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Importance of Choosing Right Advertising Appeal

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1. Executive summary.

    In the evolving world of marketing and advertising, all businesses need to have great adverts, as it helps them to attract future customers. Customers are the heart of every business and every single one of the company considers them to be one of the most valuable assets. Companies must have a strong relationship with their customer for them to succeed, and advertising is an exceptional way of developing good relationships. The main aim of this report is to explain why using humour is not the best idea to design an advert for DenTeen, which is a dental clinic.

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     This report illustrates the importance of choosing the right advertising appeal to create an advert. This report also explains what an advertisement theory is and its benefits. The target customer of the business (DenTeen) are teenagers. It also provides some recommendations for different advertising appeal that advertising agencies can use to create adverts instead of just using humour. The recommendations suggested in this report are Informative advertising appeal, Emotional and Rational advertising appeal. Each appeal has their advantages of applying them in the advert, for instance: informative advertising appeal allows the companies to put all the information that the customers should know before purchasing the product. Emotional advertising appeal, if design properly in the advert, can make the advert memorable; a rational advertising appeal is used by businesses to highlight the products best features.

2. Introduction.

It has come to my knowledge that our agency is planning to use humour as an advertising appeal to create an advert for our new client. However, I believe this might not be appropriate and, in this report, I will explain why I think it is not the best idea to use humour also, acknowledge my role as a marketing intern at this advertising agency. Hence, judging from the place I am standing on, I believe that I can offer some recommendations to the company which I will do in this report. Therefore, I will examine different advertising appeals used by companies and will also give examples of everything that has been done. I will likewise back my points of discussion by using theoretical views, plus I will provide some recommendations.

First, I would like to state that I mean no disrespect to our creative director who came up with the idea to use humour in ads as I have seen many great ads and they use humour in the advert. However, from my perspective, there are various forms of advertisement that our agency can use to create an advert for our client that can be more effective rather than using humour.  I also don’t think that it is appropriate to use humour as an advertising appeal, especially when the company is a hospital or a dental clinic as it may go horribly wrong. Businesses must have a good relationship with their customers to operate well and a good advert helps the company to build that relationship.

If an advert is exceptional, and the information is well-delivered to the viewer, it helps the company to create a very reliable brand reputation and also improves communication with its customer. It also enables the product/service to reach the right customers. A good advertisement helps to enhance the knowledge of the public about the product/service by providing facts, statistics, figure and many more in the advert. Good adverts also help the companies to encourage people to buy their product, which also helps the company to boost their sales. It also helps to save time, money and energy of the consumers that they use to research the product/service they want to purchase.    

3. Review of literature on Advertising Appeal

An advertising appeal is defined as an approach used by the company to attract consumer’s attention. It is a strategy used by businesses or advertising companies to persuade people to buy their products or services that the business offers.  Companies use advertising appeals to change the feeling of the people regarding the product. The main aim of creating an advert is to transfer the right information to the viewer about the product or service that the company offers. There are several forms of advertisement that the companies use to promote a product or service that they offer; for instance: rational appeal, emotional appeal, Humour appeal, Direct appeal, Sexual appeal, Musical appeal and more. Each appeal has its importance, and it depends upon the business or advertising agency to choose the right type of advertising appeal for their advert.

Figure 16.4 underneath shows different types of advertising appeals that businesses or advertising agency use to advertise the products or service. The figure also shows how the advertising agency can use a certain form of appeal to create a different impact on the viewer, for instance, emotional appeals that are a form of advertising appeals to create either positive or negative emotional impact on the viewer.

                                      Figure 16.4: Classification of Advertising Appeals

4. Advertising Theories


Advertising theories are an essential factor in advertising. It allows the advertising agency to have a better understanding of the various ways they can engage with the customers. They also provide very detailed information and a new analysis of fundamental theories that the advertising agency uses to create an advert. There are several different examples of advertising theory such as AIDA, DAGMAR and many more.





This theory helps to describe the different steps that the customer goes through when purchasing a product or service. AIDA is very essential for the advertising agency; it helps to demonstrate how the information in the advertising influences customers while choosing a brand. “If your marketing or advertising is missing just one AIDA steps, it will fail and it will fail hard” (SUGGETT, 2019).

We can use AIDA to consider the types of advertising appeal that our agency can use to create an advert for Denteen. It can also help us in increasing the attention of people, toward the product/service that the clinic provides. We can also use it to identify all the things that make the product more desirable to the target customers so that they buy the product/service that the company provides.





We can also use DAGMAR to set the advertising aims and objectives for DenTeen. This advertising theory stands for “Defining advertising goals to measure advertising results”. This theory is also combined with the Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction and Action model also known as ACCA model. So, we can use this theory to not only create awareness about the brand but also to measure the result of an advertising campaign.  We can also use this theory to set plans for marketing and advertising for DenTeen.

5. Types of Advertising Appeals.

The first kind of advertisement appeals that this report explains is the advertisement that uses humour in it. It is the same type of advert that was suggested by the creative director of our advertising agency to use to create an advert for DenTeen. However, in my opinion, I don't think that it is the best idea to use humour to create an advert for our client as it is a dental clinic and most people take their dental health extremely serious and using humour may not be the right way to approach the target customer. Hence, I will be recommending other forms of advertisement that I think is much more suitable to use by our advertising agency can use to create an advert for Denteen.

Advert 1: Humour is used in an advertisement as it helps the company to grab the viewer’s attention very efficiently. Humour is used very frequently in adverts since it not only allows the company to develop a very strong relationship with the viewer by creating an emotional connection but also enhances the value of the product that is advertised. An example of an advert that uses humour is a recent advert by the famous drink company PepsiCo.


The famous drink company Pepsi ran a lottery in which if a person found a bottle cap with the right code in it, then the person could win $40,000. However, the drink company ended up announcing the wrong code that led to 800,000 people winning the lottery. Therefore, instead of having one person winning, there were 800,000 winners, which the company refused to pay. This made people furious and upset and also made Pepsi look very untrustworthy as a company, as this entire campaign created false hope in the hearts of those who saw the advert and purchased the drink in the desire to win. This advert is a great example of a fail humour, and as we can see the consequence PepsiCo had to face; we can all agree that the advertising agency must be particularly careful if they want to use humour in the ad.  A fail humour advert can also affect the brand reputation since it may offend the customers as we can see in the example. So, for all these reasons, I don’t think it is the best idea to use humour in the ad to create an advert for our client. The target customer of DenTeen are teenagers and since I have already mentioned that teenagers are not the best group of people to understand the humour in the advert. I don’t think it is the best form of advertisement to use for creating an advert for a company whose target market is teenagers. Also, people are very particular about their dental health and using humour to promote the brand may not be the best idea.



Advert 2: An informative ad is a form of advertisement appeals which allows the business to advertise a product or service in an informative style. It gives the advert an official characteristic, making the product or brand have a trustworthy reputation. It also has numerous benefits, for example, companies selling liquor and tobacco use this form of the advert as it helps the company to protect the brand from lawsuits, as this appeal allows the company to put important information about the product, such as durability, calories, amount of sugar and many more which makes the company look more credible.   

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This form of advertisement also allows the company to highlight the best feature of their product in a way that attracts the viewer and makes them want to buy the product. Informative ads are mostly used by companies that sell alcohol or tobacco as it helps them to keep their brand reputation clean and safe. An example of a company that uses an informative ad to promote its product is called BUD LIGHT, a beer company. The company puts all the ingredients on the back of the packaging/product which, in my opinion, is a very good idea, as it allows the consumer of this drink to know about all the important information such as calories, serving size, amount of fat content and much more important information that the company believes that their consumer should know before consuming the drink.


However, the company must recheck all the facts that have been advertised to prevent any backlash because it can influence the company to have a very bad/unreliable reputation. The informative advertisement has effective techniques and is meant to inspire customer actions based on facts therefore, the company must go out of their way to provide information that is 100% true. So, for all these reasons, I don’t think it is the best idea to use humour in the ad to create an advert for our client. DenTeen, as we know, is a dental clinic and the target customers are teenagers, who are not the best group of people to understand the humour in the ad. People are also very particular about their dental health and using humour to promote the brand may not be the best idea. Therefore, I don’t think it is a good idea to use this form of advertisement to create an advert for DenTeen.

Advert 3: Another form of advertisement appeal that our agency can use to create an advert for DenTeen is by using rational advertising appeal. This form of advertisement is designed to convey a message that the company wants to share to their target market about the product or service they offer by adding information such as a function of the product, price, quality, term etc. Therefore, we can say that the type of advertisements is designed to target the brain of people by using facts.

Rational advertisement is usually used by small businesses to fend off opposition, so I think it would be very beneficial if we use this form of advertising appeal to create an advert for DenTeen as it is not a retail company with a lot of stores all around the globe. The target consumers of DenTeen are teenagers, but we know that most of them have to ask their parents for some advice or suggestions before deciding to do anything, as in most cases they are the one paying for the service. Furthermore, the parents are also more likely to take the decision rationally as they always want their children to get the best things.



This advert was done by Burger King to promote their new fries (satisfries). The company uses rational appeal to show people why it is better to buy this specific fry than the regular fries. The fast-food company has also decided to use the statisfries the main french-fries option in the kid’s menu considering has fewer calories than the normal fries but tastes equally delicious. It is a very well-known fact that rational appeal has a lot of benefits but, this advertising appeal also has some disadvantage of applying it; for example, this form of advert is not very eye catchy, therefore it may go overlooked by the target consumers.                            

Another downside of using rational advertising appeal is that, if the company, shows something within the ad that is not true, it can damage the entire brand reputation. So overall, rational advertising has its advantages and disadvantages of using it. However, even though there are some disadvantages of using rational appeal, I still want to recommend our agency to use this form of advertisement to create an advert for DenTeen. Our client is a dental clinic, and most people aspire to go to the best health-related places, as they don't want anything bad happening to them; therefore, they want to get all the relevant information about the clinic. Hence, because of all these reasons, I believe rational advertising appeal is more appropriate to create an advert for DenTeen.

Advert 4: The emotional advert is another form of advertisement that our agency can apply to create an advert for DenTeen as it is a very effective method of advertising. As we know, all the ads, including the most rational ones, are known to extract some types of emotional response from the viewer. The emotional advert is known to apply various sorts of emotions, such as feeling loved, happiness, fear, anger, etc. The emotional advert is capable of bringing both the positive and negative emotion which helps to make the advert extra memorable to the viewer. This is very good for the business since emotional advert aims the product to be the prime thing that appears to the mind of the viewers when they need or sees something very similar to the product they advertised. The emotional advert is not just images or slogans, but this form of the advert helps the company persuade viewers to buy the product or service. The company practices this specific form of the ad, to change the feeling of the customers deliberately, and stimulate the emotional trigger on ways we all decide before purchasing any products.


This advert was created by WWF to show the viewers about the harmful effects of climate change. As we can see in the picture above, there is a person who looks almost non-human. So, the advert is trying to create fear in the heart of the viewer by saying that, if we don’t take care of our environment then that will be the consequences, we have to face in the future.

In my opinion, it is a very smart move from WWF to use emotional appeal (fear) in this advert as it created a sense of fear which is a great marketing tool. Fear helps the company to build a strong relationship with the viewer as it makes them investigate more about the company and the service/product it offers. We as an advertising agency can use similar tactics (fear) to create an advert for our client because, as we know people are very serious about their dental health. So, for all these reasons I believe that our agency should use emotional advert rather than using humour in ads as it not only is an excellent way of connecting with people's emotions. It also allows the company to bring out the response of the viewers about the product or service displayed in the advert.

6. Conclusion

Advertising plays a significant role in the company's success which is the reasons why companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising. There are various types of advertisement appeals that the advertising agency uses to create adverts. Companies must be extremely thoughtful while creating an advert because an advert has the potential to ruin the reputation of the company. Hence, all the advertising agencies, including ours, must be extremely mindful while creating an advert for the clients, as an advert is a powerful tool that is capable of both creating or destroying the company.

7. Bibliography


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