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A Motivational and Personal Statement of a Student

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Wordcount: 872 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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I am very happy to be one of your candidates and to write this personal statement to the best of my knowledge and ability. I have graduated from Bahir Dar University on July6 /2007. It is evident that my pre-university academic background had been outstanding on the average. My High school and Preparatory school certificates and Higher Education Entrance Examination Leaving are tangible testimony to this fact; where I managed to score 369 out of 500 which was the first grade from social science students at Preparatory School to join university. Joining the university, I could manage to maintain an excellent academic performance and graduated with Great Distinction (CGPA of 3.91 out of 4.00) in Bachelor of Arts from Bahir Dar University. It was the second best grade among Business and Economics Faculty graduates of the University in the year 2007.

Currently I am working as an Assistant Graduate I in the Department of Economics, University of Gondar. Hence I have various academic responsibilities ranging from lecturing at class to advising research papers.

I am giving different courses including Quantitative methods for Economists, Econometrics, Development Economics I and Micro Economics I for a total of 600 students in different batches and programs. In addition i am trying to publish different economic articles on Development Economics in the university’s quarterly magazine. In addition I am trying to undertake Research with PhDs at our department.

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Though I have keen interest in Economics and other developmental studies of social Science I am fond of the beauty of Maths. During my undergraduate studentship, I had keen interest in statistics, mathematics and calculus, my undergraduate scores for six successive semesters are excellent verification (Do not hesitate to go through my academic transcript!). In addition I have applied econometric models for my senior essay entitled “Does foreign Aid Work in the Ethiopian Economy?” .This had opened a door for me to see the application of quantitative and econometric knowledge on solving different social problems through research. It was with these in mind that I concentrated on applying for your Master Program in QEM.

Apart from my academic life, I have been involved in the following different community services since High school. I have served my University as a Project designer and Implementer of one of its Movements’, Anti-HIV/AIDS Movement. Besides I was also the founding member and the first President of Bahir Dar University Economics Students Association (ECOSA). Similarly, i have been an active participant and facilitator in different trainings and Workshops in different towns of Ethiopia. I have given Life Skills Training for about 500 University Students during my stay at Bahir Dar University. I have also given this training for about 300 out-of-school Youths in Amhara region of Ethiopia.

In addition, I have taken different long term courses including “Youth Life at the Cross Roads” for Ten Months,” Management and Leadership” training for 2 Months and other short term trainings on Counseling ,Club Management, Peer Education, Reproductive Health, Family Life Education, Gender, Family Planning, Economic Relevance of Nile River, Globalization, Federalism and Democracy in Ethiopia, Theology Courses Etc

If I happen to get the opportunity to major in Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics (QEM) Contributing to the science, and Knowledge of my students will be my ultimate career goal.

Besides I will continue Lecturing at my Present employee, University of Gondar. I will try to help my students and my country in a way that is influential in bringing some tangible changes at the university and country level as i will use my social, communication and interpersonal skills when i came back home from the study. I wish to work my postgraduate degree as soon as possible and i want to contribute my best to my country and to the developing world as a whole as we (citizens of developing countries) are responsible to bring our countries from the bottom and contribute our best for the betterment of our World.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

A. Motivation statement. Explain your application, your present situation, your interest in the field, in the degree and in the institutions of the consortium, your intentions after this degree, … (1-2 pages)

B. Preferred mobility track. This essentially concerns the choice of the institution of the second year. Students may propose a ranking of their choices between the institutions and it is very important to precise whether this is a definitive choice or simply a wish. In the latter case, the Committee will take into consideration the wishes of the students starting with those who have the highest acceptance ranking. (1 page)

C. Financial aid. Students should precise if they apply for a scholarship (Erasmus Mundus, Asian Window Erasmus Mundus, Consortium (especially for European students) and if their application is conditional to the acceptation of a scholarship. (1 page)


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