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Graduate Employment Opportunities in China

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The purpose of this paper is to the moving from education into the China employment market. The objectives to write this essay is desire know the graduate market in China accurately and try to understand the actual situation. In this paper, we shall first briefly introduction to the marketplace for graduate employment opportunities in China. What do employers look for is the essay going to describe secondly. Thirdly, a general comment on the intended career path and target position after graduation. In addition, the writer will through the conclusion to state briefly what skills are vital to cope with target position after graduation.

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(Done, J. & Mulver, R, 2011) stated the term ‘labour market’ is used to describe the interactions between employers who need workers and employers. labour market is both complex and dynamic, that there have two fundamental forces driving the labour market, which are demand and supply. So the relationship between supply and demand is critical. In the graduate labour market, the people who are seeking a job is the supply, and the employer offering the job is the demand. The supply have to make they known in the marketplace, and the demand have to let people know they have a job and they want to fill. This essay will focus in the manufacturing industry which is essential industry in China.

The Marketplace For Graduate Employment Opportunities At Home Country

Under the comprehensive influence of economy, politics and society, the employment of graduate is confronted with a fierce situation in China. In the meanwhile, it also presents both unprecedented opportunities and challenges for current graduate employment.

In the past thirty years, China’s economy has grown at an average of approximately 10% a year, and become the world’s second largest economy now. China’s markets have opened to the whole world and the trade has increased remarkably. And China is the largest global producer of washing machines, cameras and computers (among hundreds of other products), its manufacturing capability is very eminence. In order to face foreign and domestic huge market, many companies are constantly expanding staff recruitment.

China’s human market network stated that the percentage of the bachelor of business administration employed in manufacturing sector was 58.8% in 2010. The business administration possess wide range of knowledge, including planning, organization, direction, control and organize the relevant business operations and behavioral decision. As a result, the ratio was higher than other major in manufacturing. In addition, (Done, J. and Mulvey, R. 2011) stated the graduates have more workforce and seem to be bring innovation and creativity to the company. This is the reason why many companies like to hire the student who just finished university.

The marketplace for graduate employment opportunities in China is massive. Considering that is labor demand in China’s manufacturing industry is large. The Ministry of Social Security and Human Resources described employment as “stable and normal” with a record about 6.94 million jobs created in the 2012 first half. On the other hand, The challenge for graduates is still exist. The speed of society development is slower than the speed of the increase of graduated students; as a result, some graduates cannot find positions in the job market . At the same time, expectations of college students in getting good jobs in big cities causes the drastic competition in the metropolis’ job markets. On the contrary, in the vast countryside and small or medium cities, there are still many vacant positions that students don’t want to accept. Example like GuangZhou, it is a big city in Guangdong province in China. But the graduate employment opportunities is seldom in this city, because the manufacturing industry is not important in GuangZhou and a large number of the graduate are looking for a job here, this is a competitive job market. But the cities beside the GuangZhou, like DongGuan, HuiZhou, three of them are Medium-sized city. There are so many employment opportunities over there. The first reason is the medium-sized city always pay attention to manufacturing industry, the secondly is most graduates don’t want to accept work in the medium-sized or small city, there are still many vacant positions.

A lot of the graduates tend to overestimate themselves and their expectations to the future jobs are too high. Almost all of them have a high requirement of their salaries and working conditions, they would rather stay in big cities waiting for job opportunities than go back to their hometowns and find other jobs. This is the important reason why marketplace for graduate employment opportunities in China is massive, but many of graduates cannot find suitable job in big city.

In this section, combined with the date form government department, journal, and the industry news, the graduate student employment opportunity of manufacturing industry in China is very well in small or medium city. Small and medium city hope the graduates work there. There are many graduate jobs available in manufacturing industry and the labor demand in China is large. In the big city, the students can not be optimistic about employment prospects, the labour market competition is intense and almost full. Since everyone’s power is limited, we cannot change the social environment within a short period. However, we can adapt ourselves to this society. Above all, we should change our obsolete employment concepts and adjust the psychology in employment in order to set up a proper conception of job-selecting views. Try to adjust the employment exception according to own ability. Do not think too much expectation on the salary and working conditions when we seek for jobs we have never done before. Hold a right attitude towards jobs and set job expectation at a suitable level is the key to the solution and remission of the difficulty in employment. Besides, the graduates should strengthen the sense of competition, never complain about the society. To sum up, we have to learn how to assuage and solve the employment problem by ourselves, what we should do is to take it rationally and combine our own situations with facts.

What skills and competencies are graduate employers looking for?

All graduates need good employability skill. When the graduate is taking job interview, the employers will pay much attention about the employability skills. So, which skill is most important in employability skills? Following that, the table shows the 24 skills which were most deemed important based on survey by employers. Where 1 is the least important and 5 is the most important.

Table 1: Table showing importance (least important to most important) of graduate skills

(J.M. Norusis,2004)

Form this table, the most important seem to be teamwork, the following is motivation, learning attitude, independent work, communication skill, inter personal skill, flexibility etc. After that, the academic learning is the least important in 24 skills.

In the labour market, a lot of competitors have the same degree as you or higher than your degree. Therefore, the graduates have good employability skill is a major key to get the job. As a student, In addition to get the graduate certificate, still have to import the employability skill. This will be measured and tested throughout the recruitment and selection process.

What Do Employers Look For?

In the manufacturing industry, the employers are looking for graduates who are enthusiasm, positive mental attitude, efficient, detail oriented, honesty, listening and Prioritize. Also, graduates who have good teamwork, motivation,learning attitude, independent work, communication skill, inter personal skill. The prioritize and skill of communication are most important in manufacturing industry, by reason of there are one important step in factory when it is manufacturing products. The step is assign work mission. Excellent assign work mission can help the factory improve work efficiency to make best profit. As the result, the prioritize main is good at assign work mission, and the communication skill can help others understand what you talking about and listening to your order.

Nowadays, all the companies are using the computer to do the work, so, the internet technology is become more and more important. The graduates should have basic knowledge about the computer. Next, most employers also look for at least a 2:1 in a degree, international experience and foreign language skill. China’s markets have opened to the whole world, employer intend to staff has international experience and one or two foreign language skill to help the company into foreign markets.

Intended Career Path

My intense interest now is international business management ,a subject that combines global issue, international trade, business management and social value. It provides me with a good opportunity to express my idea, display my management ability. And at the same time I obtain from it the pleasure of study and immense satisfaction. I hope I will become a prominent businessman in this field someday.

My intended career path has three stages – short, medium and long term. They are showing for less than 3 years, 4 to 7 years and over 8 years respectively. The following is my years of occupation planning:

Short term, less than 3 years: A student do not has any experience about the job when the student just finished university. Therefore, the first year should be during the internship in manufacturing industry based on knowledge, learn to find and solve problems, to consolidate the management knowledge, improve the operation level. For the future work to lay a good foundation.

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To start the plan, I will looking for the small or medium company. The reason is first these companies scale are not big, every department is close the ranks. I can learn the knowledge and experience form different department. Secondly, I can easy to get the opportunity for advancement. In the big company, the competition is very intense, learning and advancement are difficulty. But, when I already have jobs, I have to understand salary expectations before graduation are generally lower than the real payment. I hope after two years, I can understand the manufacturing industry market, supply chain, and get much experience of management. This is the objective of short term plan.

Medium term, 4 to 7 years: In the medium term plan, to find a suitable development of the company, set the mentality is my objective. In this 4 to 7 years, I have to hard work, strive for the leader ‘s position. When you become a leader, you can use own opinion, ways to do something. And you have chance to show the brilliance. Last, you can promote your leadership, communication skill, problem solving, and teamwork. On the other hand, I have to establish a good communication with the guests for make a networking for future development. A strong networking is very helpful for my future life.

The result from my Numerical Reasoning Skills Feedback Report, the score was at the 81st percentile. This means my scored better than 81 per cent of the comparison group. As the result, the report state I have high ability of basic arithmetic, quickly extracting valuable information from a lot of complicated information, and economic common sense. That is very useful to strive for the leader’s position.

Long term, over 8 years: Try to be the manger in big company. I am pursuing a management position with sales manager in Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited in HongKong . The requirements for my target position are a minimum of degree in Business Administration, Sales and management experience, good understanding of PRC property market, excellent leadership and presentation skills with result-oriented approach, good command of written and spoken English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Sales management is to realize all kinds of organizational objectives, create, establish and maintain the good between target market exchange and contact and design analysis, planning, implementation and control. Through the planning, implementation and control enterprise sales activities to achieve the enterprise’s sales target. This job is looking for who have sales experience, problem-solving, communication skills, leadership, presentation skills and knowledge of market management. The reason to select that job because the first I want to work in big city in Asia, HongKong is one of the fastest growing economy city in Asia. The second is my knowledge of business management is suitable for this job. The other reason is I was working in Kaisa Group ( See Appendix ) before, I learn the management, marketing, and people-oriented skill in my work experience. I believe these experience is suitable for sale management.

In my long term plan, after 8 years, I believe I will have much experience of sales management and market management, many skills have improved and I have degree in business administration, also I can written and spoken English, the Cantonese and Mandarin are my mother language. So, I think I could be get this job. I determined to achieve my goal.

The result of the Prospects Planner – ” What job would suit me?” shows the list of matched occupations: 1. Environmental consultant (89%) 2. Equality and diversity officer (88%) 3. Investment analyst (87%) 4. Charity fundraiser (87%) 5. Management consultant (87%). Five of these occupations are different types and following my skills, motivations, desires.

From this result, I think the Environmental consultant, Equality and diversity officer, Investment analyst and Management consultant are right for me according my hobby or skills. First, the environmental consultant and investment analyst,can give me much personal autonomy and high profit, but it is not following my knowledge of my degree course. After that, the equality and diversity officer, management consultant are according my degree choice.The important condition of these two occupations is problem solving. I believe I am good at these occupations cause I was study in two different countries to learned many skills. One is Singapore and the other is China. In this two different countries, I had join many school group work, and I was working in a big company about three months in China. (see Appendix 18) I have a lot of opportunity to learn how to solving problem. Also my intense interest now is business management.

The result form my Abstract Reasoning Skills Feedback Report, my score was at the 65th percentile. The report is testing the ability of the new idea and problem-solving. And my point is better than 65 per cent of the comparison group. The full mark is 100 per cent of the comparison group. From this result, that can be prove my ability of the new idea and problem-solving in medium level. I should be improve my skill in future, make it in the high level.


In conclusion, the employment opportunities sound positive in China. The labour market in big city intense and almost full, but the small and medium city still many vacant positions. The graduates have to change their employment concepts. They can not tend to overestimate themselves and their expectations to the future jobs are too high. Graduates should understand their salary is not high when they just finished university to start a job. But the first or second year in your job is a good opportunity to improve the skills and get experience. As we know, the Teamwork, motivation, and learning attitude were most deemed important based on survey by employers. The graduates have to remember improve their skills everyday. Good skills is a good key to get the job in a fiercely competitive occupation labour market.

About the career path, the right career choice or not, is directly related to their career success or failure. To begin choice our career, at least should consider the following points: personality and career matching, interest in the match and vocational, career matching expertise, internal and external environment and adapt to occupational. Set career goals, is the core of career planning. The cause of the success or failure of a person, to a large extent depend on the availability of appropriate target correctly. No goal, as the boat into the sea, vast surrounding, there is no direction, I do not know their own going. Goal setting, following a career in the choice of route choice career after aim in life to make choices.

Next step

From the result, I understand I have to improve my teamwork skill now. Before that, I like to work alone, but I know the teamwork is more important than work alone now. From the table, we know the most important is teamwork. The employer always looking for who have good teamwork skill. If I do not improve this skill, I will be lost many opportunity. To improve my teamwork skill. I should join more group activity, communicate with others and try to give more opinions to the team.

On the other hand, I will continue to find the internship in my summer holiday. I have send letter to Kaisa Group – Real Large Estate Company, I hope I can work in this company in summer holiday again. Because the internship is looking for student to do a sales management, that is very precious experience for me, cause that my target position is sales management.In the future, I hope I will become a prominent businessman in this field someday.


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