacting with the society in general.

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Use new ways of teaching

For a long time, system education use the same way to teach using new technologies or application and platforms that can help to learn more fast. Young people can use new technologies and application they can use it. Some school started to use these technologies and they have had better results, the many students use correctly those news platforms more than adults. So, that school can use applications or platforms or can implement new methods o learn that are new ways to teach.

A better idea to teach is use the technology to our favor. School can accede to platforms or application that young people today use in their ordinal life. For example, USA’s school student use khan academy to help students, if student did not learn in their class, the student can use khan academy to learn by himself from the comfort their home. (Segal, 2016).  In the same way, a student can use their cellphone to watch videos or calculator or other things to learn more as Duolingo that is an application that can be downloaded in smartphones to learn new leagues. Other idea to use in school could be to implement new methods of teaching as the case where the students are owner of their time.

To sum up school use different way to teach to students used different methods or new technologies or applications in their cellphone or computers. Khan academy or Duolingo are a best solution to young people who spend a lot of time in the world of technology. Other way also is implement other type to reach like is Innova school which student are owners of all their time. Developing countries need applicate others ways of learning more updated for the guys of this 21st century.

Impart artistic education

Today, many students that now are teachers or engineer or doctors could have been professional sing or dancer but system education has not allowed. Besides, school continue teaching with the same education system of year ago, that depressed artistic education. In other hand, artistic education help to students to have fun and have more knowledge about different things that are not only concentrate in science subjects. Hence, Artistic education is important to develop students’ skill and to have knowledge about more different subject.

First of all, artistic education can help to develop student skill because they can choose the subject their likes the most. Finland has a better curriculum which student can access to learn dance, music, picture and he can develop his abilities correctly in the area he most likes (Doyle, 2016).

Second of all, the students can learn more things about other subject. Also they have more knowledge about other topics that they did not know. They can develop in different fields not only a science as is the case today in all schools in the world.

As a result, Schools can provide artistic education and thus help many students to develop fully their skills, but also to know different subjects and expand their knowledge. Students receiving artistic classes can develop and reinforce little knowledge about subjects such as singing, painting and more. Also, receiving this class the students learn new subjects that they did not know and the students can enjoy them. Students need to have enough knowledge of several topics to help them open their minds, and therefore help them to decide on what to be in their future.

Periods of interaction so they have more opportunities to learn at home and by interacting with the society in general.

Students need time to assimilate class information because it is both information-intensive and complex. In many countries students have little recess time and in some places like Ecuador in schools there is no class break time in class just a small recess in the middle of the morning. This does not help the students to process the information well and tend not to understand the class well. Therefore, in order for students to have periods of interaction, fewer duties should be sent and there should be breaks between classes.

It is important to break in each class because the student can go out to give their brain a respite since much information can disturb it. The recess is the most important of the classes where the student can absorb the information of the class and give himself a rest (Ossola, 2014).

Another important point for students to have more time to interact with the environment is to send little homework because students have to spend a lot of time solving them instead of interacting with their environment (Doyle, 2016). School children need to go out and explore their world to look for in the future to be able to create or investigate.

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To conclude students, need time to interact with all their environment browsing at home can only be achieved if schools break between each class and send fewer homework. The recess is very important so that the students can take a break and imagine, think and order well their ideas that the student has. Less homework means more time to interact to socialize, to learn is important because they are children and should go out and explore. Students need time to learn that schools deny this. It must be changed if they want students to be creative or innovative because they do not have this time and we deprive them of enjoying the world of being children.


In conclusion, in order for developing countries to think freely and develop their creativity and innovation capacities, it is important that educational institutions teach or use new learning models also to impart more subjects such as artistic education, and most important of all, they need periods of Interaction to interact with their environment and so be able to assimilate the knowledge received in classes.

Educational establishments have at their disposal new models or forms of learning like innovative school in Peru that work well today that some use the technology or internet platforms like Duolingo or khan academy that have worked successfully in other countries and leave behind the old-fashioned model. Another solution is to provide artistic education that helps children and young people to develop their skills in any field of art, and students will have a better knowledge because they will receive more subjects that maybe they had not seen before but that can be to the student’s liking. And last but not least to have time to interact between each class is very important because with this we can clear, assimilate or understand the classes as we will have some time to breathe the mind.

Encouraging the student to be creative in class is an important step for developing countries to move forward because their students will have more opportunities to succeed in life and thus help their respective country.


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