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An Applied Management Project Reflection report

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This reflection report is all about our experiences Applied Management project (AMP) and learning from the experience of the project. Reflection report helps us to improve ourselves. We also can learn from our mistakes which is also an important goal of the report. We work individually and in a group for our Applied Management project (AMP). We go through within good and bad experience when doing the report. We also learn some new things individually and in a group. The main target is to learn from experience throughout the project.

Aims and Objective

Aim of the report is to judge our work ourselves and improve our lacking. Through this report we can also have an idea about our own skills and abilities. The main objective of this report is to find out the errors that I made to do the Applied Management Project (AMP) and take lesson from the mistakes.

What is Reflective Report?

Reflection report is analysis of our work done before. In a reflection report a person or a student mention the experience of his or her work to prepare a project or report. In a reflection report one can include the process of using the skills and abilities he or she has. Greenwood (1993) said about reflection ‘To think about what one is doing whilst one is doing it; it is typically stimulated by surprise, by something which puzzled the practitioner concerned’. Kolb (1984) also said ‘reflection is central to the process of turning experience into learning’. So the way of learning through experience is reflection. Edgar Schon (1983) describe two way of reflection. One is reflection in action and another is reflection on action. Reflection in action is about looking during the event and reflection on action is looking back after the event. We are doing reflection on action because we are writing this reflection report after we finish our Applied Management Project (AMP). According to Boyd & Fales (1983) reflection on action is ‘The process of creating and clarifying the meanings of experiences in terms of self in relation to both self and world. The outcome of this process is changed conceptual perspectives’. So from the reflection process we not only can learn but also can improve the lacking.

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Recollection of experiences

We have to do the reflection report after we finish the Applied Management Project (AMP). The main aim to write the reflection report is to learn from our experiences. We got 11 weeks to write this Applied Management Project (AMP). Within these time period we had some good and bad experiences. Sometimes we got some times we got experience which is new to us. After completed the second semester we had a week of learning how to write the Applied Management Project (AMP) and the reflection report. First two days we have given the idea about the process of Applied Management Project (AMP). We got some information about the report writing, plagiarism, Harvard referencing and how to use the resources of the university. The first day we had three classes. The first class was for introduction of the Applied Management Project (AMP) a, the second one was all about report writing and the third one was for information sources and referencing. The second day was also a busy day for us. Three classes also held at that day. We had given information about plagiarism in our first class of day two. Then the next class is all about the reflection report and the relevance to write the report. At last we had given our topic in the last class of second they. We are divided into several groups and the group members had to do the report which is given for their group. We have made a group of nine people. We were excited about our topic. We were very happy when we were given the topic. Our topic was ‘Market segmentation and effect of new technology on market segmentation’. The reason we were happy because this topic was very important in marketing and also easy from other topics. The class was finished and we had to attend in the tutor support session which started the next day. In this session we had to sit in a group. As our group was made earlier we sat with our group members. At the first day of tutor support session we had given idea about how to use the online resources from the university site. We could collect information from the open sources but all the open sources are not reliable sources. That’s why we are taught how to us the educational journals, magazines, e-books, articles etc. We had also give idea about how we can get useful information about our topic. Then tutors gave us their opinion about the topic. Tutor also told us that as a tutor what they are expecting in the Applied Management Project (AMP). There are five or six tutors who gave their opinion about the topic. We also got time to discuss the topic with our group members. In the session we prepared a format of the report. One of the tutors asked us to collect one article about our topic and bring the article at the next day. We got three days of tutor support session and after that session we could not get the support from the tutors so that three days was very important for us to prepare the report. After that session we set a meeting with our group members to get started the report. We meet three times and discuss about our topic and gave our opinion about the topic. Then we started to work individually.

I start to collect data about my topic using university resources. At first I find books about segmentation. I found some books which is very helpful for my Applied Management Project (AMP). My plan was to collect the data about my topic and then start reading. First few days I use to find information about my topic. I search for article, journal, magazines which is related with my topic. I used university library and digital library to find the information. When I feel that the information is enough for my topic I started reading. Then I started to write the Applied Management Project (AMP). This is the first time I was writing a project and long report of 12000 words. Sometimes I get stuck about different topic. Then i take help of my friend and discuss with them about the problem.

Personal feeling and learning from the experience

The Applied Management Project (AMP) is developed to show our skills and ability learned from the Msc Marketing and Business management. To write the report I learn some new things and I use my skills and knowledge. Throughout the report writing process I also did some mistakes.

According to Gibbs’ model of reflection (1998), we must go through a cycle to complete the report.


The first one is description. In this part what is happened throughout the report writing must be described. This is my first time to write a project. So I was a little bit nervous. But when I started writing the report I get confidence to write the project. And I also learn process to write a project. The project is all about secondary research. We does not require the primary research process.


In my mind there are some questions about the Applied Management project (AMP). –

Can I do the project?

Can I complete the project in time?

How will be the project?

Will I get a good grade in the project?

When I start writing the report I realized that the time is enough for the project because we do not need to do primary survey. Applied Management Project (AMP) was a huge report with 12000 words. I was confused about the timing of the project. When I completed the project my feeling also changed. I also get the answer of my questions time to time.


I started to write the report 20 days before. Sometimes I want to work in the university library for long time but the university made a short timetable for the summer time. But when I search information I get more knowledge about the searching of information and time management. I also developed my writing skills. I spent lots of time to searching and writing the report. But I did not spent enough time to read the books, articles, journals and magazines. So If I do any project or report in future I will use the proper use of time to search information, read them and writing. I also use references in the project which I think not enough for the research. I can include more references for my project which can make the project more effective. So I learn several things. Some are good, some are bad. I must improve my skills and take lesson from my mistakes.


To write the Applied Management Project (AMP) I made a plan and work according to my plan. I set a time to study which is one of the important part of my plan. I also give myself some rest because if I work restless my work may be not as good as I want. I made a schedule for my project. I divided the topic into several parts. As example Segmentation methods, different types of segmentation, effect of new technology on market segmentation etc. I start to work part by part. At a time I concentrate only one part of the project which helps me to get read of workloads. So I can finish my project timely because of the planning.


During the project writing I developed my skills. I was slow in typing but because of the Applied Management Project (AMP) my typing speed increase. My writing quality also developed during this time. But I must improve my information search activities because sometimes I get confused about the information which is important for my project. I also use my time properly. But if I can spend more time in university library then my report might be better.

Action Plan

For next time I will complete my project before 15 days. Because if I can get time to revise the project then I believe the report will be more improved. But this time I get only one day to revise the report. When I revise the report some points which I can write more but because of the time I could not do this.

Gibbs’ model of reflection (1988)

So from the above discussion I can say that I improve some skills during the project writing. But I also have some lacking as well. If I get any opportunity in the future I will try to avoid the mistakes and make my plan properly for the report.

Group dynamics and learning from the experience

Working in a group or team is more effective than working alone. People usually can perform better when he or she work with a group or team. People who work in a group or team can share their feelings and experience about their work. Sometimes people learn and improve themselves from the advice of other people. We also get the opportunity to work in a team. For our Applied Management Project (AMP) we have to make a group. We made a group of nine people and start work in a group. Working in a group or team is a learning experience to me. According to Guirdham (2002) people within the group must have some characteristics. People must have good behaviour, norms and co-operation. Without co-operation a group could not become successful. There is a chance to conflict within the group. But people of group must have problem solving attitude. Crainer (1998) said that in a group different people perform different their skills and abilities. We are also working as a team when we have given the topic of Applied Management Project (AMP). Working in a group is effective for us. Within a group all group members must listen to each other. Without this listening behaviour one can not perform well in the group. In a group every one must give importance to each other. If someone neglect or underestimate anyone it may harm himself. Every one has different thoughts and different understanding. So within the group we start to listen each other. Everyone told to discuss their own view about the topic. We get some new and interesting idea about our topic after the discussion session. This discussion session take long time but it was really effective for everyone. Belbin (1993) introduced most effective analysis about individual role within a group or a team. According to Belbin (1993) a successful group must have different range of roles which is undertaking by different members of group. Mullins (2005, p.557) Belbin said for successful group or team member must have nine team roles. Which are-


Resource investigator



Monitor evaluator

Team worker




So people within the team must have these nine characteristics team roles. In our team different members has different attitude. We have a team leader who actually co-ordinate the works between the team members. At the first meeting we are told to collect some articles and journals about our topic. One person of our team was given the responsibility to manage the meeting among us. In our second meeting all of us collect some articles and journals about our topic. Then we all asked to share own opinion about market segmentation. We all try to share what we know about the segmentation. We take note from the discussion. Some of them are really helpful for our project. We try to divide the work equally within the group members. Working in a group was very good experience for me. I don’t know everything. Different people have different way of thinking. We share our opinion and learn from other people of group. Although the group work is time consuming, we can learn lots of new things from the group. Working in a group gives me more confident. But sometimes group work can frustrate us. In our group meeting two members always came late. We can’t start our work in time for them. This thing makes a bad impact within the group members. Some group members want to start work without them. But one day when we start our work and they came, we have to discuss the matter again to them. So it kills our time and some members become angry. Our group was formed on the basic of friendship. That’s why we can’t say anything to the members who come late. If our group was formed according to work, the group was more effective than this group. I also learn a lit about my individual performance and personality. Within a group I judge myself with the other group members who help me to know my ability and performance. I also learn one thin about the group work and that is people act differently when they work alone or in a group. Because when I use to talk to one person of my group I act different way and my talk within the group is also different. This is an interesting characteristic of human nature. So as a member of a team I learn so many things which will help me in my future when I work in a team or group.

Belbin’s nine team role

(Belbin, 1993)

Lesson for future project

We learn many things during the Applied Management project (AMP). I point out some important things which will help me in my future to do a project-

Time management: Use my time properly to prepare the report.

Do not delay: Sometimes when we get long time we slow down our work which really harms our work. So I will not delay my work in future.

Revise my work: In future if I get an opportunity to do a project I will finish the project before 3 to 5 days of deadline. So that I can revise my work.

Evaluate: If possible I will show my work to any tutor or senior who have the knowledge about project which will make my report more effective.


From above discussion it may be conclude that – during the process of Applied Management project (AMP) I learn so many things. I also improve my writing skills and ability. I evaluate myself through the reflective report which will help me to do better and take lesson from my mistakes. Reflective report gives me an opportunity to know about my learning and experiences during the 11 week of my work.


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