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Coping With Stress Among University Students Education Essay

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Wordcount: 1842 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Stress is purely a fact of nature to anyone in this world. Stress is the impact of forces from the outside or inside world heartwarming the individual (Dryden, 1996, p.52). Different individuals react to stress in ways that touch the individual, in addition to, their environment.

This paper will seek to investigate how the use of exercise affects the level of stress among university students. Respondents for the study will be University students from all faculties. University students are famous to have a high propensity to stress experience.

Background Overview

University education system has been changing every day due to emerging needs of higher education. For instance, most public universities are regarded as research universities due to the amount of research being undertaken in those universities. University students, therefore, bump into high pressure with the modification of the education system. Consequently, the exam-oriented scheme in many universities lead to anxiety among scholars since the students is forced to ascertain that getting good grades in the examination aids them to be a decent frontrunner and acquire a respectable job in the future.

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Problem Statement

The researches which have been done in the past were conducted to investigate the factors that influence the level pressure among scholars. However, there has been no any study that verified and compared the designated important aspects towards selecting the foremost aspect that sway the level of anxiety (Dryden, 1996, p.34). In addition, the study carried before has been piloted only other levels of education other than university education. Therefore, this research will try to successfully investigate the effect of exercise in coping with stress to university students. Therefore, the problem statement for this investigation can be spawned as: “how does the use of exercise help in coping up with stress among university students?”

Research Problem

This study will be done to scrutinize and understand how exercise can be used in coping with stress to university scholars. Besides that, the study will also be inquisitive to how well exercise can be used to influence the level of pressure among university learners. This study will focus to discover the importance of exercise in coping with the level of stress among the students in the institution of higher education. Consequently, the research problem can be formulated as: Use of exercise in coping up with stress among university students.

Research Objectives

The following are the objectives of this study:

To investigate the use of exercise (independent variables) in coping with stress among university students (dependent variable).

To find out the influence of exercise to the level of stress among university student.

Research Questions

Since the research problem is extremely broad to be studied openly, the following are the research questions that will help to attain the research purpose for this investigation:

1. What are the effects of exercise to the level of stress among university student?

2. Is exercise helpful in coping with stress among university student?

3. How well can exercise be used in coping with stress among university students?

Literature Review

Stress is the attitude of strangeness between environmental necessities (stressors) and individual capability to achieve these necessities. According to (Dryden, 1996, p.45), stress is the nasty reaction from individuals who have to dangerous pressure. Pressure takes place when a person is handled with a situation that they recognize as overwhelming and cannot handle.

Stress is recognized as a response shown by a diversity of peripheral happenings and can be treated as a positive or negative experience. Dryden (1996) defines stress as an order focused to the adaptive capabilities both bodily and emotionally. If these abilities can succeed the demand and take inclination in the stimulus concerned, then anxiety will become an optimistic force of incentive and vice versa is true.

Stress is likely to hinder scholastic performance and influence nearly millions of students per year. According to Dryden (1996), stress is problematic to control due its random consequence on persons. Dryden (1996), through his research realized that students come across indication of desperateness, anxiety, and matter use. Stress in educational institutions can affect student negatively and positively if not well administered.

Educational institutions have diverse job surroundings, as opposed to nonacademic. It is forecasted to have alterations in signs, aspects, and consequences of stress to students (Dryden, 1996, p.67). It is very beneficial to the society that learners be educated and gain the vital knowledge and proficiencies. This ensures that they make them add positively to the growth and development of the collective economy of any given country. Nevertheless, the complex academic environment rarely generates serious health difficulties to the scholars’ life. This tends to go contrary to the confirmatory gains that one would forestall after advancing from University.

These students must, therefore, pay close attention to the various university atmospheres and frame an effective and proficient pressure management in the institution of higher education. University also ought to keep fit and stable academic atmospheres beneficial for improved learning, which is suitable, with regard to the students’ distinct requirements. Temperament of students poses diverse level of outlooks to students (Dryden, 1996, p.75).


This section will focus on methods that were used to collect data needed to answer the research questions. This section focus majorly on: research design, sampling techniques and procedures, data collection tools and method of data analysis.

Research Design

According to Dryden (1996), a research design is the organization outline or a plan that is used to create answers to research problems. Research design is intended to produce arithmetical information about the feature that policy makers and investigators are interested in (Dryden, 1996, p.115).

This research will use a descriptive design to collect information and carry out the survey. This kind of design is highly suitable to the kind of information to be collected in this research.


Descriptive research offers investigators the prospect to use both finite and qualitative data in order to discover data and features about the phenomenon that is being investigated.


Descriptive research usually has a subjectivity and error which is disadvantageous to descriptive research. From the subjectivity and error, investigator may pick what facts to use and snub data that do not follow to their hypothesis.

Participants and recruitment

The study cluster will include students from different faculties who were contacted via email to take part in the study project. The choice of students will be convenience sample of 130 university student. All students will be eligible to be selected for participation.

The cluster will also have equal gender representation which is equal to 65 male students and 65 female students. This is accordance to the principle of equal representation in collections (Dryden, 1996, pp.115-117). The cluster will also try to have equal representation in all faculties.


In this investigation, the simple random sample will be performed as a methodology for this research paper. Data will be collected from a review of the population of scholars from every single faculty within the University (Dryden, 1996, p.111).

The participants who will be filling in the survey will be from various backgrounds for instance race, gender and educational level. The cluster will include students who will be studying in an extensive variety of educational disciplines and those who achieved a normal range of grade point averages. This survey will be entirely voluntary; nevertheless, it will be completed by all sampled students in the class.


Sample random method is extremely representative if all issues participate.


This method is not likely without whole list of population participants. It is also possibly uneconomical to accomplish. Not forgetting that it can be troublesome to isolate some participants from a group.

Data collection

Data will be gathered using self-administered 10 entries questionnaire which will seek to discovers the importance of exercise in coping with stress among university students. The questionnaire will also seek to find out how well exercise can be used in reducing the level of stress among university students (Dryden, 1996, p.117).

It will take each participant a roughly 5- 10 minute to complete. The questions will be easy to answer, but there will be guidance to the respondents. This will ensure that they provide the required information and also provide accurate and relevant information.

Ethical Implications

Prior to any undertaking of the study, behavior research ethics committee application should be completed (Dryden, 1996, p.119). While doing this research, this form will be filled. At the time, of recruitment participant will be given the required information allowing them to decide whether to participate in study using a standard verbal script. If the respondents will be willing to learn more about the study they will be given a letter of introduction. An information sheet describing the study and what would be expected of them will also be provided. They will be made aware that any information provided is strictly confidential and in no way will they be identified in the research (Dryden, 1996, p.121). Individuals wishing to participate in the study will sign a consent form. It will be made known to them that if they feel at all affected or disturbed by the study; they are welcome to contact the researcher with their concern for further investigation.

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While doing publication of results obtained in the research, ethical integrity will be essential. Important ethical distresses will be considered while writing a document. Although there are risks of false publication, duplicate publication, plagiarism, writing, and probability for conflict of interest. Strategies will be established to prevent or discover ethical damages, and use of these approaches will heighten ethical honesty when preparing a final document for publication. Information therefore, given by the respondent in this subject will not be subjected to the above stated risk. Thus, respondents should feel free while giving out information. They are being protected from any risk.


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