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Causes of the Animal Welfare Movement

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Animal Welfare

The meaning of animal welfare is stemmed out of the meaning how animals are dealing with the places and the circumstances which they are placed in. An animal which is in a state of prosperity stays healthy and in a good shape.

The way to keep the animals health is through feeding it, keeping it in a good shape and health and stays in safety from any dangerous circumstances, it also indulges not making the animal suffer from any dissatisfying moods like agony, unsafely and  stress.  A good animal care and prosperity requires also an attentive health care and seasonal veterinary visits, well-built shelter , supervision, feeding and humane caring and humane butchery. The term animal welfare refers to the overall state of the animal, the health care that the animal gets that is indulged by many other terms   like animal healthcare, animal marriage, and well-presented treatment.

Certifying animal satisfaction is a responsibility that is thrown over the arms of humans that indulges the attention to all the surroundings of animal satisfaction that indulges proper well-made shelter for the animal, organization, feeding and treatment against all diseases. It also demands an liable attention, humane conduct and even when it comes to the aspect of humane euthanasia.

There are many points of views that perceives animal prosperity that are prejudiced by the person’s morals and familiarities. There are also many meanings of measuring the animal prosperity level that indulges its well-being, efficiency, its manners and its responses. In this essay we will deal with why people support animal welfare campaigns, and the reasons that lead to creating animal welfare organization.

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Most people ensure animal rights and animal prosperity to save the animals from the worst treatment they are faced with and most of the people who ensure those rights to stress on the freedoms of the animals which are firstly, the freedom from malnutrition and dehydration by supporting the animals and their owners by the water and food they need to keep their animals in full body shape and potency, secondly the freedom from distress by enhancing them with the suitable shelter circumstances that is represented in the housing and comfortable sleeping area.

There are also many freedoms that is enhanced by the supporters of the animal prosperity campaign that is determined in curing the animal from aching, wound, or sickness by quick analysis and healing, there must be a space also for the animals to  show there behaviors without being whipped and these places are places with the same herd and with instruments that helps in the treatment of the animal in a special place. There must be a type of freedom for animals that preserves them from threatening’s and a well treatment that prevents from the deteriorating mental health.

Moreover, most of the Americans have certain believes that animals have the same rights as human beings as mostly the third of the American population have certain beliefs that animals should be treated equally as human beings. Those who  have this belief reached 32% of the adult sample which were suggested to poll that counted as 1,024 person and the other 25% perceived that  the animals should be kept away from the bad treatment and maltreatment.

On the other hand mostly 62% of the Americans voted that the animals need some guard and that they can be used also to serve humans another three percent perceived that they should be protected but not like humans as they are just animals.

Most of the Americans were worried about the destiny of the animals which are used in the Circus as the reported that they were mistreated and also they feel worried as the animals also the animals used in sports and research and sports were mistreated also.

  These organizations were built to show that the animals requires equal or similar treatment as humans get it and it requires attention as thee is the most significant difference we are dealing with about animal prosperity as most of the humans reveal the question that is animals should live a prosperous normal life and most of the people answer yes they should treated on the same level as human beings are treated as the followers of animal prosperity and animal rights perceives that they have a quality and importance that overcomes there usage for humans as the animal prosperity level is no just an idea it is a global movement that stands against the normal perspective of humans that perceives any  animal as they are used for humans help and satisfaction.

These were also created to stop against the cruel treatment against the animals that started to be  a licensed movement in the beginning of the nineteenth century in England it also stood against the usage of animals in laboratory research specially in the years before using medicines and drugs , this movement was very apparent in England and began to appear in America in the late 1890s and the most apparent thing they attacked was the usage of animals in scientific researches.

These organizations are also very important as they stress on the concept of occupation of the animals because in the third world countries the animals are mistreated and are used as trucks, cars, and transporting machines. People misuse them as they are our servants and they are here to serve us only. Yet, this is not true as they are living organisms like us and have the same rights like us but instead they are used to cultivate the fields, transfer the products to the markets, and work as an ambulance to transfer sick or injured people to hospitals.

These organizations also guarantees the legality of the concept of Animal Welfare as many laws has been published to protect animals from being mistreated, thus anyone who breaks these laws will be punished and imprisoned and his guilt will be the mistreatment of the animal. England has published many laws to protect animals from being mistreated and acting harshly against them, these laws has been published since the beginning of the twentieth century so that they can guarantee the prosperity and welfare of animals not only in Britain but in the whole world. There are many laws that has been published to assurance the welfare of the farm animals.

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The other concept that these organizations has been found to is increasing the morality of human beings towards the animals. These organizations let the people know that they have a heavy duty to protect all animals not  only the animals that are viewed as our pets but also any animal who is viewed to be mistreated in America for example the person can call the police if he viewed a person treating the animals brutally and this person would be arrested immediately as our duty as human beings not to increase the sufferings of the animals but to help them live in a prosperous way. Yet, a lot of people will not agree to that especially in the animals shelter or the dog training center that demands brutal force in order to train dogs.

The more strong animal welfare organizations that will reflect to the economy strongly and it will benefit the country and the animals in a marvelous way because it will increase the stocks of this country and there will be a lot of advertisement to this country as these countries serve the animal rights and leads to the animal prosperity well.

In conclude, the animal prosperity movement still needs development and that made many other parties appear like the animal rights movement these parties were not known until the late 1950s.  The competition in this field is as apparent as they are divided to research the animal prosperity of the laboratory animals or the farm animals or the Circus animals.


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