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Challenges Faced With Supply Chain Management Business Essay

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Strong Bridge provides solution for all consulting and advisory related requirements. We have developed complete integrated business solution, which can handle sales, purchase, inventory, customer loyalty programs, front store management and central store with warehousing for clients in industries like Retail and Distribution, Finance and Insurance, Service and Healthcare. With Strong Bridge’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) services, businesses are able to plan, implement, optimize and control their supply chains better than ever before.

Strong Bridge’s SCM approach is beneficial to client in Reduction of Inventory Carrying Cost, Improving Purchasing Power, Retaining the client, Reducing pilferage and improving overall efficiency of the business operations.

Strong Bridge supply chain management (SCM) systems are used to manage the movement of products and services from dealers to consumers. These systems are used to manage demand, warehouses, trade logistics, transportation, and other issues concerning facilities, and movement and transformation of materials on their way to customers.

Strong Bridge Supply Chain Management solutions also include functionality for international trade and logistics, demand management, supplier relationship management and service parts planning. Strongbridge’s Supply chain management system is most efficient and when it comes to international transportation facilities.

Challenges in Supply Chain Management

SCM has become a necessity especially for manufacturing industry when it comes to deliver products at a competitive cost and at a higher quality than their competitors.

Today’s business climate has rapidly changed and has become more competitive as ever in nature. Businesses now not only need to operate at a lower cost to compete, it must also develop its own core competencies to distinguish itself from competitors and stand out in the market. In creating the competitive edge, companies need to divert its resources to focus on what they do best and outsource the process and task that is not important to the overall objective of the company.

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SCM has allowed company to reconsideration their entire process and reorganize it so that they can focus on its core competencies and outsource practices that are not within the core competencies of the firm. Due to the current expensive market, it is the only way for a business to continue. The stratagem of applying SCM will not only impact their market positioning but also strategic decision on choosing the right partners, resources and manpower. By focusing on core competencies also will allow the company to create niches and specialization of core areas.

In order for your company to sustain relevant in today’s marketplace, it is essential to continually look to evolve your supply chain process. Enterprises that prosper and minimize their costs while maximizing their revenues and keeping clients happy recognize that this practice of constant supply chain growth depends on on well thought out and well applied redesign efforts to perform more efficient supply chain planning.

Strong Bridge Supply chain system helps client to fill customer orders, to track the physical location or status of goods and materials, and manage their flows effectively and subsequently supports in managing both the aspects of planning and execution. Strong Bridge provides effective SCP with the support of the system has a dependable process for collecting up-to-date information about customer orders, production status, and sales and delivery fulfilments.

Strong Bridge Expertise

We take very wide spectrum engagements in the supply chain practice. We can help clients take very operational action to straightaway improve supply chain performance indicators, such as delivery accuracy or flexibility. We can also help with more long-term changes such as defining a new supply chain strategy or determining optimal locations for plants and distribution centres. Our client sees an opportunity for increased sales and/or lower cost through better supply chain performance.

Across the Operations Practice, generalist consultants and practice specialists work side-by-side. Generalist consultants join Strong Bridge directly after business school, or have a few years’ experience, and can take on projects across different functional themes.

When we staff an engagement team we take into account what is required for the specific situation. The practice has an immense global reach and ability to pull in people and knowledge from across the world. We come from all imaginable sectors: retail, high tech, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemicals, even aerospace and defence organizations. We are distinctive in what we do.

We work with Clients and Collaborate to develop New Knowledge. We always start by understanding the root causes for missed performance targets. Strong Bridge puts a significant amount of resource into knowledge development, often in cooperation with our clients. Supply chain is a fast moving area, and working so closely with the leading global companies, in combination with heavy investment in our internal knowledge initiatives, allows us to keep pace with development.

Strong Bridge strategy

We offer Supply Chain Management services to the operations department of client’s organization in various functionalities like research and development, engineering, production, materials, plant management, delivery, purchase, and shipping, to name a few. It helps people in operations to attain results by ensuring the delivery of quality products on time to the right place.

Strong Bridge strategy supports the creditable services meeting the needs of businesses throughout the world. Our experience working with both small and large organizations has developed our services in assessing and presenting service options to suit your needs.

We recognize the dynamic requirements of our clients and develop business models to accommodate their needs. Strong Bridge SCM Services delivers value added services which strengthen the supply chain process – ultimately providing clients with greater efficiencies.

Our supply chain strategy offers solutions for companies in a range of industries and helps our clients gain a unique perspective, which comes from working together with service providers and clients alike.

Strongbridge offers its clients.

Demand Chain Management 

Strongbridge demand chain management benefits in management of upstream and downstream contacts between suppliers and customers to deliver the best value to the customer at the least cost to the demand chain as a whole. Our demand chain system is a tool to bridge the gap between the customer relationship management and the supply chain management. Our supply chain processes are managed to deliver best value according to the demand of the customers.

Demand planning service offered by strong Bridge helps you determine which products and how much of these must be produced at which particular point in time so that all customer orders will be fulfilled or served promptly.

Our Performance practice can develop and manage your entire demand chain – the strategies, people, and systems. By identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that drive your demand chain, we can help you constantly determine what’s working or not.

Strong Bridge can help your company become a Demand Chain Leader. Companies large or small in size can become Demand Chain Leaders and move their company beyond Supply Chain Management. Demand Chain Leadership results in increased customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and increased profit levels on the bottom line. Demand Chain Leadership sets your company apart from the competition and gives you the competitive edge for growth.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

It refers to the technologies, applications and processes of connecting the planning function across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance. IBP accurately represents a holistic model of the company in order to link strategic planning and operational planning with financial planning.

We deploy IBP and help clients to leverage the organization’s information assets to evaluate plans and activities based on the true economic impact of each consideration.

Our IBP service transforms planning into a decisive competitive advantage by:

Providing an integrated planning platform across marketing, operations and finance

Generating a holistic understanding of performance drivers

Quantifying the financial impact and interdependencies across planning alternatives

Optimizing strategic planning and resource allocation

Balancing sales and operations planning for profitability

Quantifying financial risk

Increasing business flexibility

Supply Chain Optimization

Strong Bridge also helps in optimizing your supply chain by combining resources in a supply chain with the intent of eliminating bottlenecks and other problems that interfere with the process and helping the supply chain function in a more smooth, timely and cost-effective manner. We use various methods to analyse supply chain data and create simulations that help supply chain planners make decisions that help them reach their goals more effectively.

We can alert our clients beforehand who want to pursue a course of action that wouldn’t be feasible based on available resources saving them precious time and money and helps them to decide on an alternate course of action that would allow them to achieve the objective they wish to achieve through other means.

Our client preference and demand become one of the key importance factors for optimizing the supply chain system. The globalization of applications such as marketing and distribution has led to the creation of the global supply chain and added additional layers of complexity to the process. Strong Bridge can support in minimizing these complexities.

How Does Supply Chain Optimization Solve Problems

Our Supply chain optimization not only helps in improving customer satisfaction, but also keeping their supply chain costs to a minimum. Specifically, optimizing your supply chain is done with the purpose of eliminating or at least minimizing the supply chain issues that would normally arise when either time or resources are limited.

Because it takes time to acquire materials, manufacture products, and deliver these products to customers, and even the largest and most established companies have limited resources for performing these activities, a considerable effort must be made in order to keep customers happy. This effort begins with advanced and detailed planning, and continues with effective execution of that plan.

However, even under the best of circumstances, problems arise. Supply chain optimization attempts to systematically prevent those problems from arising or to provide solutions to them if they do occur.

Supply chain optimization efforts make use of strong Bridge models that helps to represent how these internal and external factors (constraints) relate to the company’s desired objectives.

Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization encompasses the entire process of combining resources in a supply chain with the intent of streamlining the process and leading to faster, more efficient and more profitable results.

Supply chain optimization uses models and planning to formulate solutions to internal problems and external problems. Internal supply chain problems can take the form of complex decisions that the supply chain planner has to make, while external problems stem from the supply chain itself.

SB SCM optimization helps in synchronizing concurrent planning, planning levels, and real-time planning and execution.

Taking advantage of these services is a crucial part of ensuring that your business remains profitable and your customers remain happy.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The goal of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is the successful integration of a company’s data and processes in to a single unified system. Vendors can observe highest benefit by consolidating both SCM and ERP systems. Suppliers observe more value added by opting for both supply chain and Enterprise resource planning.

Supply chain management (SCM) along with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, means more than getting the right resources to the right place at the right time. It also means optimally tuning the sequence of events involved in producing goods and distributing them to customers.

Our supply chain management system (SCM) has the potential to become a critical success factor for implementing lean manufacturing and helps to define product structure, costing information, financial information and reports and is a useful tool in the decision-making process.

The SCM features of Strong Bridge assists you in streamlining your operations to make them more efficient and cost-effective. We provide our supply chain offerings to both manufacturing and service organizations. It has emerged as the new key to productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service enterprises.

Strong Bridge Advantage

We assist you in solving the complex problems of just-in-time manufacturing, inventory reduction, and efficient manufacture and delivery of goods to outdo your competitors.

Increase top-line profit growth through supplier collaboration.

Increase customer service and decrease stock-outs.

Reduce inventory carrying costs.

Optimize your value chain for cost reduction and profit improvement.

Reduce operating costs, corporate-wide.

Increase competitiveness.

Create supply chain visibility, including among trading partners.

Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and adjust accordingly without detrimental customer impact.

Determining product price and availability, determining alternate product logistics, and ensuring that manufacturing materials are available when needed.

Maximizing the effectiveness

Reducing the number of products returned.


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