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Challenging Behaviours in School: Anger and Aggression

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Challenging behaviors are not typical or special education status. These behaviors are of intense and causes a frequency and the length of the safety of an individual and others is likely to be placed in serious limits or holdup connection to, and use of normal discomforts. Challenging behaviors can take different forms, some can be less intense while some can be more vivid. (Marion, 2015). The behaviors test the right of adults and children to a safe and in orderly classroom. It can happen a lot and is persistent and it is more than a normal limit of what the classroom will allow. They do not react to the normal limits of prevention and it bears on the adults of the misbehavior. Aggressive behaviors are characterized as obvious or hidden hostility they are also disobedient, bitter, quarrel a lot, destructive, and they do bodily and verbally aggressive. (Marion, 2015). This child is sometimes hyperactive and don’t pay attention. Aggressive children regress to biting and bullying as a manner of self-defense. Challenging and aggressive behavior, whether it is for adults or children can occur from different contributing aspects such as social-economics, difficulties, behavior disorders, seeking attention, difficulties in communication, family problems, trauma, and physical and emotional abuse. We adults sometimes label these behaviors by spanking and yelling at the children that are aggressive of challenging. We may criticize, humiliate, embarrass them while in front of others. This can intensify the child’s behaviors and when they become adults. Children will follow the adults’ example by respecting their behavior. This is like when the adult is name calling or using racial slurs, cussing, and putting people down.  Be careful because little eyes are observing you and they are absorbing your example.

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Young children become aggressive when they live in a house that is financially, and socially disadvantaged. An example is living in a neighborhood with gangs, drug pushers, and other different types of crimes can result in children having challenging and aggressive behavior. Children can become aggressive and challenging if they have a poor managed and an unsafe school. Children that have aggressive friends can become belligerent. Children that are put on the television a lot when they are young tend to be challenging and aggressive. Researchers believe there is a connection between the media and later violent behaviors. There are findings that say if a child is exposed to television less than an hour a day, 5.7 % are involved in violent acts that led to horrible injury to someone. (Denham, & Burton, 1996). Violent video games can lead to violent behavior in children. This can encourage aggressive thoughts, styles and behaviors in children. Studies state that if a hyperactive child is let out to violent games makes them more hyperactive. (http://time.com).Yelling at children can induce the minor to be emotionally abused and they cause a possibility of destructive and physical maltreatment. If children have been used a lot they can become destructive. Praising a child is extremely important in these parent- child relationships. It will help narrow down the aggression in the minor. Cooperative co-parenting between a mom and a dad is important because it assures the small fry who are a danger factor for conduct problems. Make sure you and your partner stand together in front the child because it shows you agree together.

(http://time.com). This can help elevate some of the child’s aggressive and challenging behaviors in children who may be at risk. (Marion, 2015).

Anger is a feeling that children have and they experience, and the outcome of this is aggression. Anger is an emotion that children have and it is neither good or bad, and it doesn’t have any judgement attached to it. We as individuals think when someone is angry than a problem will arise, but that is not the instance. Aggression is how far a child can go to accomplish the child’s goal. Reactive aggression can be concerning for a parent. This is how a child reacts aggressively in a certain circumstance, or either defending themselves and ending up with other children. Verbal aggression is when children, belittle, ridicule, or injure a child. (Marion, 2015) This can cause a child to have problems with their self-esteem. Children who have low self-esteem, perform poorly in school and can resort to aggressive behavior. Physical aggression such as biting, kicking, scratching, can cause serious bodily injuries. (Marion, 2015). We need to address this type of behavior because if we don’t it can only get worse. Children are asking for help when they act out and if we don’t listen they tend to do things to open our eyes.


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