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Swot Analysis Of The Approaches To Cannon

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Quick Response and Repair Centers (QRCs). Canon excellence in after-service support is essential to Chinese customers. Canon China has set up QRCs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other cities to provide prompt repair of digital cameras, inkjet printers, and other Canon products by knowledgeable staff. By the end of 2010, the company plans to have a total of 25 QRCs in operation. Not only China, Vietnam and all Canon customer service around the world also have a high responsibility,

SWOT analysis:

– Strengths:

New approaches and new plans reaching to changes in the market and in the habits of consumers.

Innovation: Camera useful for people, they can take photo everywhere they come, have beauty view or somewhere sense with them. Because that, Canon also invent small camera for people can easy bring, for people not photographer profession still use camera to take beauty picture.

Ease to use: Not have many buttons, so people can know how to take easily

High quality and high responsible with sociality.

– Weakness:

High price: Some product high price so not suitable with current economic

Battery technology: Fast running out of battery, so you should bring charger

The LCD screen is obsolete and useless for checking picture quality

– Opportunities:

Canon developing in global about world-leading imaging of technologies.

Not only camera, Canon also have others like Printers, Digital Cameras, Projectors, Scanners, Business Multi-Function Devices, Production Printing Systems. The globalization economy bring a lot of chances for Canon to develop.

Canon has good market and reliable brand in the world. The application of high and new technologies every day with the chance of packaging also give them the satisfying of customers

– Threats:

Have many others famous brand competition with Canon such as Nikon, Hp, Samsung.

The global economic growing motivate the high cost for labor and facilities.

Based on SWOT analysis , Canon found out what they have do to boost their sale and increase the profit that keep changing and applying new technology, beside they should control the cost, input and deal with the suppliers to decrease the product pricing.

X. Canon Operation Strategy and Sustainability plan

d. Operation Strategy

? Product-focused: Almost products of Canon Company is cameras and technical use in office

? Make-to-stock: Canon Inc shares .- with 31% of sales from Europe, increased 2.2% in the Tokyo market after the European Central Bank raising the sector growth forecast this year.

? Standardized products

? High Volume

e. Sustainability plan

1. Process and Technology plan

Continuing to Create Innovative Technologies to Contribute to Business Solutions for Customers and for Society

Launch of the EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera, Leveraging Worldwide User Opinions :Relentless Pursuit of Fundamental Performance and Advanced Functions .Focus on the Joys of Handling and of Taking Pictures

Pursuing R&D to Boost the Screening Rate for Breast Cancer through Optical Ultrasound Mammography

Visualization of the Inside of the Body Using the Photo acoustic. Effect for

Early Detection of Pathological Changes and the Significant Alleviation of the Burden Incurred during Breast Cancer Examinations

Developing Mixed Reality (MR) Technologies that Merge the Real and Virtual Worlds to Turning the Virtual World into Reality Before Your Eyes Using New Imaging Technology and Broad-Ranging Possibilities of MR Technology?from Industry to Entertainment

2. Promoting Environmentally Conscious Management

Developing the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series of Office Network MFDs as Environmental Frontrunner Products .Reduced CO2 Emissions Over the Entire Product Lifecycle, Utilizing a Proprietary LCA Design System

Monitoring the Progress of Activities for Each Year Based on an Action Plan

3. Creating a Corporate Culture and Supporting a Diverse Workforce

Striving to Realize a Work Environment that Enables Our Diverse Workforce to Work Enthusiastically and Reach Their Maximum Potential

Training System Established at Production Sites to Cultivate a Global Manufacturing Workforce

Promoting Employment of People with Mental Disabilities by a Special Subsidiary of Oita Canon Inc.

4. Strengthening Corporate Governance and Compliance

Working to Cultivate Ethical Standards Among Employees to Promote

Healthy Management Globally

Senior Management from Group Companies Worldwide Convene for an Expanded Corporate Ethics and Compliance Committee Meeting

Group Company Compliance Training in Response to Local Laws and Ordinances

5. Promoting Social and Cultural Contributions

Aiming to be admired and respected worldwide, we promote activities

based on our philosophy of kyosei

Progressing with the TSUZURI Project to Pass on Historical Cultural Assets

Supporting the Tracking of Polar Bears, as a WWF Conservation

Partner, to Asses the Impact of Climate Change on Their Habitat

and Promoting Environmental Education Programs

Contributing to the Cultivation of Human Resources for the Next Generation by Supporting Educational Infrastructure Development in Vietnam

XI. Location

Europe, Africa and the Middle East

With Canon Europe Ltd. at the center of our operations in Europe, we are aggressively developing markets in Russia, the Middle East and Africa. We also carry out localized production and R&D activities.

Asia and Oceania

Japan plays a central role in cultivating new businesses, while working through Canon Marketing Japan Inc. to strengthen relations with customers. We are developing our production, development and sales activities in other Asian countries and regions through Canon (China) Co., Ltd. In Oceania, we are engaged in technology development in addition to marketing activities.


Under the overall control of Canon U.S.A., Inc., we subdivide service- and supportrelated infrastructure by sales area to ensure flexible responses to market changes and to boost customer satisfaction. The company has also established localized R&D bases and production sites, and is developing new businesses.

XII. Canon Product lifecycle

Life stage Intro Early Growth Late Growth Maturity Decline

Product -APS-C 15.1 megapixels ? high quality picture¿½¿½ But stil bad at ISO.

Improve ISO and another function. Standard and useful in the market, demand. Highly Standard, Good quality and function New product with new technologies

Volume – Customers still fell strange with this new model. – Canon 50D was known by promotion and advertising of Canon inc. – Be friendly with customers. More achievement than the previous models. – As known as the best DSLR camera. Customers trust in this product. Best buy camera in 123mua forum. Customer don¿½¿½t want to use the old version

Focus Try to reduce the weakness of ISO. Try to make it higher. Improve the length using of battery. – Focus on produce totally Canon 50D. Try to improve the quantity of Canon to supply for the demand. Focus to customer service

Fin. Gds Receive the order. Receive the order. Besides supply for the demand, they also store. Besides supply for the demand, they also store. Replacement by new product

Batch Size Very small because of the lack of known Improve a little bit. Open Canon 50D in many countries. Canon 50D was popular in the world. small

CANON 50D (2007)

XIII. Canon outsourcing plan

Managers in developed countries are increasingly interested in outsourcing as a potential source of competitiveness and value creation. There has been a growing awareness of the potential of outsourcing to support a range of strategies beyond that of lower cost

After looking at what it would cost to buy the applications and infrastructure and hire additional staff, Larson explains, Canon ITS concluded that it would cost at least twice as much to do the work in-house as it would to hire CustomerSat Inc., an application service provider in Mountain View, Calif. The ASP’s clients pay annual hosting fees of about $100,000 on average, according to a CustomerSat spokesman.

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Canon Inc. and Fujitsu Limited today announced their plans to collaborate in offering cloud computing-based managed services for printing and other IT equipment. The services will combine Canon’s print management and operations technologies with Fujitsu’s cloud-based IT management services to deliver an integrated package of solutions. This combination will bring a lots of benefit such as providing support in effective manager of document input- output, Fujitsu’s Workplace LCM Services will support for IT resources. Develop the technologies strengths both of companies, increase the competitive advantages with multi ?function office equipment, printer and IT equipment. Furthermore, by using a cloud-computing platform, which allows software and information services to be accessed via the Internet, technologies from both companies will be linked to create a platform for managed services that can continually evolve. In addition to increasing productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining operations, the services resulting from this technological collaboration will also deliver new added value by addressing needs in areas such as the environment and security.

IT Outsourcing Business

As part of its Solutions Business, Canon Marketing Japan provides services related to the outsourcing of IT systems operations as well as cloud computing, contributing to reduced IT investment costs. The company plans to build a large-scale data center with cutting-edge capabilities by 2012 to strengthen the infrastructure of this business.

List of Canon outsourcing companies

Based on our research, over 40,507 product of Canon Inc. are manufactured in Asia, especially in China, Hong Kong and Macau, because these countries have a huge labor sourcing and cheap price. Beside, these countries quite near Japan; it can save the transport money. China is the top of GDP rating in the world also one of the largest populations, the high labor source with the cheap price make China becomes the ¿½¿½delicious planet¿½¿½ for international corporation. Canon recognized not only China but also Hong Kong and Macau is good consideration to open the factories there. Moreover, these countries have the same language, not exactly but the manager or employees can conversation each other normally. Beside, to warranty the quality of product, Canon has to choose carefully the brand name of companies. However, the errors still could be happened. That why Canon decided to produce the sensor or chip of product has in Japan by high standard engineers.

XIV. Conclusion

Nowadays, the development of the global economy is very necessary, take more benefits, raise the economy of the developing countries. However, besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages. Canon Inc is the one of the less companies can survive and increase profit when they live in the economic crisis. Because they apply Kyosei theory and invent new modern technologies, supply for the demand of customers and social. Bisides that, Canon also focus on protect environment, help poor children and invest in sports. Canon became the good model of business about humanity. Vietnam businesses and another companies in the world should follow Canon in their activities

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