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Customer Service Bench Marking: Hotel Analysis

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A) Customer Service Bench Marking

  1. The Old Ground Hotel

Built in the early part of the 18th Century as a private dwelling and a hotel since 1895. The Old Ground has played its part in the Republics tumultuous beginnings and the Town Hall once incorporated a jail.” Currently the hotel is a 4-star hotel ran by the hotel group the Flynn brothers.

Temple Gate

The hotel is on a 19th century Convent of Mercy site with a fascinating and eventful history. Before it was converted to a convent, the original houses, Row House and Lifford House was the property of Charles O’Connell, cousin of Daniel O’Connell. Currently the hotel is a 4-star hotel.




Organisation/Business image

  • Well presented
  • Bar area is very dull
  • Clean inside
  • Shabby looking appearance from outside
  • Well-kept garden on hotel grounds
  • Well presented
  • Clean
  • Bright
  • Modern appearance from outside.
  • No outdoor space car park is mixed with public car park and bus pick up and drop off point

Personal Presentation of Employees

  • Well groomed
  • Clean appearance
  • Clean uniforms
  • Well groomed
  • Clean appearance
  • Clean uniforms

Interpersonal Skills of individuals dealt with

  • Some of the members of the weighting staff were quite rude and unprofessional in the hotel restaurant
  • All staff were very helpful and professional

Effective Handling of Enquiry

  • Enquiry made in the restaurant was handled well but had a quite delayed response
  • Enquiry was handled professionally effectively and rapidly.

Ability of Employee to Present information Accurately

  • The information required was directions and they were given quite clearly and accurately
  • When requesting information I enquired about local facilities and all information was given accurately

Overall comment on efficiency and customer service delivered by the organisation/businesses.

  • The overall customer service received was ok but could do with some work
  • The customer service was excellent


The staff in the Old Ground could do with some upskilling on their customer service, for the most part of my visit the staff were excellent and had good customer service skills but there was one or two members of staff that could benefit with some upskilling.

The Temple gate staff all had excellent customer service skills.


B) Consumer Protection


Citizens Information

Who they protect

The ombudsman protects all types of people who have made complaints about receiving unfair treatment from public bodies such as the HSE, local authorities etc.

Citizens information helps people with many aspects. Citizens Information provides information on public services and on the entitlements of Irish citizens. It provides advice on social welfare, housing, government, moving country, employment, unemployment and much more.

How they operate

The ombudsman operates by receiving complaints from the public and investigating what actions need to be taken and/or if the compliant is true.

They gather all information available to them from public agencies and bodies and present it to the public in a useful way.

The specific piece of legislation they operate within

The Ombudsman’s legal authority to investigate complaints, and to recommend redress where necessary, is set out primarily in the Ombudsman Act 1980.

The Ombudsman Act has been amended a number of times, principally by the Ombudsman (Amendment) Act 1984 and by the Ombudsman (Amendment) Act 2012.

There are also some other Acts and Regulations, including the Disability Act, 2005, whose provisions affect the role of the Ombudsman.[i]

The Consumer Protection Act 2007 came into effect in Ireland on 1 May 2007. The Act provided for the establishment of the National Consumer Agency. Under the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority were replaced by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. The Commission took over the functions of the two agencies.[ii]


How to make a complaint

When complaining complaints can be made in writing, email or by using an online complaint form. Once the complaint has been made the ombudsman investigates them. If your complaint has found to be true the ombudsman will review what it has done, change its decision and/or offer you an explanation, an apology and/or financial compensation.

Citizens Information provides information on how to make complaints correctly/effectively to public bodies/ agencies. They advise people that before they make complaints they should know their rights, stand up for these rights – be assertive without being aggressive, always try to stay calm and polite

Keep notes and documentation to back up the complaint

Their limitations

The Ombudsman does not intervene for the following:

Court proceedings

Private disputes

Matters concerning foreign missions e.g. Embassy, High Commission, etc.

Private disputes

Cabinet matters

Complaints against private bodies

Complaints against local authorities

Matters relating to defence, external relations and internal security


Citizens Information limitations are within their legislation as they cannot take any action all they can do is advise people on the best way to take action.


C) Customer Complaints Policy

Tesco is committed to providing exceptional customer service and making sure when something goes wrong we will try to improve our standards. A complaints policy has been established for customers.

Under the sale of goods act and consumer protection act consumers are entitled to have complaints handled efficiently.

There are 2 ways in which consumer complaints can be made formally and informally. The informal complaint should be handled immediately and the formal complaints should be dealt within 10 business days. If complaints to are not dealt within 10 business days, the customer will be contacted to update them on the status. The company will estimate of how long the resolution should take. If the complaint still hasn’t been resolved after 40 business days, Tesco sends a letter to the customer requesting more time to deal with the problem. If 40 days or more have passed and the complaints have not been dealt with customers may be eligible to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to receive help with their complaints against Tesco. If the complaint has not been resolved after 40 business days, a letter will be sent to the customer requesting extra time to deal with the complaint. When 40 days have passed since the complaint was made, customers may contact the Ombudsman.[iv]. I

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint to the Customer Service Officer, the matter may be appealed to the General Manager.


Customer Complaints Form





Report Taken By


Action Taken


Date Completed





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