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Stakeholder, Regulatory Analysis and Productivity

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This scrip is about the poster presentation on Stakeholder, regulatory analysis and productivity. It presents the Stakeholders and the regulation adopted by the Health Alliance New Zealand. Health Alliance is a New Zealand based organisation working together with DHB (District Health Board) in health sector. It was established in July,2000. Health Alliance provide the procurement and supply chain services in New Zealand to generate the saving and create efficiencies in the health sector. According to the annual report of Health Alliance 2017, there are different types of internal and external stakeholders in the organisation who are directly or indirectly involves in the different activities of Health Alliance.

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Health Alliance is working in large environment with the different organisations. There are different internal stakeholder like CEO, Executive, Employees and external Suppliers, Ministry of Health, Audit NZ, PHARMAC and Customers are involved in the organisation. Different Stakeholders has different type of interest in Health Alliance. Multiple agencies and organisations operating the health procurement which helps to increase the deliveries and effective outcome to the shareholders. According, to the annual report Myles Ward is the CEO of the company who is responsible for the day to day activities of the organisation. With the support of other executive leaders, they all manage the key service areas of the organisation. Myles and his team also made a good progress in structure developing and they focus on three different strategies which are:

  1. Building strong partnership relation with the Central Government (Ministry of Health & Government Chief Information Officer)
  2. They are also focus on the digital information.
  3. They are effectively working on the customer priorities.

Employees are also important stakeholder in the organisation. Health Alliance employees engaged with the customer to understand their needs and wants on the regular basis. The also look after to improve the services and add value to their customers to enhance the productivity. They provide training to its staff.  Their staff engagement is also increased to 6.5%. 20 of the HA team members are trained as First Aiders. The external stakeholders have also their interest in the company. Transitioning medical device services to PHARMAC under the decided timeframe. Pharmaceutical Management agency that work on the behalf of DHB to decide which medicine and product are subsidies for the use in public hospitals and community. Ministry of Health also works with DHB to improve and promote the health and well being of every New Zealander. It is also purchasing the wide range of national health and disability support services. Inter medicine is one of the supplies of the Health Alliance which supplies medical disposable to the company. Health Alliance is also working electronically with its vendors for more efficient service, ordering and receiving payments.

Health Alliance put their customer in the centre with its great leadership skills. They are developing the culture of its customer, delivering excellent service and provide transformation in their methods. Health Alliance provides the consistent and professional delivery services to its customers that helps the organisation to improve their relationships and productivity. By using the digital technology Health Alliance transform the way of their customer to do the business. The new web- based system allowed the HA to provide more efficient and reliable tool that helps to improve the journey of the patient in the DHB hospital’s and the Clinics. They have also replace the clip boards with iPad in most of the hospitals. (HealthAlliance, 2017)

Every stakeholder has the different level of impact and influence on the organisation. Some of them have a positive or negative impact. The new introduction of eVitals has a positive impact on the organisation. It helps the ward staff to record the observation of the patients electronically that helps the staff to save their time and increase the accuracy which leads to the productivity of the organisation. “Early Warning Score” also help the staff to take the action if needed. The competitor stakeholder may also have a direct competitor for the patient like other hospitals, government regulatory agencies, private accrediting associations and labour union). Shortage of nurses has also a high impact on the hospitals. Because they are the one who provide the unique health care to their patients. Shortage of nurses and hospitals have the negative impact on the productivity of the organisation, patient’s life will survive because of this. Stakeholder analysis will help to manage its stakeholder with their different levels of the interest. There are different techniques to analyse the stakeholders which involves the different steps. First, organisation has to identify which stakeholder has a more impact on the productivity of the organisation. For example, if there is the shortage of the nurses in the New Zealand, organisations have to hire more staff so that the life of the patients will not suffer. Because if the organisation has not enough staff to provide the clinical services to its patients it directly impacts the productivity. Organisation must assess the nature of the stakeholder. After identifying all these points, they have to monitor and manage their relationships.

Stakeholder analysis also improves its productivity for the growth of the business. Health Alliance improves in the financial disciplines and performance against the capital budget up to $43.1 million.

According to annual report By implementing the eservices for the patients and customers the customer satisfaction raised up to 85.6% which is 4.1% improvement that enhance the productivity. By providing the more reliable application and infrastructure to the customers the rate of the ICT incidents reduces to 61%. (Health Alliance, 2015-2019)

According to the annual report of Health alliance, the legislative requirements for the business includes Privacy Act 1993, Health Act 1956, Companies Act 1993, ACC Act 2001 and Wand/ Medsafe approvals which includes Medicine Act 1981 and Medicine Regulation Act 1984

The Companies Act 1993 includes registration of companies, rules for the executives and shareholders within the business, the various rules for business restructuring and removal of business name from company book. The companies act 1993, does not include personal property.

According to the report, health alliance is consistent with their policies to fulfil these legislative requirements. They have created a special alliance team which looks after these compliances. The have regular quality checks for the new products received and are the unit of the product is sent to Wand/Med-safe for approval before it sent out to DHB’s  (Health Alliance, 2015-2019)

There are different strategies adopted by the company for compliance. They hired an economist for advice to understand the market strategy for these legislative requirements. They introduced the incentive program for the suppliers to give them more bonuses for the quality products once approved by the legislative authorities successfully. This motivated the suppliers to bring in the right product for the company and the technology driven products. Furthermore, they introduced the compliance team who looked after if the legislative requirements are well met or not. This team did the regular quality checks at each stage and reduced the chances of defects or error of sending wrong product to the hospital which is non-compliant. Also, they set up the R&D department who is consistently looking in the market for new products and latest technologies which can be used within the hospital setting to increase the productivity of clinicians. (World Health Organization , 2009)

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The staff within the company is highly skilled and before being hired by health alliance have been working into senior management positions in government agencies. So, the highly experienced staff is already well aware of these legislative requirements. Health alliance as a company has learning and development department and teachers which helps to improve the skills and competencies of the staff. The online learning portal helps the staff to gain more knowledge for the legislative procedures involved within the process.(Department of Health, 2017)

System thinking approach provides different set of tools and methodologies to understand the problems and solve the bottleneck. The steps involved for the process involves 10 sequential process. Many of the organisations avoid following these 10 steps of system thinking approach as it is tedious and time-consuming. Health alliance properly follows this approach and steps involved for any problems that arise within the company. For an example, launching of the field teams to spread knowledge about dealing with tuberculosis and polio within the community. They identified the disease and followed 10 steps strategy which is well described in poster.

The system thinking is not a remedy for the problem rather aright approach to identify the problem and the strategy that can be adopted to rectify the problem.

The five reason for poor productivity is the lack of skilled workforce, low wages for the staff which is a big demotivational factor for productivity, poor building infrastructure, lack of Govt. funding, and less digitalized healthcare system.

I strongly recommend the management to higher more skilled clinicians or staff from overseas for an example, doctors and nurses. Secondly, the government need to review the salary of the staff and need to launch performance-based incentive scheme which can contribute as a motivational factor for the staff. The government needs to provide more funding for the infrastructure and build more hospitals. Finally, they also need to focus on more digital ways of health care system. For an example, they can launch apps for the patients which keep track records of their vaccination & gives patients notifications for the next vaccination or appointment registered through patients specific NHI number.


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