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The Success of the Bonifacio Global City

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Bonifacio Global City is developed by Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), now managed by the powerhouse partnership of Ayala Land, Inc., Evergreen Holdings, Inc. (Campos Group) and the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA).

Ayala Land has a track record of creating and sustaining successful business districts and large-scale integrated communities, including the Makati Central Business District.

The Campos Group has real estate expertise and financial muscle. It has various property developments in the Edsa-Central area as well as in Laguna.

BCDA, with its continuous commitment to the whole area and being the original land owner, completes the successful partnership.

Together, the partners lend FBDC the stability and wealth of experience in real estate development as seen in the success of the Bonifacio Global City.


Bonifacio Global City was once part of the 2,578-hectare property of Taguig that the United States Government acquired in 1902 when the Philippines was under the American Colonial Rule. The United States acquisition was turned into a military base and was named Fort McKinley after the 25th US President, William McKinley, who was responsible for the colonization of the Philippines. Fort McKinley became the headquarters of the 10,000 strong Philippine Scouts, which was the Philippine Division of the United States Army.

In 1949, three years after the Philippines gained its political independence from the United States, Fort McKinley was turned over to the Philippine Government by virtue of the United States Embassy Note No. 0570.

In 1957, Fort McKinley was made the permanent headquarters of the Philippine Army and was renamed Fort Bonifacio after the Father of the Philippine Revolution against Spain, Andres Bonifacio, who organized what is effectively the first Philippine Armed Forces and whose father, Santiago Bonifacio, was a native of Tipas, Taguig.

In 1992, an approximately 240-hectare portion of Fort Bonifacio was turned over to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). BCDA was created by virtue of Republic Act 7227, otherwise known as the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992, and signed into law by then President Corazon C. Aquino to facilitate the conversion of former US military bases and Metro Manila camps into productive civilian use. Three years later, Bonifacio Land Corporation, a consortium led by Metro Pacific, made a successful bid to become BCDA’s partner in the development of the 240-hectare property, which was named Bonifacio Global City.

The partnership was dubbed the “Deal of the Century” because Bonifacio Global City was sold at a staggering price of Php 333,283.88 per square meter, with proceeds amounting to Php 30.4 billion.

BCDA and the Metro Pacific-led consortium subsequently created the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) to oversee the master planning of Bonifacio Global City. FBDC was the largest corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1992, with a paid-up capital of Php 71.227 billion. The sale channeled Php 25.8 billion cash to government coffers and ballooned property values in the vicinity overnight.

In 2003, Ayala Land, Inc. and Evergreen Holdings, Inc. of the Campos Group purchased a controlling stake in Bonifacio Land Corporation from Metro Pacific. As major partners in FBDC, the two companies, along with BCDA, now shape the vision of this premier business district into the home of passionate minds, where technology meets aesthetics.

Ownership Structure

The Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) is the main developer of Bonifacio Global City, a 240 hectare world-class business district at the heart of Taguig City.

Backing the FBDC in pursuing the ambitious project are the Bases Conversion Development Authority and the formidable consortium of Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Evergreen Holdings, Inc. of the Campos Group, who jointly completed the acquisition of a controlling interest of FBDC in 2003.

The Ayala-Campos group brings to FBDC a wealth of real estate experience and aims to replicate the success of the development in the Makati Central Business District. ALI has a track record for creating and sustaining successful business districts and large-scale integrated communities while the Campos Group, through its real estate arm, Greenfield Development Corporation, has various property developments in the EDSA-Central Area and Laguna.

Access and Location

Bonifacio Global City is positioned to be a natural extension of Makati Central Business District because of its proximity to such.

It is conveniently located in the forward-looking city of Taguig, between the business hubs of Makati and Ortigas Centers. It is directly linked to Manila’s two major thoroughfares: EDSA and C-5 highways. It is also easily linked to other major business centers in the country and the world as it is located close to the Manila domestic and international airports.

All roads lead to home – it is accessible via seven access point: The Kalayaan Avenue from the North, the Kalayaan Flyover via EDSA and Makati, McKinley Road from the West, the three gates from C-5 Highway from the east, and via the Airport through Villamor Air Base from the south.

Strategic Location

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is conveniently located in the progressive city of Taguig, between the business hubs of Makati and Ortigas Center. Because of its proximity to the Makati Central Business District, BGC is touted to be a natural extension of the Makati Central Business District.

BGC is surrounded by the adjacent cities of Pasig to the Northeast across C5 Highway, Makati to the West and Northwest, and Pasay to the Southwest and Parañaque to the South across South Super Highway.

The city is directly linked to Manila’s two main thoroughfares — EDSA and C5 Highways – and is accessible via seven access points: The Kalayaan Avenue from the North, the Kalayaan Flyover via EDSA and Makati McKinley Road from the West, the three gates from C5 Highway from the East, and via the airport through Villamor Airbase from the South.

In addition, its proximity to the South Luzon Expressway brings the industrial zones of Muntinlupa, Canlubang, and Laguna makes it an ideal location. Residential subdivisions in Makati and Alabang are also within easy reach.

Easy Airport Access

Serving as Manila’s gateway to the world, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is easily linked to other major business centers in the country, as it is located close to the Manila domestic and international airports.

However, despite its proximity to the airport, BGC does not directly lie under the airplane flight path and is not subject to heavy noise exposure.

Superior Masterplan

The new masterplan of the city center Bonifacio Global City (BGC) was designed by Ayala Land planners and top US-based consultants. The 240-hectare gross land area is composed of 88% mixed-use, with 34% devoted to open spaces.

BGC is a dynamic and self-contained pedestrian-friendly city. A fine-grained network of pedestrian ways that connect to transit and parking are made available.

The city’s grid design provides ease in navigation and uncomplicated access to residential, commercial, and business centers. The 3×3 grid system provides efficient traffic and easily understandable circulation and access to individual properties and to public parking from all points of entry to BGC.

Every area in BGC is designed to enhance the quality of life while providing a relaxed environment at the same time. Each piece of property in BGC is a prime lot that faces either a main thoroughfare or open greenery. Landscaped parks provide refreshing air while featuring world-renowned local art on display, bringing a sense of culture and style. Water pipes, communication cables, electricity lines, and LPG gas lines all remain underground to preserve the landscape and view.


Encouraging balance between work and life, the well-planned zoning masterplan of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) puts equal emphasis on business, commercial, civic, culture and family activities. Every area is designed to enhance the quality of life.

With the ingenious re-design of the City Center, each piece of property in its four zones faces either a main thoroughfare or open greenery. A network of retail promenades, paseos and plazas will form an integral part in BGS’s physical core.

City That Works

Technology meets aesthetics in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). BGC is an intelligent hub, where transportation, communication, estate services and security are delivered reliably and seamlessly, leaving residents and visitors alike to do what they do best.

BGC boasts of a new masterplan that involves a major re-design of the amenities and features of its 36-hectare City Center to make it more efficient and attuned to a new standard of living. It is truly for the people on the cutting edge.

Density-Controlled Development

Protecting the value and attractiveness of Bonifacio Global City is the Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG) and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR). They are also used to standardize the developments within the city.

Density is controlled to support a well-planned community and ensure that utilities are adequate to service the developments. The measure of density used is the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) (see illustration on the right).

FARs range from 6 to 18. However, retail components are allowed only up to a maximum of FAR 3 for Mixed-Use lots, while buildings with residential components must have a minimum of FAR 4.

Grid of Streets and Blocks

Grid of streets and blocks that allow efficient circulation.

3×3 grid system provides efficient traffic and easily understandable circulation and access to individual properties and to public parking from all points of entry to BGC.

Pedestrian Friendly

A fine-grained network of pedestrian ways that connect to transit and parking, the pedestrian-friendly design is based on efficient and easily understandable circulation and access to individual properties and to public parking from all points of entry to Bonifacio Global City.

Public Transport

Managed by Bonifacio Transport Corporation, the multimodal public transport system connects Bonifacio Global City to the Metro Rail Transit and other commercial and business districts.

With transit stops in strategic points around Bonifacio Global City, residents and visitors can never run out of places to go in BGC.

Services and Utilities

The vision and attention to detail with which Bonifacio Global City was developed is not only visible in its structures, but it also permeates into its high-quality services and utilities.


Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation, under the supervision of Ayala Property Management Corporation, handles the estate services of Bonifacio Global City. Guards patrol the grounds 24 hours a day. Business owners and residents may call the Police / Security Assistance Center regarding any safety concern and get an immediate response. The Police / Security Assistance Center also apprehended more than 2,000 traffic violators, ensuring safety and order in the community since 2002.

Quick response to medical emergencies and accidents are in place. The Bonifacio Global City Emergency Response Team (ERT) has responded to 228 emergency patients and three actual fire incidents in the area. To date, it has conducted seven emergency evacuation drills. A state-of-the-art ambulance is available for the quick transfer of patients needing hospital care.

As proof of its competence in promoting safety in the community, the Bonifacio Global City’s ERT won 1strunner-up in the 2ndNational Vertical Fire Competition during the 16thIndustrial / Commercial Safety Competition held last March 11, 2006.

And also in 2006, at the height of super typhoonMilenyo,the ERT was quick to respond in addressing the extensive damage brought about by the calamity. Fallen trees were re-rooted, traffic and streelights were repaired, roads were cleared of debris, and normal operations in Bonifacio Global City were resumed, all in a matter of two days. The ERT also lent assistance to nearby Barangay Forbes in clearing portions of McKinley Avenue.

Other accomplishments of the BGCEA include:

  • Repainting of 35km of street curbs
  • Installation of traffic lights within BGC
  • Construction of pedestrian lanes
  • Repair and restoration of asphalted roads
  • Planting of 89 Royal Palm Trees
  • Landscaping upkeep and maintenance of the whole of BGC
  • In-house nursery


  • Water & Drainage

Residents and tenants of Bonifacio Global City enjoy uninterrupted water supply and consistent water pressure. Large water reservoirs assure strong water pressure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The water and sewage system is managed by Bonifacio Water Corporation.

Because of its commitment to safe and efficient wastewater disposal, Bonifacio Water Corporation has fully integrated sewage collection, treatment and disposal facilities. An underground drainage detention structure is in place to prevent floods in Bonifacio Global City. The structure can hold 22 million liters of water and release it under controlled conditions.

Cylindrical, heavy and bulky Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks have become a thing of the past in Bonifacio Global City. Residents no longer need to purchase these tanks as LPG is distributed in residential units through an underground piping system by Bonifacio Gas Corporation, which is managed by Pilipinas Shell.

This system assures residents of a steady and constant supply of LPG, and residents’ consumption is metered. Not only is this more convenient, but it also eliminates the dangers of leaking regulators and tanks.

This system assures residents of a steady and constant supply of LPG, and residents’ consumption is metered. Not only is this more convenient, but it also eliminates the dangers of leaking regulators and tanks.

Some building owners in Bonifacio Global City have also started using LPG to power their air-conditioning systems, enabling them to save on their electricity bills. They are also now unaffected by power service interruptions and no longer have to make do with generators during power outages.

  • Electric Power

Electric power is supplied through underground lines. Meralco will construct power substations to ensure continuous supply in Bonifacio Global City. Residents need not worry about power interruptions, outages, or fluctuations, as the supply is meticulously monitored and maintained.

  • Fiber Optic Cable Network

The fiber optic cabling network supports a wide range of telephone, video and data applications. This enables residents and tenants to access information more efficiently and at better connection speeds. All cabling is done through underground infrastructure so there are no unsightly lines that contrast with the view.

Bonifacio Global City Estate Association (BGCEA)

To continue building a city that is at once a destination, an experience, and a way of life is the goal of the Bonifacio Global City Estate Association (BGCEA). These are the words of BGCEA President Vincent Y. Tan, and they sum up the passion with which BGCEA pursues its vision.

Comprised of owners, lessees and occupants of property in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), BGCEA provides the proactive and dynamic leadership necessary for BGC to sustain development and achieve its goals. They ensure that what they do today redounds to the greater good of the community and its sustainability in the future, regardless of whatever challenges the future may bring. BGCEA continues to advocate environmental protection and awareness, as well as to promote camaraderie among residents and tenants.

BGC seeks to enable investors to experience business and economic opportunities in a world-class setting. Through the leadership of BGCEA, it continues to establish itself as the premier modern business district, where efficiency, creativity, and quality are its hallmarks, and where passion finds a home.

City with a Soul

Few places can boast of both vision and passion. Bonifacio Global City is a place which exudes vision and inspiration to those who call it home.

A sprawling cosmopolis of offices, residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, this city of the future fuses convenience with comfort, where individuals can blend fast-paced activities and easy lifestyles.


The landscaping of Bonifacio Global City is the product of careful planning and the latest technology.

The latest technology and modern city planning bring five-star comforts and conveniences closer to home, proof that the future has indeed arrived here. Its contemporary high-rise office and residential buildings, new retail outlets, pedestrian-friendly roads and walkways speak of a dynamic, spirited lifestyle.

Not wanting to build a typical concrete-and-steel real estate jungle, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation developed a cosmopolis with greenery, trees and parks, true to its vision of a space where people can enjoy both work and play. The open spaces and clean environs enable residents and tenants to go about their activities without worrying about pollution.

The design concept is based on landscaped areas around which mixed-use neighborhoods will emerge, and everywhere one turns, the view of the city exudes vibrancy and life.

Public Art

Bonifacio Global City has a Public Art Program aimed to enhance its aesthetic quality and give it a distinct character and style. The Public Art Program is managed by Bonifacio Arts Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) and funded by all the lot buyers / owners in Bonifacio Global City.

A drive through the city streets reveals prominently displayed art works, which are as varied as the passions of the artists who made them.


Ang Supremo,which is Ben-Hur G. Villanueva’s tribute to Andres Bonifacio, immortalizes the working class hero’s struggle for the nation’s freedom. The three-meter tall brass and bronze statue is a silent testament to an inspiring historical figure for which the city is named.

Other art pieces can be found at Bonifacio High Street. All five art pieces are interactive – making Bonifacio High Street an exciting destination for everyone.


Balanghaiby Leo Gerardo Leonardo, with three paddles representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, is a kinetic sculpture which moves with the wind.


The Treesby Reynato Paz Contreras is a canopy of three interlocking trees, a testament to Mother Earth herself.


Kasaysayan Bawat Orasby Juan Sajid de Leon Imao is a 16-meter brass and cement sculpture, which is also a sundial with seven paper like dolls representing the 7,100 islands of the Philippines.


Kasalikasan(a play onkasali ka sa kalikasan, or you are part of nature), is Jerry Araos’ respite to worn out city souls. Kasalikasan is a garden where one can commune with Nature, or to have small gatherings or private parties. For inquiries on the rental of Kasalikasan, please contact Marilou Velez at 818.3601 loc 3201.


Transformationby Architect Lor Calma is a breathtaking, grand sculpture of three stacked laminated glasses, 5 to 10 meters tall. At night, it is internally lit and set in cascading water from a fountain pool.


Pasasalamat, along Rizal Drive, is Ferdie Cacnio’s brass representation of two fishermen’s humble expression of gratitude to the Almighty for a bountiful harvest.


Specific Gravityby Reg Yuson is a suspended boulder fountain which orchestrates the connection between the audience as a mobile participant and their primordial affinity to gravity – a seemingly weak though strong force which defines the visible world as we know it.


Hearsayby Reg Yuson is a pun on the Filipino’s penchant for news heard from the grapevine. It is an installation of twisted pipes connected below the ground which can be used as a playful tool to communicate.


Bearable Lightnessby Reg Yuson and Ronald Achacoso is a collaborative artwork between painter Ronald Achacoso and sculptor Reg Yuson. It is a cantilevered structure with centrifugal patterns of elementary colors suggesting a state of perpetual lightness merging the properties of painting and sculpture that capriciously invite the audience to climb on top of the platform and interact with the structure to imbibe in sensations relating to the tensions between gravity and weightlessness, surface and depth.


Tinstaej #85 by Conrado Velasco is nicknamed “wee beastie” by the artist, derived from his on-going art series entitled “Tinstaej” (There Is No Such Thing As Endless Joy). The image resembles a silhouette of a teddy bear.


Presenceby Reg Yuson is an installation of 20 free-standing floor chimes. The idea is to nudge the individual chimes to produce sounds to invite good vibes that can fill up the park.

Bonifacio Global City’s public arts program also includes art tours for residents and school children. In April 2002, the BAFI Dance Group was launched to fuse the creative efforts of performing artists, underprivileged children and members of the Taguig community.

Bonifacio Global City’s public arts program truly nurtures the creative spirit. Here art is not treated as a separate entity, but rather as a way of life. For more information, please call the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. at 818-3601 loc. 3201 or 3202 and look for Ms. Marilou Velez.

Community Facility

In response to the need for a venue for various community gatherings, Bonifacio Global City Estate Association, Inc. (BGCEA) offers function rooms in the newly renovated Community Facility located at the Bonifacio South area.

Association members can choose between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned function rooms which can be rented at reasonable hourly rates.

Directory of Locators

Strategically located between Makati and Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City is an emerging business landscape which hosts many of the country’s top corporations and multinationals. It is a bustling, dynamic community where anything and everything one needs are just a few minutes away.


The Fort is one of the favorite hang out places in Metro Manila, and home to some of the city’s most popular night spots and fine dining restaurants.

Celebrities and socialites frequentEmbassy, and upscale club and restaurant.Pier Oneoffers a more laid-back atmosphere where one can hang out with friends.Popular events such as product launches and concerts are held atNBC Tent. Those looking for a place to dine can indulge themselves inLe Souffle, Prince of Jaipur, Good Earth, Gourdo’s, and La Opera.

The Stopover is Bonifacio Global City’s convenience hub. The shops here cater to the daily essentials of both city visitors and tenants. Fill your prescription at South Star Drug of refuel your car at Pilipinas Shell. Grab a burger and fries meal at Jollibee, a cup of joe at Starbucks coffee, or a bottle of wine at Ralph’s Wines. The Fort Palm Springs Office, Forum.Fort, and Office Ko To are also located at Stopover. Other food chains include Pizza Hut, Chow King, Pancake House, Bacolod Chicken, Pho Bac, Reyes Barbecue, Gloria Jean’s Coffee and Nacho Fast. BPI Family Bank and PSBank are also open for the banking needs.

Those who are building their dream homes will delight in the extensive selections at MC Home Depot and Price Smart/S&R, and families and barkadas will love the great buys at the bazaars of Market! Market, while car aficionados can check out the Car Plaza, as well as the showrooms of Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Honda.

The business and leisure landscape here is truly diverse and extensive, and only Bonifacio Global City offers a balanced lifestyle where people can work and play with passion.


Bonifacio High Street is a one of a kind promenade located in the City Center of Bonifacio Global City, whose anchor is its 40-meter wide and almost a kilometer long activity park. It starts with a sleek mix of unique and authentic restaurants and retail shops found at Serendra, then crosses to a twin boulevard of popular restaurants and rows of flagship stores of various brands, which stretches all the way to Third Avenue.

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Well-designed corporate office spaces are also found at the second floor of Bonifacio High Street, overlooking the open-air activity park below. Being the central point of the development – transversing from east to west – Bonifacio High Street is the heart and mind of Bonifacio Global City, allowing business and pleasure to converge in a truly refreshing and vibrant environment.


The various residential buildings in Bonifacio Global City are based on the concept of providing urban dwellers freedom of choices to fit different lifestyles.

These buildings include Serendra, Bonifacio Ridge, Pacific Plaza, Essensa, Kensington, Blue Sapphire, Regent Parkway, Luxe Residences, South of Market, and Infinity, among others. A residence in Bonifacio Global City not only puts one in the center of a thriving business district, but also allows the enjoyment of first class facilities, convenience, and prestige.


Many top companies and multinationals call Bonifacio Global City home.

HSBC Centre, Del Monte Philippines, HanjinPhil Headquarters, Steel Asia, GE Money, GE Philippines, Intel Philippines, Sony, and Community Innovations are just some of the city’s corporate tenants.

The Chancery of Singapore is also moving into Bonifacio Global City.

Schools and Other Institutions

International schools such as the Japanese School, British School, and International School Manila are located in Bonifacio Global City – further enriching the city’s multi-cultural community.

The world-class 600-bed St. Luke’s Medical Center is expected to serve the public by third quarter of 2009.

FBDC Projects

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) continues to invigorate the landscape of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) with world-class projects.

After completing various residential and office building projects such as the Bonifacio Technology Center, Bonifacio Ridge, and the HSBC Centre, FBDC will soon bring to Bonifacio Global City The Mind Museum.

The Mind Museum, the first state-of-the-art interactive science museum in the country, is envisioned to be a venue where visitors will be fascinated with science. It is also slated to open by 2010.

With these world-class developments and other future projects that will complement the current offerings of Bonifacio Global City, FBDC has truly made Bonifacio Global City a premier central business district and the home of passionate minds.

Master Plan of Bonifacio Global City

The Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a cosmopolis of offices, residential areas, commercial blocks, and civic centers that look good on the asset sheet as they do on the land.

With the ingenious re-design of the City Center, the entire BGC district takes on a dramatic increase in the land value. Each piece of property is designed to enhance the quality of life; envisioned to be appreciated and to appreciate for years to come.

Fort BOnifacio 001.jpg

The City Center

36 Hectares of prime property located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City

3.5 Hectares of the 36 hectares are dedicated to landscaped areas

Along major roads, 32ndstreet on the north, 5thavenue on the west, 26thstreet on the south and 11thavenue on the east.

Serves as a strong anchor within Bonifacio Global City with retail, office, civic and social activities

Highlighted by the Bonifacio High Street, a 40-meter wide 1 kilometer length of pedestrian super highway stretching from east to west, with wide open parks, interactive artworks, specialty food outlets, and brand shops.


Located along major roads: 32ndstreet and 5thAvenue

Convenient Access to Makati via Kalayaan Fly-over

Accredited by PEZA, allowing PEZA-registered companies to avail of tax incentives and other benefits

With various developments already existing and ongoing

Includes the 2.7 hectare Jose Y. Campos Park (formerly Crescent West Park), which provides open spaces and parking areas.

Bonifacio South

Located at the entrance of Bonifacio Global City from McKinley Road

Along a major road, McKinley Parkway, with rear access from 21stdrive and 26thStreet

Provides a relaxing view of Manila Golf Fairways and Forbes Park Subdivision

Home to luxury residential towers, Essensa, Regent Parkway and South of Market, among others

Easy access to the airport via Lawton Road

Bonifacio Triangle

Bonifacio Global City’s gateway to the north, with easy access to Makati and Ortigas Central Business Districts

Close to high-end international schools and right across the Japanese School

Along main roads: Kalayaan Avenue and University Parkway

Lower density given lower FAR and surrounding low-rise institutions


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