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Benefits of interactive learning

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Teachers that have Passive method is not good effective learning because it make students passive in learning. So, here interaction is important thing in this point. interaction is good thing in the learning because students will more active in the learning activities. To build students’ interaction need good teaching procedure by teacher. Some of teachers’ activities such as controller, organiser, prompter, participant and resource. In this procedure teacher have some ways to make students active and teaching learning process will run well and success. So teachers’ role awareness is good way to get success in the learning.


passive method in learning is not good effective way for students to learn because it makes students passive in learning process, so here students need way to be more encourage to actively in their learning, that statements by (e.g. Bonwell & Eison,1991; Michel, et al., 2009. Then by Hall and Verplaetse (2000), said that interaction is a good thing in learning because students more active in learning then it can create the intellectual . beside that interaction is a good way in learning process because students become centered in teaching and they can develop their language as like argue by (Bonwell & Eison, 1991; Michel, et al, 2009; Yoder & Hochevar, 2005). Interaction is a student-centered approach to teaching, then in this teaching involves students in the learning process and hold students responsible for their learning . And by (Cazden, 1988) and discourse communities (Hall and Verplaetse, 2000) stated that interaction can give contribute to learners’ language development.

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So here to build interaction in teaching, teacher need teaching procedures, by Jana Hackathorna1, Erin D. Solomonb, and Kate L Blankmeyer (2011). stated that teaching procedures has some benefits and effective in learning because in this point teacher has some way or techniques when they are teach to increase learning itself. Beside that by Andrew Davis (1999) said that teaching procedures is important because teacher has the way to teach when they are teaching not only told what to teach then it can be used for examine the students’ success in the learning process.

In other words teaching procedure itself is focus on the teachers’ role. ( Harmer, jeremy : 57) said that the teachers job not only in education generally but also in the classroom itself. It means that the teachers’ job not only stop in transfering knowledge or giving a test in the end of the lesson but teacher must have some activities to increase learning process in teaching such as teachers’ role awareness.

Based on researchers’ observation in public senior hight school in cerme. There are some problem by the EFL teacher such as teachers looked just transfer the knowledge to the students or giving a test at the end of the lesson. Not only that but also some of teachers showed as a bad model educator. At the some schools especially in cerme, teachers could not executed their role in the classcroom. It looks from the activity of the teachers, the teachers often sit down when they teach to their students. Here, the teachers did not aware about the students. It means that the teacher did not know about the students’ understanding toward the material. Of course those cases contrary with the effective teaching. Hoopingarne, D (2009) say that an effective teaching involves careful planing and implementation of structured, engaging, the students in a lesson and bring up the students’ critical thinking and design for various learning styles. From those cases above, the writers try to explain about how to be a good teacher through a good teaching procedure in EFL senior high school.

To enhance the learning process and make students’ interaction, here There are some teaching procedures , first: by Yudhi arifani and Ali Saukah 2013 about Build Up Good Teaching Activities, by (Loucks-Horsley & Matsumoto, 1999), it is about Job-Embedded Professional Learning and by Jeremy Harmer about teachers’ role awareness. Those are some role for teacher to increase the process of the teaching and each teaching procedure has different way.

From some procedures teacher above, the best good teaching is teachers’ role awareness by Jeremy Harmer because In this procedure teacher as a controller in teaching that gives inspire for their students, beside that Another important role the teachers have to be done is organising students to do the various activities such as giving instruction to students, then the next important activity is teacher have to know well about students’ performance, correction, handing out grades, and saying whether students can pass to next level or not. And keep students encourage and students’ thinking creatively (Prompter ) is the role that teacher take in teaching. Moreover teacher in a class is a participant, so here teacher can give feedback or correction to their students, then there are some resourses that can be used by teacher such as dictionary or from web site in to increase their knowledge.


Based on jeremy harmer stated that teachers’ role awareness is Some activities by teacher to increse students’ progress in teaching learning process.

So, here some explanations about definition and procedure of teachers’ role awareness by jeremy harmer:

Definition of teachers’ role awareness by jeremy harmer is some activities that teachers do in teaching such as controller, organiser, prompter, participant and resource to make students active in learning activity and facilitate the students progress in the learning process.

The procedure of implementing teachers’ role awareness to make students’ intertaction.

a Controller

Here, Teachers has job as the transmission of knowledge to the students are very enjoy with their controlles role. As a controller , they make group in learning activities, they take the roll, tell students things, organize drills, read aloud. Moreover As a controller the they must can give inspire for their students. And then the second point is teacher give opportuninies for students to speak in whole group to make students active in learning activities.

For example:

*Teacher gives students drill in learning process. then she as a controller.

Such as:

Teacher: ” students please listen and repeat after me”

Students: okey mom.

Teacher: good morning

Students: good morning

Teacher: how are you today?

Students: how are you today?


*students have to read aloud the text in their lesson. Then teacher as the controller when they have mistake.

Such as:

“ students i have text about introducing oneself please read aload this text in front of the class one by one”

Students: hello friends my name is khusnia fadilah. Iam from cerme. Ian 17 years old……………………………………………………………………………….

b Organiser

Another important role the teachers have to be done is organising students to do the various activities. One of the teachers’ job in this role is teachers’ instruction. It means that how they give students about information. The information related with the activity that students’ will be go for example telling the students about how they are going to do the activity ( saying about what should students do and what students should do next), putting students in two pairs or groups, closing thing down when it is time to stop. Giving clear instruction is important thing because it will affect the students understanding about the activity. Teachers also should check their students’ understanding by giving instruction back.

For example:

Teacher put students in two pairs. Then teacher will give explanation more about the next activity and what shoud students do.

Such as:

Teacher: “my students i have exercise for you about greeting in pairs, so each pairs have to make conversation about greeting and perfoming in front of the class,

so what should you do in this activity my students?”

students: “we have to make conversation about greeting in pairs mom, then we have to performing in front of the class.”

teacher: “ok very good, then i’ll give fiveteen minutes to make the conversation.”

Students:” ok mom .”

c . Assessor

assessor in teaching is important because in this point teachers will know about the progress and result of the students in teaching so, there are some roles for teachers in this activity such as Offering feedback on the students’ performance, correction, handing out grades, and saying whether students can pass to next level or not. moreover another important thing for teacher is teachers should tell to the students about what teachers will look for from their students and what success looks like. Because students need to know about how and for what they are assessed.

For example:

Teacher gives feedback on the students’ performance, correction etc because here, teacher as assessor.

Such as:

*Students’ conversation*

Farel: good morning arya.

Arya: good morning farel.

Farel: what that you do?

Arya: i helping my father wash the car now .

Farel: oh i see,

Arya: yachh… and how about you?

Farel: i want to go home now arya.

Arya: ok, see you

Farel : see you.

Teacher: “ok my students arya and farel after i listen your conversation, your performing is good enough but, there are some troubles in your sentences. Such as farel said what that you do?, It should be what do you do?, then when arya said i helping my father wash the car, because the time is now so, the sentence sould be present continous so, it will be iam helping my father wash the car now. There is to be after subject. Then pronounciation for car is c{r. And more expressive when you are speaking. So the tenses, pronounciation and expression is important thing in this point.”

Students:” ok mom now we know about our mistake and we will learn more about that. thank you mom.”

Teacher: “ok, Moreover i hope all of you better than now, you are welcome.”

d. Prompter

teachers have to Hold back and let them work things out for themselves or evocative them in supportive way because Sometime, students lose their words in about what is going one in the activity. It means that to keep students encourage and students’ thinking creatively teachers didnot allow to give direct words but teachers can suggest the students. For example, suggest students say something ( Well, ask him why he says that).

for example:

teacher will ask to their students about introducing. Then here teacher as a prompter.

“ teacher: (ask to heru) what is your name?

“Heru: my name heru”

“Teacher: who want to add the sentence?”

“Nina: iam mom, i think my name is …”

“Teacher: ok good.”

e. Participant

here, Teachers also is as participant during students discussion, role play, or group decision making activities besides they offer feedback or correction mistakes.

For example:

Teacher: “ok and then from second role play is novi and nurul.”

Students: “ok mom”

*After conversation finish teacher give feedback or correction mistakes*

Teacher: “your performing is good , but you have to more expressive when get conversation.”

Students: “ok mom.”

f. Resource

In this situation teachers can be as a resource for them. Because Sometime in presentation or in writing activities some of students may ask how to say or write something. They may want to know information in the middle of activity. But no teacher always knows everything about the language. In other words teachers can ask students to use their own resources. For example ask them to use their dictionary or sometime ask them to find the answer in web site. This instruction will keep the students encouragement and build the students’ independently in learning. Alternatively, teachers may said “ i don’t know the answer right now, but I’ll tell you tomorrow.

For example:

Students: “mom, what does it mean of conveniently ?:

Teacher: “you can look for in your dictionary.”

Students: “ok mom.”


In this stage, we can conclude that in discussion there are some explanations about definition and the procedures of teachers’ role awareness by jeremy harmer. teachers’ role awareness is good teaching procedure that apply in this article, then this procedure is make success and run well in teaching learning process and then it makes students get success to improve their knowledge in learning. Moreover there are some activities that teachers do in teaching such as controller, organiser, prompter, participant and resourse. So, with this good teaching procedure will make success not only in the teaching learning process but also for students itself.


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