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Approach Of Self Management Learning Education Essay

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Before completing this assignment, the main objective of this assignment will be to enable a chance for to assess and develop a range of professional and personal skills in order to promote future personal and career development. we will have to ensure also that it will develop ability to organize, manage and practice a range of approaches to improve performance as self-directed learners in preparation for work or future career development.

To complete this assignment, at first we have to understand how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development. Then we have to take responsibility for own personal and professional development. Next we have to implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan. Finally we have to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills.

Self-managed learning is a way in which individuals can manage their own learning. This means organizations can have self-managed learning programmers that fit within their structure and ensure staff is developing in a certain direction; or individuals can take responsibility for decisions about what and how they learn, and when and where they learn. Self-managed learning programs can be designed and developed, allowing individuals to lead and manage themselves through learning, so that can continue to extend their repertoire of capabilities without the need to necessarily be reliant on another human resource to teach or manage their learning.

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Approach of Self-Management learning:

Self-management is a key skill that will help us throughout our life. It involves setting goals and managing your time. Developing your motivation and concentration skills will help us to overcome the lure of procrastination. Effective self-management will help us to avoid stress and provide you with more opportunities to get involved in fun campus activities. A key skill in self-management is self-regulation. Self-regulation refers to individuals monitoring, controlling and directing aspects of their learning for themselves. Self-Management Strategies

Monitor — don’t just let things happen, assess and see why then pick a strategy

Evaluate — take the time to ask if things are working out for you


We can therefore establish a well-defined set of trusted sources that we regularly use. The vast majority of learning sources are informal; that’s how we can prefer to learn. However, if we want to learn something that we knew nothing about, then we will probably look around for a more formal solution that will provide us a comprehensive, logical approach to the topic. For example the following .


People could learn through seminars, conferences what they have experienced over there and make changes for the future. Seminars and conferences gives people the opportunity to present their knowledge about something to other people who end up learning new things. Seminars and conferences helps people becoming confident in speaking in the public and develops presentation skills which are needed in the organization


A Personal Learning Environment is comprised of all the different Internet tools we can use for learning. Social software is increasingly being used in education and training through such applications as web logs, wikis, tools and applications for creating and sharing multimedia and tools for sharing all kinds of different personal knowledge bases including bookmarks and book collections. Examples of the software you can use for your personal learning environment include a word processor, an e-mail client for communication, a Web browser, search engines, a diary for managing work and sharing with others, audio for making podcasts, video editor for making multimedia presentations, a content management system for creating websites, a photo editing program and sharing service, instant messaging and VOIP and a number of other services from different social software companies.


Lifelong learning is all about continuous learning personally that could contribute to the professional context. Individual could have personal assessment as means of lifelong learning by evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats (SWOT analysis). Strengths are good learning skills, ambitious, friendly etc, weakness is sometimes getting stressed and tired but you try to control it by having enough sleep and doing some physical exercises helps to minimize stress, opportunities are continuing with further education and threats are recession, money.

SWOT ANALYSIS By evaluating personal SWOT this will help us with our professional learning using other tools which are self-reflective learning and continuing professional development (CPD). Self-reflective learning is about trying to review some opinions, judgments, personal understanding and actions that you are willing to take in a proper way and be honest about it. This will help us to link our professional development to practical issues that we have experienced in my life either socially or academically.

SELF REFLECTIVE LEARNING Self-reflective learning could help learn new skills at work place also developing our personal skills through having work task and responsibility assigned to us. While self-reflective learning reviews things, Continuing professional development (CPD) combines approaches, ideas and techniques that help to develop our personal learning and grow to certain level of that we could link it professionally by planning and evaluating our effective learning that could be through others, accepting judgments or opinions.

POSITIVE IMPACTS OF SELF-MANAGING LEARNING TO THE INDIVIDUAL Self-managed learning is about people taking their own initiatives in managing their learning, there are positive impacts of self-managing learning to the individual as well as the organisation.

TEAM WORK SKILLS Individuals have learnt working in teams from their academic background through group work assignment or university projects such knowledge they will all apply them in the organization.

PRESENTATION SKILLS Individuals learn how to make a presentation using projectors which gives the chance to express the knowledge of what they have learnt from particular topic also give them confidence to talk in front of others which become an advantage to the organization when been given a task to do that need to be presented to the manager and other directors from the same company of different company.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS Self-learning helps individual develop communication and writing skills which is of use to the organization objectives. Some people get a chance to be class representative which is part of leadership skills self-managing learning that could be of advantage to the organization.


Current needs pursuing qualification higher national diploma in business our target is completing all the assignment by end of June so that our results or transcript could be used by the university to enroll us for the final year top up degree in BA Honors in business.

FUTURE NEEDS Opportunities are the chances that a person may have developing themselves further in another level of understanding and professional. Opportunity we have personally is continuing with further education that is joining university for the third year degree top up in Business. After that am planning to specialize in HR management, after my degree I will have various training in HR management as my future needs for both personal and professional. We also have the opportunity for doing my Masters in HR management.

M2& D1 Suggest personal and professional development plan for the learners.

Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long term career development. It is the process to setup the aim in life. Everyone should develop personal and professional development plan to find out what are the required skill is necessary for the long term development in life. Education is the initial stage of our life to acquire knowledge and skill and professional life is stage where we can implement those knowledge and skill, Professional life is also help us to enhance our existing skill and knowledge. One should develop the personal and professional development plant at the early stage before the person leave the academic sectors.

For example currently I doing BA Honors and i want to be a human resource manager in my long term career plan. I will describe my future career plan and I will also describe why I choose this career. I will describe what the skills currently I possess. I will use modern tools and techniques, to analyze my skills, values, interest and knowledge. I will also find out the gaps and develop the action plan for further development on that sector. This will show me a clear path for my future career progression in professional life.

Career Selection

I am a business administration student and I like be an HR manager in my future life.HR is one of the most important roles in a company. HR manager is a very important role because he/she deals with human resource which is one of the most intangible valuable assets for the company. Organization success completely depends on the employee performance and human resource manager play an important to enhance those performances. One of the important roles of HR manager is to develop the organizational structure on which organization run successfully.

There are several reasons why I choose HR manager as my career and they are described below:

Each of the organization has employee and to manage the employee organization need a department named as HR department. All over the world each of the organization has its own HR department, so there is ample of job opportunities around the globe. This will ensure me a secure job for a smooth transition in my career.

HR management role is very challenging job and I am very much passionate about to take very challenging job role.

HR manager play a significant role for development of organizational policy that is one of the integral part for organization to run very smooth way.

Short term and Long term plan

Short term career planning means to develop a career plan for the next 5 years. Short Term Plan: In the short term development plan I will start with the self-evaluation process. I will evaluate my personality skills by self-evaluation process. In the self-evaluation process I will conduct self-analysis where I will find what my interest, values, skill and personality is. One the other side I will conduct an occupational analysis. In this process I will try to find out what qualification is required and what id the occupational trend in the industry. In this stage I also select my goals what I want achieve in the short term and long term.

Long Term Plan:

Long term usually refer to career plan more than 5 years. I want to practice my career as a HR manager next five years once I am promoted as a HR manager. After that I want to be an HR head or director. In this time period I want conceptualized all the HR skills and learn all the tools and techniques during my work tenure. My long term plan is to learn all the industry HR management skill, tools and techniques. Different industry has different organizational structure, recruitment, training process, appraisal system, policy development techniques and some other HR factors.

Skill Required for My Career: I want to be a successful HR manager, critically evaluate the job roles and responsibilities. After analyzing job responsibility and job specification, I found that following are the skills required for my further career development.

Handle and manage difficult employee.

Develop and consistent positive attitude

Good verbal and communicational skill

Efficient conflict of interest management skill

Good negotiation skill and negotiate with more confidence

Effective learning and listening skill

Develop and conduct performance appraisal

Good supervision skill

Good knowledge about HR policy

Efficient and effective implementation skill

Complete understand about the HR rule and laws

My Self-Evaluation

In the self-evaluation process one can easily find out what the skills the individuals have and what are the skills the individual need to acquire more. For self-assessment I use SWOT analysis tools and techniques that are described below.

Strength: My main strength is to handle difficult people. I believe that I can effectively supervise the difficult people as a HR manager. I have the positive attitude for any difficult work to be handled more effectively. I can solve critical problem more effectively. I have strong communication skill both written and verbally. I can also handle the conflict management more effectively. I have also good negation skill that one HR manager should have during the salary selection. I am very good at work periodization, that means how to evaluate each of the jobs effectively and which work need to be perform first.

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Weakness: I have few weaknesses also. I need to develop my presentation skill that is required for employee training process. I have less customer service skill and I am not too much friendly with people. Again my selling skill is not that much effective. I can handle too much stress. I need develop this skill because in HR management lot of work stress one has to take. I have very little knowledge in conducting performance appraisal. I need to know how the performance appraisal is conducted. I am very poor in networking development with people. As a human manager

Opportunities: There are lot of opportunities in HR sector. Each of the organization has HR department. So there is lot of job opportunities all over the world. So that is my biggest opportunity to select the career in HR department. I will graduate in business administration and I have some knowledge and skill from my university and with the initial amount of knowledge and skill in HR I can easily apply for jobs in initial entry level jobs.

Threats: HR career is one of the most tentative careers for student, who is studying in business administration. HR job has a huge demand all over the world. So this my biggest treat. As there is lot of talented people in market this job sector is quite competitive. I need to acquire all HR skills and need to become more competitive in this regard.

Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD) Continuous professional development plan is the process and techniques that enables us to continuously develop our skills and knowledge. CPD helps individual to develop credibility and confidence. CPS also help to develop the own self-appraisal system. CPD also fix out any gaps in the career goal setting objectives. CPD makes individual more productive and efficient.

Personality: Personality is the combination of emotion, behaviour and attitude. I am very honest person and hard working person. If any work is assigned to me, I feel that this is my own task and perform the task accordingly. I never tell lie, which is one of the biggest strong point in my personality. I like to work under pressure. I also like to influence and motivate other people to work in more efficient and effective way.

Interest: I am very much interested to work in environment where I can express my own skill and knowledge. I do not like other to monitor me too much. So I am a self-driven person. I am very much interested to read books, article and magazine to acquire more knowledge and skills. I am very much interested to help others and work with others. I am interested to work in a secure environment.

Values: My main values I do not harm people, rather help people in their difficult time. I believe that honestly is the best policy. I never tell lie to others. I am very flexible personality, so I do not belief the hard and fast rule of anything. As I am honest, so I am reliable person.

Skills: I am a very good team worker and I can motivate to work more effective way. My decision making process is very prompt and effective. I understand any problem very effectively and develop the solution of the plan more effectively. In the critical time I can work alone and control my stress. I am very creative to provide any particular solution. I have very good communication skills in both orally and verbally.

Action Plan I need to take certain action plan to remove all the gaps that are discovered from the self-assessment tools and techniques. I need to improve the public contact development skills that means the networking skills, I need to meet with more professional people and need to start using the all the social networking method such as LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and other internet social networking medium. I need start reading more books and scholarly article during the problem solving situation. I need some other contact sources for more creative and effective solution. I need to contact with superior problem for better solution development. I need to be more self-confident. I need to accept supervision and need understand the factor that the mentors are more experienced than me

Personal Development Plan (PPD)

Personal development plan is process through one should assess the own learning skill, own performance and make proper steps for the personal and career development. In the PPD one should think the following aspect for the long term career development.

I want to be HR manager in the long run I need to develop certain skills and knowledge that are necessary for long term development of my career. I should have certain basic skills such as communication skills, decision making skill, leadership skill, prioritizing skill, motivational skill, valuing other people, analysis skill, delegating skill and reporting skill. After achieving those skills, I need make the proper plan for my future career succession plan. In the HR department one should have the skill of interpersonal skills, negotiation and diplomatic skills, work in own initiatives, work under pressure, budgeting skill, job responsibility and job specification development skills, basic knowledge of the employment rules and regulation and IT skills. In the short term personal development plan I will acquire all the skills to get entry in the industry.

In the long term I need acquire some advanced skills and techniques, such as effective way to solve a particular HR problem, conducting interview, outstanding negotiation skill, organizational structure development skills, employee salary structure development skills, develop retail and recruitment policy and advanced budgeting skills. I am planning to acquire all the skills in the long term.

Conclusion and Summery

Personal and professional development is very important for the individual to be successful in the long run. It is the process through which person can make the self-assessment and find out the gaps they have currently in the skills and knowledge. It also help individual to develop long term and short term plan. PPD is the process that help individual to set up the aim in life in the career. This is very important as the individual can act according to attain the career goals and objectives.

In the personal professional development process I also develop my short term and long term development plan. Based on the plan I can process forward and it the map to reach my career destination. In the short term plan of my career I want to be HR manager and in the long run I want to be a management consultant. Strategic development plan is very much necessary for individual for the long term career progression. I will take few steps to develop my 2 to 3 years plan. Below are the steps that are described very briefly.

I will find out the scope of my job in different industry sector in HR and I will also try to find out what are the opportunities are there and after that I will select the best industry to apply there. In this regard I will also select the factor where I want to work in local companies or multinational companies. In second step I will develop my mission and vision for my long term career development progression plan. I will develop my motivation in this stage. Once I develop my mission and vision, I will start acquire basic and advanced knowledge and skills to be a successful HR manager.


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