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Contemporary Concepts of Innovation and Organisation Changes

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Q1. Describe contemporary concepts of innovation and organisational change.

Ans. The concept of changing an idea or invention into a valuate service that create values or for which you can earn money/profit.

The innovation idea must be satisfying all the needs and must be changeable at an economical cost. It includes deliberate application of imagination and information in creating greater and different values.

If we talk about today’s business environment innovation is very important to survive

Change management entails thoughts planning and sensitive implementation and consultation with the involvement of the people affected by the changes.

If the force change on people normally problem arise. Change must be realistic, measurable and achievable (Business dictionary).

Q2. Describe the forms and types of innovation.

Ans. There are more than 10 types of innovation, here i am explain some of them.

  • SERVICE INNOVATION: – it is very clear that god service is very important to run any business, if any business is not giving good service they can’t survive in business environment. It also makes permanent customers if you give good service.
  • SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION:- it’s all about describing your product that what are you selling, what’s the product configuration and in every promotion what you introduced new or improved about your product.
  • BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION:- In business environment there is lots of competition, so if you want to survive in the market you have to bring changes, come with new products to attract more customers.
  • INCREMENT INNOVATION:- This innovation is all about improving you service, products. Make their product cheaper but good quality.
  • PROCESS INNOVATION:- the processing of product, what we can change in that process to make them cheaper and good (Mok).

Q3. Assess the role of innovation and organisational change at a strategic level for New Zealand organisations.

  • Using innovative plans at different type of levels.
  • To achieve the professional objectives making strategies and giving them direction is very important.

VOLPARA Solutions is a wholly owned sales and marketing arm of MATAKINA Technology Limited of New Zealand. The company was founded with the vision to enable radiologists to give women the most accurate information about their breast health. VOLPARA Solutions gives an innovative range of volumetric breast imaging solutions that are specifically designed for the early detection of breast cancer. The company has been introduced new and improved solutions all over the globe, including the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. VOLPARA Solutions breast cancer detection technology used on 4 million women and GE Healthcare tie-up set to ramp up global sales. GE healthcare is one of the largest medical device companies. VOLPARA Solutions is the only company that offers a dose measurement tool specifically designed for breast imaging. (volpara solutions wins technology innovation awards, 2014) .

Q4. Describe contemporary innovation frameworks.


When employee are working on innovation first of all they make a plan/idea that how to innovate the company. They have to make proper plan and distribute work between the company members. It starts from the idea generation. The next step is making a decision that which project are persuade and which are not. Then they decide the idea to tangible technology or services and then they start making the technology and test them that it works in a good way or not. Then they launch it in the market and learn how the process works. There are some key points which implement innovation in an organisation

  • Platform for success
  • Principle should be correct.
  • Role of employees/their ideas.
  • Focus should be on innovation.


VOLPARA is running with 53 employees and they all are the expertise. Any technology introduced are checked and tried by all expertise. VOLPARA was a slow service before developing the technology VOLPARA DENSITY. VOLPARA DOSERT provides clinicians with patient-specific x-ray dose. Now they got a technology from which they can detect breast cancer in earlier stage (INNOVATION MANAGMENT.SE, 2013) .

Q5. Identify the factors that foster innovation.


Great communication:- if there is a communication gap between the staff members, then the company may have to face lose/unsuccessfulness. There should be a good communication network between the staff, so they can talk to each other understand each other and work together. In VOLPARA there are 53 members, all have their own work and own expertise.

Better monitoring of results:- To be successful you have to monitor your products , your past and you also have to think about future. VOLPARA introduce VOLPARA DENSTITY which is fast, from that technology their company is going up. After that they come with a software from which they do high quality breast screening. They are monitoring their older technologies and coming with the new ones to help patient.

There are also some external and internal factors

External factors:

  • Costumers feedbacks
  • Innovation
  • Change in political or economical cycle.
  • Needs of public

Internal factors:

  • Change in leader.
  • Company performance rate
  • Business facing problems (ONLINE JOURNALISM) .

Q6. Describe different types of innovation strategy with appropriate examples from NZ organisations.

Ans. Basically there are four types of innovation strategies that can be used by VOLPARA SOLUTIONS like

  1. Proactive strategy
  2. Active strategy
  3. Reactive strategy
  4. Last but not the least passive strategy

PROACTIVE STRATEGY: In this approach companies tries to do more and more research and spend huge expenses to gain each and every information regarding new inventions so that they can adopt the new techniques quickly and become the market leader. In other words we can say they are the high risk taker in the market. The best example for proactive strategy is Singapore airlines and Apple.

There are two types of technological innovations used in the proactive strategy is Radical and incremental approach. In incremental approach company tries to bring constant changes in their products and services till they get satisfied. VOLPARA is a research based company, they are researching day by day to bring new technologies. The latest technology they introduced is high quality breast screening, from which they can detect breast cancer in earlier stage.

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ACTIVE STRATEGY: Another strategy is Active strategy. In this type of strategy company tries to protect or defend their existing technology. Companies who follow this approach have broad knowledge about the market and even technology and they are treated as medium to low risk taker in the market. As per the case study, it is very clear that VOLAPARA has only 4 products in the market and they are best in what they are doing.

REACTIVE APPROACH: Reactive strategy is used by the company who are treated as followers of other in the market and they mainly focuses on the operations, apart from this they always looking for low risk opportunities in the market.

PASSIVE STRATEGY: last strategy is passive strategy company doesn’t bring any change in their products and services until customer wants a change in their products or services (BUSINESS DICTIONARY, 2017) .

Q7. Describe The Place Of Professional Values And Ethics In Innovation.


There is a relationship between ethics and innovations. Company do innovation to get more profit and ethics is a thing which stops them to take wrong decision/ wrong things for environment and health of public. Companies that foster one they mostly foster the other just because of critical values and respect and trust even they are encouraged and rewarded. Now a day company tries to hear more and more ideas or opinions from their employees and they try to adopt their ideas so that their employees get motivated and feel satisfied. Managers generally have huge responsibilities they have to balance the cost, innovations moreover they have to take care of corporate social responsibility. Even they have to forecast or monitor the ethics dilemma. VOLPARA SOLUTIONS got the award for innovation in health and science. Also, an organization which fosters ethics and values will easily attract good, talented and honest workforce which will eventually be instrumental in shaping the organizations future If we talk about VOLPARA SOLUTIONS their ethics and values are:

  1. Achieve the goals effectively and efficiently by taking care of the interest of the customers.
  2. Research for new technologies.
  3. Whatever they research they first it check it, for public safety. Like it may have side effects.
  4. Burdens of public health measures must be recognised.
  5. Burden should be minimized and there should be another alternative to reduce the burden.
  6. There should be balance between burden and benefits.
  7. Treating people with dignity.
  8. Treating people fairly.
  9. Supporting patient’s choices (NATIONAL DEFENCE UNIVERSITY) .

Q8. Explain why innovation may require change in organisations.

Ans. If the company wants to grow, they have to stay firm with their resolution and ethics moving ahead with technologies. VOLPARA has a mission o reduce the mortality and cost of breast cancer by providing clinically-validated software that underpins personalized, high-quality breast cancer screening. also they need to innovate their software so they can research better and come with new technologies in market. Innovation is always better for organisation (VOLPARA SOLUTIONS). It’s very clear that if the organisations is coming with changes or coming with new products. Customers/clients always like change. It’s always attracted. If you are investing money in changing something in your organisation, it will definitely give you double time profits.

VOLPARA is technology/research based company. Their expertises are always trying to find some new technology which can make people healthy. In past VOLPARA is not dealing with phone, now they launched VOLPARA DENSITY (ABOUT VOLPRA, 2017).

Q9. Critically analyse the role of leadership and different leadership styles on innovation and change management.

Ans. Role of leadership and different leadership styles on innovations and change management:

No doubt successful implementation of change depends upon the leaders or managers of the organization. A leader plays an important role in innovation and change management like:

  1. Understanding the scope of change: A leader tries to find out the areas where there is a need to bring change in the organization and them also set the priorities that who will guide the change.
  2. They also try to measure the affects of change and innovations in the organization.
  3. Being to implement the change or bring innovations this requires focusing on who is most affected by new business processes and they also require leaders to take care of their whether they wants to adopt the change or not.
  4. Last but not the least makes adjustments. Focus on the outcomes and if there is requirement of bring changes then leaders should take care and make adjustments (IVEY BUSINESS JOURNAL, 2017) .

Q10. Using individual ADKAR model or group Lewin’s model describe the effectiveness of various approaches to the management of resistance.


LEWINS model is 3step model. The three steps are:

  1. Unfreeze
  2. Change
  3. Refreeze

UNFREEZE: In the first step the change is communicate within the whole organization and should motivate the employees to adopt these changes because these changes are necessary for them. If the organization is suffering from decrease sales, decrease in financial results and profits then should communicate with employees that they cannot work with the older ways or existing ways in the organization they should adopt new changes. It is the most difficult part of the process. Without motivation change cannot be bring in the organization. More participation is required to discuss about the change in the organization.

CHANGE: In this people start working in a new way and start thinking new ideas and start supporting the new changes. Change cannot bring overnight in the organization. People takes more time and commit mistakes because everything is new for the whole organization. More contribution should be there so that change can be implemented successfully. People need to understand these changes organization should provide quickly solutions to the mistakes done by the employees.

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REFREEZE: Refreeze is the last step of LEWINS model. In this stage change become normal for the whole organization. Identify the more things that support the change and removing all barriers that create problem in adoption of changes. Leaders should support each and every employee. There must be rewards system to motivate the employee moreover frequently feedback should be taken from each and every employee. If there is a need of training then training should be given to the employees. Every information and support should be given and success of the organization should be celebrated in the organization.

Q11. Draw conclusions about the place of innovation and change management for contemporary organisations.

Ans. VOLPARA Is running successful with only 53 staff members, its difficult to manage everything if you got less staff. For the future innovation, researching for the solutions of other cancer, it will increase the business and profit too. For that we have to hire more staff and we can also open new branch, so people can come easily to us. As cancer is very dangerous diseases now a days and it causes death. So finding solution to prevent cancer is a better thinking for our business and public health also.


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