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Sustainability Marketing and Theory: Reflective Essay

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It was my summer break internship during my bachelors where I got assigned to do certain research work either and food related industry, pharmaceutical firms or the clinical labs. So I decided to do my research on milk and its products with NDRI (national dairy research institute), which is India’s leading dairy research institute and appreciable expertise in various fields like dairy products, management and human resource development. According to national dairy research institute (2019) Originally started in 1923 in Bangalore as institute of animal husbandry and dairying but later enlarge and renamed in 1936.

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The purpose of NDRI was growth of dairy industry and wellness of producers and consumers of milk and milk derived products apart from that NDRI aims to magnify the animal yield and developing technologies for the benefits of both, for that they started the dairy technology courses in 1957 and developed The R&D activities which was centres Three foundational ingredients of dairy which were production and management of milk giving animals to increase their yield, developed technologies  and  apparatus for milk processing and educating the farmers and tycoons about demands of market, and profits from dairy .Moreover they can able to meet their visionary idea about genetic change by developing the superior mix of dairy cattle named as karan-fries and karan-swiss which fits in any Indian agro climate (Anon., 2019).


Organisational effectiveness is the measure of the work of the organisation in terms of their achievement and on the basics of their purposed aims and visions (cameron, 2015). in my opinion, NDRI In terms of effectiveness  has  able to complete their visionary goal of development of animals yield with the help of advance genome technology by cross breeding the superior traits of the bulls and cattle giving higher breeding values and distributing the frozen semen of superiors in various state which helped every state government in high yield milking  animals  apart from that their focus on the proper animal shelter and the post milk production for the clean and hygiene milk impressed me a lot, they not only cares every animal under them but also every month examination of  every breed  is done by high qualified animal doctors and the birth process takes place in very clean and warm atmosphere rooms.

Also, we need to attend the lectures before going to lab where they guide us everything. The practical work which i did was  superintend by the head of the department. Our first practical work was the institutes research work which was the use of factor GATA-4  in the gene CYP19 in the gene of buffalo ovary and placenta to do that practical i collected the frozen ovaries an (Monga, 2012)d does their follicle extraction and introduction of certain promoters, it was the best experiment I had ever done as from that we get the idea of how the genetically modified genes are extricate to meet the aim of institute. Every Saturday we use to visit the animals and the production plant to get an idea about the preparation of the products. On our first visit i was mandate  to wear face masks, hair caps, apron and the plastic wrapped slippers instead of shoes, at first I does not understand but later on  looking at the hygiene of the plant and the process of making products satisfied me a lot and gives positive aspect about consumption of the NDRI products which are used on regular basis in every house.


Stakeholders are the person, group of people or the firms who are interested in the progress and the outcome of the project for which they have invested(Freeman,R.E.,2010). Here as the perspective of the owner of the company, in the terms effectiveness, I think NDRI projects and their work involving animals and the products has made their investments double as looking in their research like development of the female cattle breed of the murrah buffalo and the effect of season, mature, span, and quality of the emitting semen by Sahiwal bulls (naha, 2015). In case of murrah is done by determining the first milking traits and their first insemination which they succeed in doing in 63 days for first birth (Patil, et al., 2014), is the limestone in the birth process in animals which is widely accepted as Indian buffalo handout 17% of milk production. And in bulls they have achieved all the factors by analysing the ejaculating volume of sperms per day. After analysing these two breeds only NDRI able to make the animal clones which made history in technology and made NDRI in top institutes.

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As a consumer point of view I think, NDRI produces not only the best and the greatest health benefitting products but also looks for the best ingredients they can add in the milk derived products for instance, according to reports, NDRI prepare probiotic yogurt using lactobacillus rhamnosus bacteria with fruit pulp10% and alginate, carrageenam and probiotic culture which are good for digestion and for gut(Kumar,A. and Kumar,D.,)(2016). Apart from that NDRI milk is widely consumed because of the purity and very good quality due to which a consumer never gives second thought before buying any NDRI product.


Overall my experience in NDRI was very good, understanding the new technologies, and knowing about research was quite good and their collaborations to different international firms marks their achievements but analysing and looking into marketing of NDRI, it was not relying on it, as they just sell their products in their plant only and not giving to retailers to supply to different states. By analysing the effectiveness of the stakeholder NDRI have achieved what it promised in every aspect but still I noticed as the perspective of the organisation that it mainly focusses on the research work not in the marketing of products  which is giving them loss in the production line to solve this NDRI retailer’s shops be inaugurated by government in every state, which benefits the consumers too as after that they can get NDRI product everywhere without travelling far to plants.

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