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A Report On Virtual Organizations Communications Essay

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Wordcount: 889 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Virtual organization is not in one area it’s located on different countries or multiple locations resulting in capacity of skills & capabilities. These all showed that technologies are used for virtual organization which makes them exist. However it should be keep in mind that technology made it much easier to support work teams. Barriers & technology makes overcome the distance and time.

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Virtual organization supports the changes in environment & structure of employees. Its also refers to the geographic, product and services and communication patterns. This shows the higher levels of innovation & creativity. When in an organization or groups work together then they are ready for getting success in that business, which shows the great levels of trust.

Many organizations realize that there is a vast pool of skills knowledge & abilities through out the world. Not only organization realized that there is a lot of work round the countries but also employer realized that a balance & personal life, requirements of family are most important.

Virtual organization includes issues of transportations, such as traffic problems, cost of fuel & impact of computing vehicles.


  • Telecommuting
  • Hostelling
  • Virtual teams
  • Mobile working

Basically in this approaches telecommunication technology support the virtual organization through internet, telecommunication and electronic mail.

Many organizations and agencies have established the virtual organization.

Best Practices of Virtual Organization:

Virtual organization provides the best practice in all managements which are a follows.

  • Trust and empowerment
  • Faster relationship
  • Each partner includes their on individual assets.
  • Ensures partners are adaptable
  • Provide technical information
  • Available all sources
  • Ensure contractual agreements

INTEL is one of the largest value brands which valued at round about $35 billion. They invested dollars and billions of money in for more and more and best processors in a day. Intel will play a technological role in consumers’ fields including wireless communication and health care.

Nowadays almost every time you opened the laptop you will see the `Intel Label` inside. The user knew that they are using the best and reliable computer. But we all want to see more reliable and more powerful technology, which is simple and easier to use.

Organization lives or die it’s all used for the strategies they use. Its should be noted that the customers used it in simple way and they getting no problem on it.


Intel mission is to provide full satisfaction to its customer’s .employees and stake holders on worldwide. Intel keeps this in mind that people everywhere have lead more productive lives through communicating, information & knowledge.

Strategic goals are simple and carefully shown by Intel. An example of this is “There is no information about their strategy and costs.



  • Experienced about Intel
  • Knowledge about base
  • Microsoft Partnership
  • Team Management


  • Not complete Focused
  • Knowledge Base
  • Team management


  • Internet facilities
  • PC on a chip
  • Price market


  • Industrial information
  • AMD Athol

EBAY is an American company in where people buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. EBay has established their websites in most of countries. Millions of equipment, vehicles and computers are bought and sold daily. Some items are really valuable and in high quality. The items are in EBay are not illegal or fraudulent. All big companies sold their products or items in EBay.

In 2006, eBay opened it new eBay expressed which is for internet shopping site for customers. But EBay expressed closed in 2008. UK version was launched in 2006 but in 2008 it’s announced to close this site.

EBay is still a market leader in online communication. The maximum take of eBay is 17% online market share.

EBay take its position in world largest online marketplace.

EBay includes 39 percent of market in world, included US, its change the ideas of peoples of e-commerce.

EBay takes lots of challenges from its competitors some are as follows:



Virtual organization is one of the most rapidly & fast growing nowadays. However it should be keep in mind that technology made it much easier to support work teams. Barriers & technology makes overcome the distance and time. EBay and Intel are also performing as a virtual organization, because of providing their services to different countries. EBay sales their products through internet online communication and Intel show their products in EBay. So both are beneficial for each one.


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