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Can Students Study Better Using A Tablet?

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Wordcount: 1468 words Published: 11th May 2017

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Can Students Study Better Using Digital Textbooks on a Tablet Than They Can By Using Books, Pens and Paper

Nowadays young starts were easily adopting to the new technologies and implementing them in education, similarly do the students can studying better using digital textbooks on a tablets rather than using traditional method of reading textbooks, well in my opinion students has to adopt to the digital textbooks because it is very flexible and has many advantages like compact, take very less place to store and no wear and tears and so on where this all helps the students to be smart in the real world. Many people says that many of students were very much comfortable with the hard copies in my sense this is because eBooks may not be accessible in their places.

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There is absolutely no doubt the digital textbooks are cheaper. Students at the Stepinac college paid $700 for textbooks previously which year only $150 for having access to the digital library (by Theresa Walsh Giarrusso – september 2013). Even Students are very attached to their mobile phones and tablets but they have not been enamoured to digital books even though the cost is low, since they are very much habituated to hard copies of text books. This method indirectly effects the environment. This results in deforestation and pollution.

Although students in college today are very attached to their cellular devices, they have not really been enamoured associated with e-books. In 2010, digital books accounted for 3 percent associated with textbooks sales using the National Association associated with College Stores (By Bertha Coombs, CNBC.com-published on June 2011). Analysts say it’s because until now e-textbooks happen to be little more bit more than PDF replicates of physical textbooks, impractical for students who’re accustomed to mentioning their paper copies since they study. Researchers at on the web education firm Xplana state the shift toward tablets in the year ahead wills certainly jumpstart demand for e-texbooks in the $8 billion Oughout. S. education publication market. “iPads and other tablets will probably be in the possession around 20 percent of scholars by the fall of 2012, ” states that Xplana director associated with research Rob Reynolds. “That’s an enormous impact. It’s fastest developing technology that we’ve welcomed in education. “Reynolds predicts electronic digital book sale growth in the higher education market will double over the next four many years to $1. 5 billion by 2015, and be the cause of 25 percent market share. A big jump in the amount of interactive texts available for the new supplement platforms next fall could also spur greater requirement.

Text books are heavy and no longer necessary when the information can be downloaded. In classrooms in my area, iPads have been very successful. iPads are a recent some-what inexpensive tablet computer that became available in 2010. Apple company offers good education programs for universities. The weight with the textbooks in his or her backpacks would injure their backs overtime. Whereas an iPad is merely 1. 44 fat. The iPad can also have educational video games for the students to find out and entertain independently (article took in http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-kids-use-ipads-for-textbooks-in-school). While in many countries people still go with traditional method using the hard copies because the people were not well fascinated to technology. Due to this the children in some developing countries like India were facing the problem while carrying text books to the schools that their back bone were getting bent due to the over load of caring more books. Perhaps using the digital books really gives a lot of advantages to the students like it occupies only small place to save thousands of text books and it is very easy to carry from one place to another. Using an ipad could help children look into the console and make children compose more. Scholars might not need to keep getting up to hone their pencils which diverts the educator and learners. The point when individuals have untidy penmanship, their work looks flawless and is not difficult to peruse on the ipad. When young children make use of iPads as well as notebooks they’re going to learn to make better do the job and stay cleverer.

Many people argue that as compared with traditional method of reading, seating in front of tablets and ipads will create some health problem like eye strain and health hazard, and also it seems to be less concentrated while studying, but in my opinion digital books will make our work quick and easy I am sure that one can find a article in eBook quickly rather than using a textbook.

Finally i would like to conclude that people has to update their habits as the technology changes this helps the students to be smart in the real world, thereby using ipads, tablets, and smartphones helps students to learn more faster within a less time and also they were eco friendly to environment.

References :

Bertha Coombs, CNBC.com-published on June 2011


Theresa Walsh Giarrusso – september 2013





Your position and defense

The other side’s argument and defense


Yes students have to adobe to digital text books, as technology changing day to day our habits should also change according to that.


In my opinion students go with text books because eBooks may not be accessible in their places


Low cost,less weight.

Details to discuss:

While many of the people have their habit to use hard copies of text books, pencils and pens this indirectly effecting the environment.


Eye strain and health hazard.

Details to discuss:

Sitting for long time will affect the health.


Eco friendly and compact.

Details to discuss:

Many research were done to implement to know the present trends of digital text books.

National Association of College Stores stated that students are not yet enamored to e-books.


Not accessible in poor communities.

Details to discuss:

There are some poor countries where these technologies are not yet accessed.


Takes less place for storing.

Details to discuss:

Takes very less place to store 1000’s of text books, and don’t have to pack for a trip and Can’t carry many text books to all places.


Concentration issues with e-text books.

Details to discuss:

While working with ebooks in ipads and tablets will easily get diverted.


No wear and tear.

Details to discuss:

Using this will helps the students to be smart in the real world.


Power required.

Details to discuss:

Some problems may occur while charging ipads and tablets.



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