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Strategic Human Resources Management of Sony

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In a growing economy and technology on their progress, many companies have benefited from the opportunities offered by science. Given the continued growth of technology companies have the means to continue the success of competitive products and services available. One particular company that has been fully adopted by Sony this feature. This company was very successful, but because his way of thinking strategically and incredible talent to use every ounce of new technologies can be used. But using e-commerce or e-commerce Sony has skyrocketed.

Sony is a manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for consumer and professional markets.

Background of Sony

Japan’s Sony Corporation (Sony) Final parent company isSony. The company is mainly focused on electronics, such as audiovisual and information technology and components; game, such as PlayStation, entertainment such as motion pictures and music, and financial services such as insurance and banking. It has five segments: electronics, games, photos, and other financial services. Sony makes this one of the largest and most diverse entertainment worldwide. In the Electronics segment develops, designs, manufactures and sells various types of electronic equipment, tools and devices for consumer and professional markets. During the rally, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. develops manufactures, markets and distributes PlayStation Portable (PSP), PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.

Vision, Mission and Values

Business mission is a summary of key policies for the company to achieve its objectives, and explains the key that every effort should be employed. Tend a few words or short phrases, but also long term is more than one page.


For this vision to be realized, Sony aims to strengthen the core electronic business application of information technology in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale. It is believed that the value of Sony Music, photos, games and financial services industry as they become available through the network. So, Sony has now launched a sub-network enabled products in four categories: digital TVs and set-top boxes, home VAIO PC, PlayStation 2 and mobile devices.


Sony “make. Believe”

Sony “make. Believe (dot It), a new message to another group of origin indicated by Sony in electronics, games, movies, music, web services and mobile phones. Make. Believe Sony is to introduce a spirit of creativity innovation, marking the first time, the company has unified brand message that is both entertainment and electronics.


What is human resource management?


Each organization has three basic components that target people and structure. A Human Resources Management (HRM) to study the activities of people working in an organization. HRM is the management of people working in an organization. It is particularly relevant to the person who can say that people can manage. Leadership of organizations to their needs and helps the organization resolution. HRM seeks to how people can be managed within the organization. He is responsible for hiring people to train to organize the command, the benefits of their work problems and recommend appropriate.

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Strategic HRM:

Where all HR activities (including workplace learning) to help organizations achieve strategic objectives and vision, either directly or indirectly. This means that for all D activities to be “strategic.” So it is important to understand exactly how everything is done (what you offer), which contribute to your organization’s mission, vision and strategy. Otherwise, how can you value your work and how to organize the value of your work? Please note that this can contribute indirectly. For example, to improve the quality of working life have a significant impact on profitability by reducing errors and accidents, reduce absenteeism and turnover and increase productivity and improve customer service.

basic functions of human resource management

Basic functions of HR functions are the same as saying the government by manager’s plan, organize, manage and control staff. HR staff and to participate in policies and practices related to persons working for the organization.


Human Resources Department meeting the following functions to manage all sizes: Teams (includes planning, recruitment and selection)

Human Resources Development (It covers the education and training required by the employee)

Benefits (incentives for employees based on performance or policy)

health and safety (including issues related to health and safety policy of the individual)

The relationship between employee and labor

Maintenance Records

The importance of strategic human resource management (SHRM)

Human Resource Management is to manage the size and normative theory would require coherent set of personnel policies in accordance with organizational strategy to determine the quality of work, commitment and employee performance and organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage. Sony HRM policy is to manage their employees and to be successful. Because it considers the variation in different regions. Sony, for example, encourages their employees to participate in decision-making, so that the company “public meeting” in each unit provides opportunities for employees to give their opinion. And different places in Europe, where appropriate, Sony.

Total Number of Employees

Sony total number of employee (Sony website)

is working, where labor costs involved in these negotiations, in accordance with the law and working conditions. Sony provides education and skills training for workers in different countries and business sectors. But there are different training systems in different regions. Kio Morita, founder of Sony Corporation, said there is no “magic” in the success of Japanese companies’ most popular and Sony in particular. The secret of success is just the way they treat their employees. Head of Mission of Japan to the manager to develop a healthy relationship with its employees as family resemblance in the company to create the impression that employees and managers share the same fate. Most successful companies in Japan has succeeded in the sense of common destiny for all employees to create, what the Americans and labor management and shareholders to appeal. When Morita was president of Sony, said new employees and all employees who are lucky enough to find jobs and to decide personally if he has spent his lifetime working with Sony.


Define Human resource planning

The concept of human resource planning within the organization is as old as human culture itself.There the idea of ​​a better workforce planning and new business effectively in the field of human activity. Applications are reviewed by various people, scientists’ acceptance and design management. Definition of human resource planning are listed below- 

According to F. William Glueck,

 “Human resource planning is the process by which management attempts to provide adequate human resources to achieve organization objectives.”

Business factors 

HRM is central coordination and management fundamentals organizations. There internal and external factors affecting various business hiring and training. Control factors are external factors that have little or organizations, but to better understand these factors, it can better adapt and develop appropriate strategies for managing human resources. The external environment refers to conditions outside the organization, including potential legal, social and political interests of customers, competitors, unionization, labor market conditions, industry characteristics and national cultures (Susan et al, 1995). Some internal factors are affecting HRM technology functions, structure, size, organizational strategy and culture. Technological environment is perhaps one of the most astonishing powers that the HRM practices of the company (Zammuto& O’Connor, 1992) shape. Technology puts an important role in reducing costs, improving efficiency and customer access to relevant information available to help businesses increase productivity (Kotler et al 2004). 

Requirement of sound HR planning

JL and RW Gold Decgar a book Management of personnel and recommended to the requirements of effective labor planning and success as: 

      âž¢ planning should contribute to a lot of time. 

      âž¢, the alternative plan or amendment, if any, should be included 

      âž¢ Planning should be based on need. 

      âž¢ Planning should elements of flexibility and elasticity. 

      âž¢ planning to be economics. 

      âž¢ Planning should be efficient and effective. 

The purpose of the Human resource plan for this species members and staff is to get the right thing at the right time. Human resource planning is a question of method. Human resource planning is developed by certain activities in a row. What steps are described as follows- 

    âž¢ identify the target 

    âž¢ Gather information 

    âž¢ provide human resources to implement 

    âž¢ human resource supply prediction 

    âž¢ plan and the necessary programs 



a) The purpose of the organization:

The purpose of the organization must be established before the introduction of human resource planning. After determining the purpose of the organization, the Human Resources Director might develop human resources to the organization to achieve this objective. 

 b) The collection of information: The second phase of human resource planning to gather information. Can’t predict or plan to be better than the data they are based.Human resource planning requires two types of information. They are 

         â-Data from the external environment 

         â-Data within the organization 

                âœ“Data from the external environment, external environment information, including information about current conditions and expected changes in – 

                     âž¢ Economics 

                     âž¢ Technology 

                     âž¢ Competition 


                âœ“Data organization of data within the organization that contains information about

Current conditions and expected changes include in- 

                     âž¢ plans short and long term organizational strategies 

                     âž¢Prevailing human resources 

                  âž¢Turnover and mobility 

   c) HR Demand: In this step, because it determines the resources needed to achieve the goal. Once planners have the information internally and externally, they can predict the demand for workers. 

   d) Estimating: The human resources supply: In this stage, planners predict labor supply. Planners forecast internal supply of workers and their skills and availability of different types of people probably promo ability outside the labor market. 

   e) Plan and the necessary programs: the final stage of human resource planning is to plan specific programs to ensure that our available depending on future demand.Programs include- 

                       âž¢ increase or decrease the size of the labor 

                       âž¢ changing skill mix 

                       âž¢ management succession plan 

                       âž¢ Career Development Plan 

                       âž¢ disincentives for early retirement incentives 

The desire to achieve objectives through human resources planning is meaningless unless its assessment of the results of the activities of human resource management planning:

f) Feedback on the planning process: If demand and supply projections were as accurate as desired, Feedback is given to improve the forecasting process. Although these programs are inadequate or inappropriate, you can change them. 

HRM model

Human resource strategy is generally high. Human resources strategy will not solve the problem of ownership of HR processes. The strategy defines the strategic role of human resource initiatives in the organization and within a few years. Human resources is the best tool for ownership of HR processes to be determined. It also helps identify gaps in the organizational and human resources skills and competencies of HR. The model makes the management of human resources to operate smoothly. 

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What is the purpose of the HRM model? 

The result is most of the HRM model clear principles for the design and execution of tasks and responsibilities of human resources and human resources allocated to various projects in human resources unit. Template definition is not easy, but saves a lot of conflict in the future. The HR builds stronger and more competitive in the HR organization.


The purpose of human resource management policies in Sony


Since its inception in 1946, Sony should remain at the forefront of technological development, based on what has been done consistently with the new lifestyle. Sony has new innovative companies to also promote, through an innovative approach to the challenge of national and regional boundaries. Sony values ​​of communication between management and workers are essential if the management transfer policy for employees and employers to encourage their opinions. Sony puts a high priority on communication between management and individual employees. Since fiscal 2005,Sony CEO Howard Stringer, the time to visit the Sony world to communicate directly with employees at public meetings and other opportunities for dialogue to create. contact senior also Sony Group employees by posting on the intranet or e-mail Sony and facilitate information exchange and creating a sense of unity with the Sony Group. Sony aims to create a workplace that respects human rights and equal employment opportunities for people with the best of their abilities. Because of the diversity of human rights initiatives and businesses, Sony is an important function that every employee at work, and he knew of any problems you can get

Sony Corporation Disabled Employees Ratio *4

 Staff Development

Development and staff development for Sony dynamic engine of growth for Sony. Sony recognizes that population growth is supported by large asset management. A Sony aims to enhance motivation and personal development of its employees worldwide through learning by doing, as well as access to a variety of programs tailored to local needs, including education of engineers, management training and training to build capacity and skills of employees.

Developing leader

If a company does business in countries and regions around the world, Sony recognizes the importance of cultivating leadership qualities, and aims of international respect for different cultures and working environments. Sony has implemented a series of initiatives to bring the full potential of employees to meet and the next generation of business leaders worldwide to promote.

Training programs for employees

Sony is organizing various training programs for employees at all levels of graduates from senior managers for each region and industry. In Japan, Sony Group offers over 300 courses, including technical education and training bodies, different approaches, including group training using e-learning and correspondence courses, in accordance with the objectives. These courses are supported by approximately 230 front-line employees who have the expertise needed to develop curriculum and textbooks Sony technology in all areas

Employee training program by Sony in Japan(www.sony.net)

Impact of regulatory requirements on human resources policies in Sony

Basic Policy on Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

Sony Group Code of Conduct, adopted in May 2003, has sections on human rights and global policy provides rules governing human rights and related activities within the Sony group. For example, the section provides for the Sony Group Code of Conduct, equal opportunities in employment policy on the recruitment, hiring, training, promoting and otherwise treat applicants and employees without regard to non-race features, including religion, color , national origin, age, gender and disability. These provisions are based on existing international standards, including the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Health and safety

Sony targets healthy labor market and employment practices and establish a healthy environment, safe working and productive stands. Political and database management system

In 1998, Sony has adopted a general policy on health and safety (OH & S), which acts as a standard group, reflecting Sony’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees. Simply policy regarding the laws of the countries and regions of OH & S, but also with complementary activities undertaken as part of their health and safety management structure.

Employee Health

Sony Corporation aims to help create jobs in good health. related activities are focused on providing different health check-up, support and dissemination of information via the intranet an overview of health issues raised.

 Work-Life Balance

Looking at work is a much more diverse lifestyles and employees to fully express their skills to keep up, Sony has created support systems and flexible work styles, including the importance of the optimal work-life balance stress .

Work and life balance in Sony

Source- www.sony.net

Flexible work styles

Sony does not follow the laws and customs of the countries and regions in which it operates, but also provide working arrangements to help employees to achieve work-life balance effectively.

Child care and nursing

Sony is offering special holiday savings plan for child care workers to be caring for children and paid leave, which can be used in conjunction with parental leave and offers up to 20 days for employees who leave after birth . A significant number of workers who leave. Sony also offers a “System theme” and “use of paid annual leave on an hour for child care or nursing.

 Human Resources Information Technology

Three years ago, Sony Electronics has a sharp eye on the HR information system, and not liked what he saw. Only 18 percent of the 14,000 employees in six locations systematically used HR applications, allowing the human resources department document generation. Not that the workers do not blame Sony Electronics indifference upgrade to PeopleSoft 5.2 universal platform within five years, turning out new versions and patches new home tend to be a doctor. “In terms of hardware and software, long lived HRIS system utility,” said Edward J. Cotter, Sony Electronics vice president of human resources.


Impact of organizational structure on human resource management

The organizational framework clarifies the responsibility of the shares to managers and employees. Organizational structures can help companies retain employees, while the suibiachtúlacht the chain of command, among other benefits. Staff retention is how the company is focused on maintaining a low staff turnover and more experienced workers to ensure that employees remain with the company. Organizational structures can establish minimum expectations of personal conduct. 

Organizational structures often contain company’s mission or vision. This information allows companies to include information on benefits for employees who reach certain goals or the company. It promotes good behavior and employee retention. Companies cannot fully sum workers to take compensation as a reward. Organizational structures can ensure employment growth and development of employees to retain employees for longer periods where they want to learn more about the company and improve their professional skills. 

Role of organizational culture in SHRM

Corporate culture is an important role in selecting the best candidate. Candidate sourcing and recruiting and interviewing candidates, to find ways to determine whether someone is suitable for culture. Organizational culture is often difficult to describe, but if you look at the candidates during the recruitment and selection processes, it is easy enough to see whether they match the work to be filled. 


The first step in the recruitment process of the job to ensure that it is necessary to accurately reflect the functions of the job to review. Building on its work, including a brief description of the business of supplying information on the organizational culture.


of person-to-face is the best way to decide whether the work history and career goals to send candidates to your organization’s needs. For example, that the applicant work history primarily on the activities carried out independently of the office is the challenge of working for an organization where most projects are achieved through teamwork. During the interview, describe as precisely as possible, the work environment. 

Choosing the right person 

When the shortlist of candidates for those two or three, but here is where one can ensure a true match for the company. In this phase of the selection a wise decision to candidates based tour company possible. various personal presentation and interaction and exchanges with employees observe non-verbal.


Monitoring and control

This is the final step in the planning of the organization human resources. When the program is approved and implementation has begun, it must be checked. Human Resources department must follow up to see what happens in terms of available resources. The idea is to make sure we use all available talent available to us to fail if we continue to fight to the top. 


Creating a culture of teamwork

For teamwork happen, these powerful actions happen. leaders clearly hope that the teamwork and collaboration are expected. Nobody is working space or the process itself. People who own work processes and location open to ideas and feedback from others on the team.

Team teaching model held in their interaction with each other and the rest of the organization. They maintain teamwork even when things go wrong. Members talk about the organization and the value of teamwork culture identification.®When writing formal and shared values, teamwork is one of the five or six keys. Teamwork and rewards have been identified. Lone Ranger, even if it is an excellent producer, is rated lower than the person who obtains the results with others in teamwork. Performance management system focuses on teamwork and value. Often 360 degree feedback system is integration.


Sony plans and strategies reflect different depending on their unique vision and mission. Strategies, plans and even their threats failures that contributes to the company. Sony Corporation to take into account not only new technologies, new products and automation, but the environment is healthy. Human resource management is even possible cultural and national differences. Policies should distinguish IHRM organization and integration of all units. Sony is an example to explain. Human Resources supports the general conclusion that human resource management for the benefit of employees and human resources activities in accordance with the strategic goals of Sony. Sony managers held on the need for staff and delegates tasks to assess these good impressions on the leaders and they believe the company delegated authority, which in turn increases job security for frames. Programs for different levels of employees is to create a team spirit among employees and a culture in which everyone is entitled to make progress in the promotion.


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