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Communication Development Plan

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This paper describes how the communication can be developed by using some strategic plans or tools. It contains graphical representation and the content will be in my point of view. The development plan is clearly explained in the document. It defines the goals and strategies of communication development.

Communication Development Plan

The purpose of the communication plan is to develop my communication skills and to be experienced for attending a job interview. By effectively communicating I can easily work with the co-employees and accomplish the given tasks.

The communication plan gives a system to oversee and facilitate the wide assortment of interchanges that occur amid the venture. The communication plan covers who will get the interchanges, how the interchanges will be conveyed, what data will be imported, who imparts and the recurrence of the interchanges.

Communication development exercises distinguish the proper level of communication for each venture partner, what data ought to be conveyed, and the recurrence of interchanges. This arrangement ought to likewise incorporate the vehicle of communication (email, up close and personal gatherings, and so forth). The danger of deficient planning could bring about the inability to finish key venture destinations, duplication of exertion, and diminished partner certainty.

Current Assessment of Communication

My current communication assessment is developed by scoring each category through assessing on my own knowledge:

Table 1Self-Assessment Scoring table (Deborah J. Barret. 2014. P.21)


Capability Area




Audience analysis and strategy


Social media and other written communication


Oral communication


Visual communication


El: Dealing with own feeling


El: Dealing with others


Cultural communication competence


Group and team communication and dynamics


Organizational communication


Internal communication


External communication


Need lots of work in this area


Need some work in this area


Acceptable, but could be stronger


Very good abilities, close to leadership communication level


Excellent abilities, leadership communication level achieved

The above table shows in which categories I need to develop and which one is strong. By this assessment, I can easily know what the areas need to develop and work on it.

Communication Improvement Goals

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” (Lee Lacocca)

The communication skills that need to be improve are Listening skills and Oral communication. I generally wondered: What is it that makes a few people exceptionally powerful communicators while a couple gets to be tongue-tied at the possibility of tending to a gathering of outsiders? I used to know somebody who was particularly splendid, conferred and remain in his employment yet he generally used to get disregarded when the time sought the yearly progression or raise.

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For all intents and purposes, each part of the life force you to speak with others in some frame or mold. If you need to set objectives to enhance relational abilities, first, consider how you identify with others and after that solicit you what undesirable examples from conduct may hinder communication achievement. Indeed, even a snapshot of expectation may go far toward enhancing individual and business relationships.

Similarly, as with whatever another aptitude, you must point on your capacity to speak with others obviously and viable. A few people are conceived with it. Yet, there is a large portion of us, I included, who have needed to take a shot at it to get to where we are today. Have patience. Try not to anticipate that yourself will bloom into a sure public speaker overnight. Set sensible objectives and compliment yourself at whatever point you effectively explore through a saddling discussion or discourse.

Actions to achieve goals

Listening Skills: –

To become a good listener, we need to follow the requirements below:

Focus Fully on the Speaker his or her non-verbal communication, the manner of speaking, and other nonverbal signs. The manner of speaking passes on feeling, so in case you’re considering different things, checking instant messages or doodling, you’re practically sure to miss the nonverbal prompts and the enthusiastic substance behind the words being talked. Furthermore, if the individual talking is comparatively diverted, you’ll have the capacity to rapidly get on it. If you think that it’s difficult to focus on a few speakers, take a stab at rehashing their words over in your mind until it fortifies their message and help you to remain centered.

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Favor your right ear the left half of the mind contains the essential preparing places for both dialogue appreciation and feelings. Since the left half of the mind is associated with the right side of the body, supporting your right ear can help you better understand the enthusiastic distinction of what somebody is stating. Have a go at keeping your stance straight, your button down, and tilting your right ear towards the speaker this will make it less demanding to get on the higher frequencies of human talk that contain the enthusiastic substance of what’s being said.

Avoid interrupting or trying to redirect the conversation to your concerns, by saying something like, “On the off chance that you feel that is terrible, given me a chance to disclose to you what occur.” Listening is not the same as sitting tight for your swing to talk. You can’t focus on what somebody’s expression in case you’re framing what will state next. Frequently, the speaker can read your outward appearances and realize that your mind is not here.

Show your interest in what beings said. Nod your head incidentally, grin at the individual, and ensure your posture is open and welcoming. Urge the speaker to proceed with little verbal remarks like “yes” or “uh-huh.”

Try to set aside judgement. Keeping in mind the top goal to discuss successfully with somebody, you don’t need to like them or accord with their views, qualities, or conclusions. In any case, you do not need the judgment and keep fault and keeping feedback in mind the end goal to completely understand a man. The most disturbing communication, when effectively executed, can prompt to the most improbable and significant association with somebody.

Provide feedback. If there is by all accounts a difference, reflect what has been said by rewarding. “What I’m hearing is,” or “Seems like you are stating,” are incredible approaches to reflect. Don’t just repeat what the speaker has said literally, however-you’ll sound devious or unintelligent. Rather, express what the speaker’s words intend to you. Make inquiries to clear up specific focuses: “What do you mean when you say…” or “Is this what you mean?”

Individuals frequently concentrate on what they ought to state, however viable correspondence is less about speaking and more about tuning in. Listening admirably implies not simply understanding the words or the data being imported, additionally understanding the feelings the speaker is attempting to convey. (Robinson, Segal, Smith. 2016. p.3-4).

Oral Communication.

An important part of supervision is the capacity to speak with other parties. A successful approach to rapidly enhance the capacity to impart orally and in composing is to see each correspondence open door as making an oral proposition to someone else. The oral proposition can be made orally, or it can be in a composed report. The accompanying dialog of making an oral proposition is more expanding than a boss would typically do in imparting assignments or data to a subordinate, yet the ideas are appropriate to all oral communication. (CSTE Common Body of Knowledge, V6.1)

The following guidelines need to be followed when giving a presentation:

  • Underline that you are introducing the best answer for the client’s issues.
  • Emphasize that your venture group is all around prepared to complete this arrangement.
  • Sell the corporate experience of your enterprise staff and yourself.
  • Sell your own administration capacities.
  • trade the specialized mastery of the venture staff and yourself.
  • Sell your eagerness to do this venture sufficiently, effectively, and financially.

Oral Communication is the process of verbally transmitting data and thoughts starting with one individual or gathering then onto the next. Oral correspondence can be either formal or casual. Cases of casual oral communication include:

  • Face-to-Face discussions
  • Phone discussions
  • Talks that happen at conferences

Strategic planning/Communication

The strategic plan used for finding my goals to achieve is self-assessment as shown above in the table. The below is the plan for achieving my goals:

Communication Development Process:

The above figure explains how to achieve communication by following the cycle.

Define Success: Firstly, identify the needs that are need to be developed for the organization that you are interested to apply for a job.

Self-Awareness: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses by assessing on your own knowledge and by checking with the organization.

Self-Management: Setting the goal is more important which leads to a great leader. Then focus on implementing the goal by several strategies and finally develop the skills that are required through practicing daily by some activities.

Evaluate progress: At last measure, the goals whether you have reached or not. If you find any remarks while improving stats, then plan to refine the goals and continue the process until it done. “Improving does not end”. (Sir Winston Churchill)

SMART Goals:

It is used to measure the goals and maintain a time table which helps to achieve your goals.

The above briefly shows that what are the SMART goals responsible and what can be achieved from it. When you have arranged your venture, turn your regard for building up a few objectives that will empower you to be effective. Objectives ought to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time-based. (Haughey. 2014)


What needs to be accomplished and why?

  • Oral Communication

It is the important means of communication which is used for academic and business meetings.

  • Time management

It helps you to make right choices, so you can spend more time on the things that are more valuable to you.


How will I know it will be accomplished?

  • When I was in undergrad, I couldn’t give speeches in front of class. But, now I have improved a little and gaining experience by taking feedback from professor’s.



Time Management: 

Oral Communication:

  • Know your subject clearly and practice
  • Do not speak too fast
  • It is better to say little than too much
  • Make face-to-face conversation effective
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Record a video for yourself and verify


  • Is this worth time?

Yes, I am student and have free time.

  • Is this the right time?

Yes, while being a student is the right time to learn.

  • Am I right person to reach the goal?

Yes, I want to become a project leader.

Time Bound:

  • When?

I have 9 months of time from now.

  • What can I do from now?

I can learn many things while being a student and take feedback of lecturers.

I can gain more experience from the collage.


I conclude this report that communication development plan is very helpful for those who want to become a good leader and achieve their goals. I have briefly explained how to achieve goals using SMART analysis and given the table format. Self-assessment is also given to identify your goals that need to be improved.


Robinson.L, Segal.J, and Smith.M. Effective Communication. Last updated: December 2016. p.3-4.


CSTE Common Body Of Knowledge, V6.1.


Deborah J. Barret. (2014). Leadership Communication. Mc Graw Hill Education: New York.



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