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Paytm Organisation and Business Analysis

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Introduction of Organization (paytm.com)

Paytm is one of the biggest successful payment gateways in India. It offers payment services to both customers and merchants. Paytm extends its services to around 25 million customers in India. Paytm uses all kinds of services for the money transaction like debit cards credit card and bank account. Paytm spearheaded and are the pioneer of QR based mobile payments in India. Paytm tie up with number of multinational companies like Softbank, SAIF partners, Alibaba group etc. Various income wellsprings of Paytm incorporate enthusiasm from the Escrow Account kept up in a nationalized bank, promotions on the site, a commission from service charge installments and different energizes, and commission on store moves from e-wallets to financial balances. After launching the Paytm payments bank their services reaches to all half a billion new customers. After demonetization in India Paytm able to capitalize the opportunity given by Government of India. Paytm grab the opportunity and become one of the successful mobile wallets in India. Paytm deals with the new offers which attract the customers and their employees strives to work hard and spending hours to design new features which makes customers to easy access to the application.

Define Vision

 “Provide meaningful access for mobile eco system” (Paytm.com)

  A vision is a statement that states the current and future goals of an industry. The vision statement as a guide to help the industry to make certain decisions that aligns with its philosophy to reach a set of goals.The main values of Paytm are Excellence, Integrity, and Quality, Will to win and Team work. Paytm has achieved some of its goals over the last few years. Started with mobile and DTH recharges and emerges in to one of the biggest enterprises in the in the field of digital banking and E commerce industries.

Mission Statement

“To be the most trusted mobile commerce brand in the country” (paytm.com)

 Paytm enters into national market with recharging business which was the company’s initial service proposition. It proceeded to enhance and progress to creating more current administrations from any semblance of Paytm Wallet, Online business to digital Gold.

The prevalence of Paytm was helped by the administration's choice of demonetization. Demonetization helps paytm in lot ways and paytm utilizes it in all aspects to create strong impact in online payments. Government of India is also supporting paytm to reach all over India. One of the extraordinary highlights of Paytm Success Story is that it isn't just well known in urban communities yet in addition similarly famous in communities and towns. Gradually and relentlessly it is turning into the favored method of installment among masses.

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Demonetization constrained individuals to change to either plastic cash or a computerized payment technique. This encouraged Paytm to further solidify their situation in the space of e-paying application. Ongoing studies demonstrate that Paytm has outperformed comparable installment applications, for example, pay u money, PayPal, and other ecommerce application engineers as far as both the quantity of clients and the income created.

Paytm First Credit Card launched recently towards contactless exchange of money. Like some other Visa, clients will most likely pay back an entirety in different regularly scheduled payments

Competitor analysis


1Paytm has amazingly high brand mindfulness crosswise over India

2. Paytm was able to capitalize the demonetization situation

3. Cash back options provided for all purchases

4. mouth publicity about Paytm cash and mostly accepted in all shops including tea shops in small villages

5. Strong back up Multi national companies run by Ratan tata and china’s Alibaba group


1. people in India still using the cash apart from metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore

2. Competitors offering more than paytm 


1. Banks offering E wallets on their saving accounts

2. Security and privacy of user is a concern for Paytm


1. Paytm can consider a bigger group of spectators with some disconnected nearness too

2. Paytm can be taught clients on tolerating cashless exchanges and online instalments which would thus support their client base

3. Offer more financial administrations alongside online instalment choices


Qualities are characterized as what every business does best in its array of activities which can give better opportunities over its rivals

First mover advantage: Paytm was the main online payment organization to set up tasks in India. Their planning was flawless since they began activities at around a similar time when smart mobiles are began getting to be prominent.

Comfort alternatives: Paytm is an encapsulation of convenience since it is operational nonstop and encourages simple payments. This makes it progressively acknowledged by a urban populace who depend on internet looking for even everyday use things.

Tie-ups with vendors: Paytm can be utilized to execute with in excess of 3 million shippers crosswise over India and the number is said to develop each day. This makes Paytm a simple shopping choice for most clients independent of their monetary foundation or instruction.

Multi services: Most of what one wants to do online should be possible through Paytm. Notwithstanding the Paytm Wallet, today the brand has online reservation offices, online retail, and online revive and there is likewise no compelling reason to experience installment entryways of you are utilizing paytm.

Offers: Paytm has had the option to catch and hold the eye of clients fundamentally as a result of the endless offer stream it has been declaring these are hand crafted with the Indian attitude in the casing and accordingly works like enchantment for zooming deals.


Weaknesses are zones where the business or the brand needs improvement. A portion of the key shortcomings of Paytm are:

Requirement for IT framework: If Paytm wants to be stronger there must be great transfer speed and speed. This might be there in many urban areas in India however may not the situation in remote areas or even level 2 towns.

Absence of mindfulness among clients: Most clients are ignorant of what Paytm can accomplish for them and befuddled about how the application should be utilized. The degree of attention to innovation instruments and the innate dread of making incorrect exchanges is compounding the situation.

Cashless fear: Most Indians are accustomed to executing on money and are yet to become acclimated to being utilized to cashless exchanges. Nonetheless, with digitization and demonetization, things are required to get, and this will help online wallet administrations.

Poor client care: One analysis leveled against Paytm is its poor client administration. The application and the entrance oblige a wide assortment of clients whose worries might be minor. It is asserted that the call focus officials are frequently discourteous and incapable to deal with a considerable lot of the inquiries.


Opportunities are those which shows the betterment of existing business. Some capitalize the gap to become best. These are opportunities for paytm:

Developing interest for aggregators: Aggregators and go between are sought after wherever today. With developing innovation utilization individuals like to make most installments from the comfort of their homes. This has expanded the job of installment aggregators in India.

Demonetization: One of the administrations that profited vigorously from the Indian government's demonetization drive was online installment administrations and Paytm was probably the greatest recipient. In a transition to digitize the nation, such administrations will have more open doors coming their direction.

The flood in the quantity of working experts: The quantity of working experts is expanding plentifully. This implies for most couple's time is rare causing them to depend more on home conveyance administrations for their sustenance. At the point when the interest for web-based shopping increments there will be a relating increment in the installment entrances too.


Dangers are those variables in the earth which can be negative to the development of the business. A portion of the dangers include:

Rivalry: With brought obstructions down to section, each new business visionary is taking a gander at totaling administrations. There is a great deal of online entries like compensation charge, mobikwik and so forth and even telecom specialist co-ops like Airtel and Vodafone are giving on the web payment entryways.

Safety issues: Today there is negative symbolism of data security and following of shopping propensities. There is likewise developing worries about how safe the data submitted to installment gateways are and the level to which such entrances or installments made through them are checked.

Identify Key Strategic Priorities

Paytm or “Payment through Mobile” is India’s largest payment, commerce, and e-wallet enterprise. Paytm founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010 and is a brand of the parent company One97 Communications.com. The main objective of this company is to recharge mobile phones and DTH. Mr Sharma understood the need of digital money in the current generation started his first E wallet which was a big success and Sharma never look back and his decisions were always made him profitable. The key points for his success are

      Merchants support

People need to sign up with the existing bank account for the transaction between mobile wallet and bank. They can spend the paytm money in all shops that accept paytm transaction. They can able to recharge the wallet directly with the bank account. Now this money can be used as real money which is transferred to the paytm payments bank. Balance this with contending e-wallets, which demand that shoppers interface their financial balances (or platinum cards or Mastercard’s) to their applications directly at the hour of introducing them. Therefore, monetarily rejected traders couldn't pursue them when they had a convincing need. Paytm’s adversaries lost this market to Paytm.


      New approach to existing market

At the point when PayPal propelled in the late 1990s, it incented existing clients to send cash to non-clients. At the point when clients sent cash to their loved ones (that were not on PayPal), PayPal sent them an email saying "Gather $$ by pursuing PayPal". This gives non-clients a more convincing motivation to join PayPal than any immediate promoting or PR endeavors could have and produced an enormous measure of viral dispersion for PayPal.

      Boomerang Approach

Paytm enters in to market with the slogan Paytm Karo. It reaches to all the customers from poor people to the business man. Now even tea stalls are using the paytm application for their business

      Payments through paytm

By plan or default, the Sign Out connection in Paytm’s portable application is covered somewhere inside the application. Therefore, numerous clients have never observed it and stay signed into their application constantly. This implies they're ready to make a payment without a secret key or PIN. Even this works well for paytm. Everybody starts payment using this app.


paytm funded by number of big companies make them to use the money on the advertisement which is the prime factor for any company.

The long-term goal of Paytm is to grab the whole market of E commerce industry. To achieve this goal Paytm already starts the Paytm mall to compete with the E commerce giants like flip kart, amazon, Snapdeal. The main attractive thing for the paytm is paytm cash. Paytm spends around 1500 rupees on each customer. Paytm gives the cashback to the customer on purchasing any item from paytm that can used only in paytm application. The same strategy now implemented by all companies but paytm remains in the top position.

Paytm enter all possible E commerce businesses including digital gold. The key initiatives taken by paytm is to disburse loans to people from paytm bank which is supported by RBI.

Identify required initiatives to reach strategic goals

A year ago, Paytm's share in the overall industry among the e-commerce organizations was 26%. Paytm is currently intending to investigate new roads.

  1. By 2020, Paytm plans to tap the advance market and dispense little credits to 500 million individuals.
  1. The Paytm Payment Bank was propelled in May 2017. A 5-part board panel has been framed to extend the physical nearness of the Payment Banks.
  1. Paytm is additionally wanting to give WhatsApp a keep running for their cash by propelling a chat application with progressively advanced highlights.
  1. Paytm gained Shifu and Near.in to improve and reinforce its disconnected and online stage and upgrade client experience
  1. Earlier this year, the organization propelled Paytm First, a membership group that incorporates access to memberships from different administrations, for example, Zomato, Uber, Gaana, and Eros Now.


Strategic planning will always help the company to take proper decisions in a competitive environment. Over the course of last year, Paytm has incorporated six new entities, giving wings to some its much-spoken plans.

Paytm Financial Services Ltd 

Paytm's attack into money related administrations accompanied the consolidation of Paytm Financial Services Ltd. with which rests Paytm Gold.

Paytm Gold was the organization's invasion into riches the executives which enabled clients to purchase gold for as less as Re 1 and even get money maneuvers in their Gold record.

In July, the organization said it previously had executed 175 kg of the valuable metal on the Paytm Gold stage.Paytm Entertainment Ltd

Paytm additionally consolidated Paytm Entertainment, which basically is Paytm's substance division. In an exertion expand its substance offering, not long ago, Paytm propelled Gamepad, a 55:45 joint endeavour among Paytm and China-based AGTech Holdings Ltd.

The thought was to upgrade the experience of Paytm clients through games and amusement content.

Paytm Money Ltd

In January, Paytm propelled Paytm Money, its riches the executives' division to advertise Mutual Funds. It has gotten a warning permit from SEBI.

   Business model of PAYTM

                       Figure 1 business model (source: https://bstrategyhub.com/paytm)

Paytm emerges as largest e commerce business in India with the above business model. After successful launch of the mobile recharge and dth recharge later paytm step into the mobile E wallet and E commerce website. They designed the application with all security and made them successful with their flawless effort.

 The above business model explains the key activities, key partners, key resources and cost structure of paytm. Their key resources include technology platform and RBI License. Their recent ventures like digital gold and E commerce vertical are shown positive results in the respective industry sector.

Competition in 21st century

India's biggest portable wallet application has spread out to a few organizations as of late as danger from Google and Facebook develops. A year ago, it added another classification to the rundown: charge cards.

The firm, worked by One97 Communications, today uncovered Paytm First Credit Card with magnificent advantages as it races to build up its monetary contributions. The cards, issued by Citi Bank, will be the first in the nation to offer boundless, one percent cashback on buys, Paytm guaranteed in an announcement. The organization is planning to rope in around 25 million clients in the coming months.

In any case, for what reason is an organization that made its name through a versatile wallet open to its clients connecting with charge card organizations? Paytm itself is attempting to develop its business and hold existing clients. A portion of its ongoing real wagers haven't satisfied. Its web-based business Paytm Mall stays small regardless of draining cash

However, more critically, payments itself has turned into a safety space. Clients park their cash in Paytm and do exchanges from that point. Paytm profits from this amassed aggregate. This business prospered for quite a long time, particularly in the months after the Indian government discredited a significant part of the money in the country. In any case, at that point the legislature propelled its very own foundation called UPI which creates the direct transaction from any wallet to any bank.

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This has made payments progressively helpful for clients, who are progressively escaping. UPI applications, for example, PhonePe that have risen in the last over two years presently observe a bigger number of exchanges than wallet applications. To aggravate matter for Paytm, Google and Facebook — two organizations that have bigger userbase in India — have entered the installments space. Google Pay arrived at 100 million introduces on Google Play Store as of late, and WhatsApp plans an across the country take off of its installment include in India in the not so distant future.

If the bet works, Paytm will most likely hold a few clients and persuade numerous to do expensive exchanges. For Citi Bank, this association is only a simple ploy to procure a few clients.

Meanwhile, Paytm proceeds to forcefully extend its budgetary contributions. As of late, it has propelled an advanced paytm bank, and has begun to offer Forex cards for global buys. It additionally gives clients a chance to purchase gold, and businesses issue nourishment recompense wallets for their staff. A year ago, the organization reported Paytm Money to encourage buy of shared assets.


This report gives the complete information about the journey of Paytm from a small mobile app which used for recharging the mobile phones to one of the pioneers in the E commerce industry and as well as banking sector. Their success and strategies involved in implementing the business discussed using different sources from websites and publications and reputed journals.


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