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Mobile Technology and Communication

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Wordcount: 1400 words Published: 26th Jul 2018

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The mobile technology has evolved over time and has seen the world move away from the fixed telephone booths to wireless and more portable devices for communication. One decade ago mobile phones were medium in size and still relied on direct connections to sources of power since there were no portable batteries (Barney, 2005). Today mobile technology has improved; we have very small and portable mobile phones that can be carried in the pockets and small bags. Mobile phones are more powerful and have become part of the human lifestyle and many people prefer to carry them wherever they go. Mobile technology has greatly improved communication in today’s world.

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Mobile technology has made sending and receiving of information faster than ever before. In today’s world someone who is in a far country can call directly and talk to another who is in another continent within minutes. Today people can receive live news of what has happened all over the world faster than ever before (Barney, 2005). Very large texts can be sent across the world without the use of messengers and can be received by recipients located in different parts of the world.

This has made it easier to communicate with these people, improving the time and speed of communication. Because of advances in communication technology, it is now possible for universities to offer long distance courses. All that a student needs is an access to computers, and internet connectivity. Long distance courses or classes are a popular method that universities use for purposes of reaching out on students who are in other countries. Some students also prefer to use long distance classes, because of time factors.

Mobile technology has also increased efficiency and reliability in the methods and ways in which business leaders communicate with their employees. Due to the advancement of mobile technology, a business manager can now control his workers whichever place they are (Preston, 2001). It is not a must for the business manager or administrator to go to the location of his or her employee. They can use the mobile phones to request for information they need. Companies with large number of branches are able to give orders to be received immediately by their specific branches with a lot of ease. We can collaborate with co-workers no matter how spread out they may be. Any one who needs confirmation or approval of vital decisions can get them without waiting for the head of the organization to return from a trip in order to make approvals. Mobile technology has made doing business better than before (Barney, 2005).

Mobile technology has made communication between the doctors and patients more easy since doctors who are attending to other patients are able to make follow ups on how other patients are doing through mobile phone. This helps them make choices to attend to emergency cases first and make prescriptions for other patients without having to be there in person (Barney, 2005). The local doctor only needs to observe the patient and describe the situation to the expert who in this case might be far away, sometimes even in other countries. All the expert needs to do is to listen and make recommendations and procedures to be followed and finally prescribe the correct medication.

Mobile technology has made it so easy for people to communicate with their loved ones even while away(Hackett, 2008). This has reduced loneliness and brought families and friends more close than before. In today’s world you can receive information on everyday basis on what’s happening around the people you love and see pictures and videos of the same.

Because of advances in mobile technology, it is now possible to share so much information with family members, friends, and the society. Advances in mobile technology have increased the rate of people who can access internet services. Accessing the internet has also increased the rates of people who are enrolled in social networking sites like twitter. This has improved the relationship that people have towards (Grant and Meadows, 2010). Green (2002) therefore explains that without the development of mobile technology, social networking could not be possible.

Mobile technology today has made it possible for government to communicate warnings to its citizens on dangers like conflict arreas, floody areas and outbreak of disease. The bus driver today do not have to bump onto any danger on his way ahead since information spread very fast and thy can be alerted through their mobile phones to avoid such risks. The nation can be aware in one hour of any threats posed to them. The government can achieve greater results since control of diseases is made easy (Bourke, 2004). The whole country can know within seconds that there is a problem and people need to take precautions.

Mobile technology has improved communication of security threats by individuals to the authorities since today the policeman is just a call away. Many houses have mobile phones and thy can be able to alert the authorities on the dangers or attacks they are facing or think might affect them. The government can also carry out security operation with ease due to ease of communication (Bourke, 2004). The search for criminals has been made easy since information can reach the police faster. Gone are the days when individuals would suffer silently while being tortured the whole night by gangs waiting for morning to come before the police could know what is happening. This has reduced massacre in villages.

Mobile phones have also made it easy for enquiries to be made like cost of goods, balances and bills can be paid by use of mobile phones. People do not need to walk to offices to fine information since this can be done from the comfort of their homes. Payment of these bills can also be done from the comfort of ones home. Today one do not need to travel to the bank to find information about their bank accounts.

The bank is able to update individuals on deposits and withdrawals made from their accounts (Barney, 2005). In today’s world, Mobile technology has created convenience in communicating directions by individuals. People do not to loose direction while in strange land or country or city. The mobile phone has become the basic guideline for individuals. When you are lost, you can use mobile phone to locate where you are by use of applications that have maps. The simplest use would be to call the host or call back from where you were given direction in order to ensure you are moving to the right place.

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Mobile technology has made it so easy for individuals to get feed back faster than ever before. It would take a long time for a horse or a messenger to travel to a far distance in order to deliver a message and come back with a feedback. Today you send information and if there is a delay you just make a call, and the response is there with you. It minimizes time wastage and improves productivity of individuals.

It is, therefore, important to conclude that mobile technology is an important innovation in the 20th and the 21st century. This is mainly because it played a great role in ensuring that effective communication between people occurs. This also includes communication between the government and the people, communication between business personalities, etc. Because of effective communication made possible by the emergence of mobile technology, most business institutions are able to achieve efficiency and productivity. Without efficiency in communication, it is possible for an organization to make losses.


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