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Case Study Career Aspirations Analysis Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 2727 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A career is a job market as well as of the individual career seeker’s interest and skill. By examining the job market, those interested in careers can learn what jobs are available and in demand now and what jobs will be available and in demand in the future. Career in essence is a series of related jobs towards the fulfillment of a set of individual goals that provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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My career aspiration is be to be a General Manager. To fulfill my needs, I have to do a lot of thing to get it. There are four general individual characteristics affect how people make career choices, which is Interest where they believe match their interest, Self-image where an extension of a person’s self image as well as molder of it, Personality which is personal orientation and personal needs and lastly Social backgrounds which is social economic status, educational and occupation level of a person’s parents. Yes I choose my career from this characteristic. I believe in myself that one day I’ll be general manager. This is because my believed is really matched what I want to be in future. The type of company that I would like to work is in a international company. It because by working there I can challenge myself to achieved my goals. This has been a aspiration for me since I’m small to be general manager. This is because most of my family members are working in high post in a big company. So I said to myself that one day I also want to be like them. I knew something about this high post general manager from my family members, they told me and teach me some important. I have choose this because I want my personal looks to be formal, in a very standard way. By working in this area I can gain more knowledge because of the rapid change and growth in the business where most business is going global now days. In that, I also can gain more profit faster if the business that I’m doing is successful.

According to John Holland’s theories, the personality types and working environment has been divided into six types which is realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Investigative gives more interest in intellectual activities where it must be a idea and theories for someone who does a work. Enterprising is a type concerned with action and with achieving result through other people, enjoy leading and persuading for an entrepreneur and representative. This both theories really suit’s me because I have the criteria in it. Besides that, Career Anchors by Edger Schein function also had suits me. This career wants a person perception about his or her own talents, motive and values tended to evolve into a relatively stable pattern. Identifying one’s area of contribution in the long run, this has inspire my career in working in a managerial role. I also like to learn more than one thing after fully understanding the first thing. I like to move forward every time and gain extra knowledge in new field.

I strongly decided that this field that I’m choosing for my career is well suits with my personality test. In that test my result is ENFJ. I really concern about myself when I’m out with people because I’m harmonious. I’m very respect person, harmony, and loyal to thing that I do. I will take a risk to do job, because I want to achieve my goal and I know I have to take a risk. If I really cannot take it something that has fail my success I will regret it and will ignore it. I know by doing that I can try for second time. But it will be a bit had for the first time to hear the truth. I will be happy if I get to create something new where it can give me a lot of profit in my life. I’m also ready to hear about others problem because I have the ability to solve problem. Sometimes I will confused whether which decision shall I take, but after reading all the thing carefully I will take my decision, and I won’t follows others in that.

1.2 Skill Required

When choosing an occupation it is very important to be skillful. Skill can be divided into basic skills and related skills. When talking about related skills we can discuss on the skills that are related to the specific job. Basic skills that are needed to be in a job can be similar to one another but will different when it comes to carrying out a specific task.

The basic skills that have in myself is athletics. I can do coaching, team sport and individual sport. I have a football skill. I start coaching long time ago by helping my school teacher to train his team. Other than that, my communication skill is very good. My grammar, speaking style, listening and writing is also good. I practice my listening from other people talk and talking on phone and also talk good English to all my friends. This is how I practice my communication skills. A outdoors activities skills like farming and animal care is my aspiration skill. I learn farming from my dad, in he will always do farming and I will help him and from here I got the skill.

The related skill that I have choose to be General Manager is organizing, making decision, managing time, solving problem, leading and owing or operating a business. I used to make own decision at times at college. It’s like a group of my friends planning something and I will make a decision and they will listen to me. I will be on time if I go out. I want to be a good time making if I go out. This will practice me when I start my work in future. Solving a problem is my main concern, because I used to solve many of mime and my friend problem very well. I don’t this to be happened very often in life. Sometimes I will lead my brothers business, he will tell me what to do and not. I’m creative in making idea and very imaginative. A skill of a General Manager can be more diverse and be more general in nature to classify in any area of management or administration.

The other skill that may see of a General Manager is personnel, purchasing, or administrative services. In some organizations, the duties of general and operations managers may overlap the duties of chief executive officers. By looking at these related skills of being General Manager it is seen that I have to improve and develop myself so I could achieve my career development goal and aims in future. When being a General manger it is very important for an individual to be knowledgeable and wide thinking so in any consequence the company’s growth will not decline.

1.3(a) Strength

Looking at my strong educational background, I have completed my Foundation Studies in Business 1 year ago and now I’m doing my degree in International Business. From here I have the knowledge of the theories which I have studied for foundation. I can contribute my knowledge to others because I have the strength to do so. Below is my strength:

Very punctual


Able to do something without anyone help

Understanding in everything

Friendly to everyone

Very hardworking

Good listener

Good in creating Ideas

Brave in doing anything

Good in resolving problem

Good in handling problem

Good in giving Counseling

Maintain thing well

Managing time


Being a good group leader

Looking at all my Strength, I have done everything at above and I know that I can do that. this is because being a good group leader can bring me to the top of leader board for a management. I can handle and solve complains, diversify works to my members, being patience and also calm down any serious situation. This is the most important characteristics needed by a good group leader. I know from here becoming a group leader will bring me to success when I become General Manager. A General Manager also will have all kind of this job working together and gain more things from it. In college, a task I given to us by our lecture and we need to choose 1 group leader. They had selected me as group leader because I have the ability to work hard, to things together, and also can solve problem if my members don’t know. Other than that, I can be a good listener, member will talk and I will listen to them. Punctual is the key word, I used to be very early and will push my friends to reach at college early to start our work, and they listen to me. This is because I’m the group leader so I feel proud and this will happen when I become a General Manager.

1.3(b) My Weakness

Like to do things very fast without knowing it

Language Problem

Do work at last minute

Take things easily

My main weakness is my language problem. At college when I talk to Chinese student from China, they won’t really understand English. They can only speak in Chinese language.

This is what my main problem, because it might give an effect to me in future when I’m dealing with customer. To solve this problem, I have to start learn English. In order for me to communicate with them, I must take sometimes to get to know them well.

Section 2

Experience 1: Working

After finish my SPM (secondary educational level), I worked at my uncle office as admin officer. I worked there for almost 4months before joining Stamford College. My work at first is to check all the old report and then have to clean it up. It was fun working at that way. After that I has given a task to work out with 1 employee regarding about his work. From here I really gain a lot of profit knowledge. Although I don’t have knowledge about the work I’m doing, but I had been guided by my uncle. Microsoft word and excel is the main subject for my working period. I have to list down the company rough account with guide’s from my uncle. I learn how to improve language while working, my computer skill been improve and also has solve a problem without telling to my uncle. It really gave me the exposure of office life where it increases more interest to remain in this particular field where I can actually prosper.

During my working period I learn a lot of thing and it has gave me a working life style. Dress code everyday must be formal and it’s like a practice for me in future. When we study we don’t exactly get the picture of working life. I learn to be more responsible where it really help me to organize myself. By learning all this skills I can always improve my skills because it is very important at least to have this basic requirement. For my working experience, this has gave me roughly idea how to manage myself and this can help me to my future career aspiration as a General Manager.

Experience 2: Student

As a student I have learn how to do my assignment without others help, exam, presentation and group project. Every subject at college has a task of assignment to do. This is given to student is because, they want student to learn doing things together and in group. For assignment, I will do research in web and find details about the task. Exam is where we will train our self to see how far we have learnt something during a certain period. From here will really push our self to achieve a good goal’s of mark. Presentation will be done in a group in my college. We will communicate between friends to do a work. Group project is where all members will sit together and complete a task together.

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This work as student is testing how far we can do something with individual and with friends. Exam we get to learnt how to write, think, how to organize something and how to manage our time management by reaching before the exam start. For assignment I learnt how to do research on net, analysis and do work in computer. Presentation I learnt oral studies with my group members about how to do, complete and research for the work. Group project is to see our team work. I was the group leader and I see that team work in my group is very well going.

Experience 3: Society/Activity

Final experience that I want to share is when I became a captain for my futsal team in college. From here I learnt a lot of thing about how to manage things carefully. I’m a vice president of badminton club in my college.

Being a team captain for my futsal team is very hard task. I learnt how to make strategies and manage my team while playing on field. Vice president works is enjoyable because I been very friendly to everyone who just join the club, get to give my experience to the junior who don’t really know how to play and manage my work with arranging all the student info in details.

Section 3:

Objective 1

The first objective that I want to set is to find part time job on my semester break. To gain more knowledge of working style is my main target and how to solve thing’s easily.

The action that I have to take is to search job in internet and newspaper. I will do this in this 2years time because I have 2 more years to go to complete my degree.

Objective 2

My second objective is I would like to set to learn Mandarin. This is because I want to improve my listening and speaking skills in this language.

The actions I have taken to improve in this language is by attending for the language classes. Other than that, even to improve faster, I will start to mix around with those who have knowledge about this language. I will attend for this class during my semester break. The class will be on every weekend only for 2hours. I want to do in weekend because I will be busy on weekdays because I have classes to attend.

Objective 3

My final objective’s is to learn about computer programming which is basically gives more importance to internet usage. I want to learn this because computer programming is very important in today s world.

To do so, I have to attend for classes in order to get the specific knowledge about using the internet. I will ask any of my friends to recommend for me a better centre that offer this program or else I will ask my brother to teach me because he is good and have experience in computer programming.

I will tell my brother to give me a class for this computer programming every day for 1hour because I’m staying with him.

Curriculum Vitae

Ravinder Singh Toor

Current Address: Main Address: 88, Jalan 14/15, Section 14 958, Lorong Anggerik Kanan 3,58000 Petaling Jaya, Bandar Sunggala, 71050PD,Selangor Darul Ehsan. Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 016-6560217

DOB: 4 APRIL 1989

E-Mail: Ravinder444.Toor@gmail.com

To fulfill all the needs that a company want and will come up with great ideas to bring the company into a upper level of successfulness.



Currently doing my Degree in BA(Hons)International Business

Average point for Year1: 66%

Module: Introduction to Economics, Governing Business Activities, Accounting and Its Regulatory Framework, People Organizations & Management, Marketing Principle and Practice, International Entrepreneurship.


Foundation Studies in Business(FSB) at Stamford College.


Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) at Sekolah Tinggi Port Dickson.


2005 – Work part time as Waiter.

2006 – Work at Damai Jaya Shipping & Trading as admin.


Sport- Football captain (2008-2009)

Badminton- Vice President (2009)

Toast Masters member


Like working in a area where I can develop my experience and learn new thing.


Good in Microsoft Office, Excel and Power Point.

Good in handling and solving problem.

Language- Excellent English and Bahasa Malaysia.


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