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Enterprise Rent A Car Recruitment and Selection

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In present business world, organization always tries to reduce their cost and maximize their profit. In this point of view Enterprise rent A-car are not different, they always try to use modern technique in their recruitment, it was founded in 1957 by jack Taylor in St. Luis in the USA. At present it is the largest car rental business in the world today with more than 7500 offices in the USA and more than 850 in Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK , Germany and Ireland. In 2007, organization had more than 700000 rental cars in use, employing over 60000 people with an annual turnover of over £ 4.6 billion

Human Resource Management at Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

Human Resource Management does the hiring, training, and developing staffs and where necessary to discipline or dismiss them. Enterprise Rent-A-Car gives extensive training and development program to its employees within the company. This reduces the need for external recruitment and makes maximum use of existing talent. This is a cost-effective way for a business to manage its people.

The HRM function not only manages existing staff, it also plans for changes that will affect its future staffing needs. This is known as workforce planning. For example:

• the business may grow into new markets, such as Enterprise moving into truck rental

• it may use new technology which requires new skills e.g. global positioning equipment

• staff may retire or be promoted, leaving gaps which need to be filled.

There may also be external changes in the labour market, meaning that there will be fewer skills available or too many in a particular area. HRM monitors all of these things in planning recruitment strategy. This places the HRM function in a central role in the business because all managers use this expertise to acquire staff.

Demand and Supply forecast:

Every year Enterprise Rent-A-Car requires a higher volume of employee recruitment. Over 65000 people are currently working in Enterprise. With the diversification of the company in Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, Germany and Ireland, there is a higher demand of the work force in Enterprise all the time. So, the company continuously look for the talented people to recruit. For that reason each year, Enterprise recruits an average of 1,000 staff into its graduate recruitment programme in the UK and Ireland.

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Recruitment Plan at Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

Enterprise has a policy of promoting its managers from within its existing workforce. This means the business must recruit people with the potential to grow. Each year, Enterprise recruits an average of 1,000 staff into its graduate recruitment programme in the UK and Ireland. To achieve its aims and objectives, Enterprise needs staff who are motivated and who possess initiative and drive.

Promoting managers and offering career opportunities from within the company has a positive affect on Enterprise. Employees remain happy, will stay longer and give their best.

However, with growth and diversification there is always a need for external recruitment to provide new skills or increase the business capacity for expansion.

Recruitment and Selection Method:

In order to attract high quality candidates, Enterprise is raising the company profile within UK universities using Campus Brand Managers. These are students or interns who work for Enterprise and act as liaisons for potential applicants. Students can also visit Enterprise and spend time learning about how it does business and what opportunities it offers.

Enterprise’s online recruitment process is an important part of its strategy. This improves the speed and efficiency of the application for both the company and the applicant. The website provides a registration function and lists available jobs. It also provides a lot of information about the Management Trainee role and the company culture and values. This allows applicants to get a good idea of whether Enterprise would suit them.

Enterprise advertises its vacancies and opportunities across a wide range of media. This includes media such as newspapers, magazines and online.

Selection is the process of identifying the best candidate for the role in question. This is important as the candidates who apply may not always have the correct set of skills and competencies required by the business. Enterprise seeks competencies in its recruits both for an immediate job role and also for development over the longer term to support the business growth. HR managers often use standard documentation in order to match job roles with personal qualities and skills. These include:

• the job description – this summarises a job role within an organisation and lists the main tasks

• a person specification – this highlights the characteristics a candidate needs for a post, as well as the desirable qualities the company is looking for.

Enterprise combines the person specification within the job description by using a skills and competencies framework.

Interview Panels and Types of Interviews:

The Enterprise rent-car always tries to create best opportunity for their employee.

• To screen candidates, Enterprise recruitment managers compare the online application forms (which reflect candidates’ CVs) to the skills and competencies the role needs.

• Candidates then have an initial face-to-face interview with an Enterprise recruitment manager.

• This is followed by an interview with a branch manager.

• From this, selected candidates are invited to an assessment day.

The assessment day is a standard part of the Enterprise recruitment process. Candidates take part in practical exercises, including role-play, as well as individual and group activities.

Role-play is a valuable way of testing core skills like communication and customer service.

Enterprise can assess a candidate’s performance by different methods and in different work related tasks. This makes the selection process fairer. Areas tested include customer service skills, flexibility, sales aptitude, work ethic, leadership and teamwork. The assessment day ends with another interview with a senior manager in order to make the final selection.


In conclusion we can conclude that, human resource recruitment plan is very effective decision for any successful organization. Organization Recruitment plan are based on the organization demand and responsibility. Enterprise recruitment plan are always different than other similar organization, they always focus on young generation because their main goal is to provide best service for their customer.


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