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Benefits of Education for Society

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Benefit of the education: Education a tool for progress


This document shows us some educative system that change social status of the society and how the education is a perfect mechanism for finding the economic stability of a country. This research is based on fact of countries that had suffered key change using to the education how way for building a competitive civilization. Moreover, Finn educative system has been the best of the world without pressures to students. When they choose subjects, class schedules with the purpose of having brilliant students that supply their knowledge at the community. It decreased the levels of poverty in developing cities. So, this country focused in creating groups people working together for finding big profits on an environment complex.

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In addition, government have implemented extreme laws as free education since the first education years until university. In this nation, all is free including educative material, meal and transport producing big result as the first country in innovation. Besides, time moderns had put on evidence that the world continually modify different aspects as educational, economic and social.  It has seen the need of finding other solutions based in the creativity and the innovation that request to progress with the time. So, technology is the result of people who look for show their investigations through constant experiments. Nowadays, it serves as support material for creating an easy learning to students that allow them development their thought creative.

Education: A tool for progress

The educational systems influence in the student dynamics facilitating the learning with techniques that allow the development mental and psychological of the students. However, obsolete educational models is ending with the critical thought of the youth. Due to, classes are not interactive between professor and student or student and student getting a level low of learning in comparison of other countries. It connects the real world with the imaginary established possibilities for the progress where the only benefited has been the humanity. It has meant a halted society in the past without future. However, could new educational methods serves as a window to successful?

Challenges of the human being are strategic approaches designs depending on the necessities that turn around of our environment. In other words, it means our world is created on base of people who has seen and thought of a way different. So, some countries adopt at the education as a form for the progress and create new policies on profit of the knowledge until get a stability economy of a country on development process. Then, it allow to develop scientist mind through experiments based experience accumulations that in an unexpected moment appearance and transformed our life. Therefore, we have to mention to the creativity and at the innovation as resources of development on a future closer.

The Knowledge Builds Cities

The researcher spirit is inside of each person like a faded diamond that only need to polish for having a shine. It means that the people since they are children need to have more attention and a correct education for developing a set of ideas in front of any event. It will allow them improving to generate big solutions in look for excellent. But, in the traditional educative systems, students go to the classes for staying in their seat and do not interact in the classes. At the result, that country stays in the past. The humanity requests changes constants on educative models and at the same time a dedication about effects produced on the youth. However, countries advance to big step that decrease its resources until cause damage irreversible. Here, the education is an important role because, it creates mechanics that help to eradicate problems with simple solutions based on idea rains according to a think way.

Educative institutions are held to Government laws apply their form of leading a nation. In this situation, the new mechanics tend to lose their figure on the development model technologic and industrial. But, there are countries where the public sectors have their space. So as, Hancock (2011) explain that “In 1963, the Finnish Parlia-ment made the bold decision to choose public education as its best shot at economic recovery.”

Finland recently has been the attention center at worldwide level on education because this country has the best educative system of the world. This change began 40 years ago when they used at the education as only possible of thriving on the economy. This program takes many time until on 2000 year was the first evaluation done by Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) with a standardized test showing that Finland had the best readers of the world, on few time after they was the best in math. In 2009, PISA put to Nordic state on second place in science, in third place in reading and six place in math. So, they performed that education is the key of the successful. Due to, government post at the education as a mechanism for leaving of the poverty and compete worldwide. This system is success on two important aspects:

Educative Model

The education is free for all Finn with any economic levels receive the same knowledge and children begin school life at 7 years old. The primary education has a length of six years during this time, they have classes with the same professor each subject. They attend at the school few hours each student learns to think in the different educative levels are integrated in one only body. In other words, there is not a transition since initial education, school primary, college until university.


It is the career more difficult because the students must study hard for getting excellent grades. The major of students want to follow a teaching career because it has big prestige and is a respectable figure. Although, the professor salary is not high as others professions, it has huge petition in society. This carrier is enough demanding for the students but each university admits only 10% of the total of candidates. In addition, duration of this university career is five years, three years they study for a bachelor´s degree and two years for a specialization obligatory on master. When students finish his teaching career, majority of graduate choose the childhood as the resource of knowledge on a society in building. In short, they consider that the childhood is starting point for future changes of their country. Also, children have curiosity for learning and know things that are around. All Finland people trust in the knowledge of their teachers and usually need them help about something that they do not know. Because, the community knows that students with excellent qualifications access to the teaching.

Innovation and Creativity

The innovation is the source of the wealth on setting of the creativity, a transition that breaks the traditional diagrams below the light of fresh ideas promoting   the art of thinking.  So as, Robinson (2010) explain that “In fact, creativity — which I define as the process of having original ideas that have value — more often than not comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things.” Then, the tactic discipline puts on evidence creation of a right behavior directed interchange of ideas between people. Occasionally, the scientists use simple ideas like hypothesis for arriving to a general idea (thesis) in middle of these two points exist innumerable experimental processes. So, there are great creations start with simple answer and follow a sequence logical of thoughts until get a purpose.

For instance, the technology since its creation on the century XXI has united borders and has destroyed obstacles on the field social and on construction of new knowledge. Nowadays, the professors and students have benefit on the learning and the teaching through computational programs orient to create more invent in basing of invent created. However, it needs economic investment of local governments and contribution of private companies for an excellent educative level. That is to say, the better investment is in the education. In addition, some invents serve like experimental models for the next generation. It attracts attention of the students and possibility of creating a revolutionary idea. Creativity designs a path of chances on crisis times.

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Creative uses passion as the motor to develop an activity and involving the imagination in the prediction about something that will happen or happened. Humans are the only with capacity compose, create, invent, build cities and buildings. We live in an imaginary world where everything around us is the end product of an idea that someone had. So, if we put our neurons to work we are able to advance, progress, start our projects and face new challenges. Although, sometimes we have possibility of making mistakes, this not must be impediment because stumbling leads to a good idea. Therefore, we all have capacity to create and to imagine but we must learn to develop it in the same way that we learn to read.

Senegal (2016) said that “Technology is progressively replacing manual labour and pervading how we live and work.” So, the creativity revolutionizes the learning and changing the social status of a generation that advances continuously using new methods on the education. Modern methodologies offer a variety of solutions with the building of investigation centers. It has gotten good profit and the quote of investigators for the modern world.

In conclusion, this research have found important aspects that is changing the world since human beings use their physical abilities or intellectuals for creating something. However, some people is following old methods that do not allow developing a creative though with activities focused to future world. On the other hand, new study techniques propose radical changes in the behavior mental in front of challenges of a society that search getting an equilibrium social and economic. So, each epoch marks the end and the beginning of something new where creativity plays an important role in the advance or deterioration of a civilization.


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