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Human Resource Management and Performance Management

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The main purpose of the human resource management involves an organization or a company focusing on dealing with all types of concerns directly associated to the staff of an organization. The primary functions that human resource management must conduct include hiring, performance, compensation, safety, benefits, wellness, training, and last but not least motivation. Human resource management also allows a deliberate approach to be able to manage individuals and the work culture. Human resource has been designed to improve as well as increase the effectiveness of any business or organization (Masters in Human Resources, 2019).

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As a human resource manager, hiring is one of the most important responsibilities a human resource professional must conduct for his or her company. Hiring a job candidate must include several important phases that will allow the human resource manager to maintain their hiring process organized. The first phase in keeping track of the recruiting efforts must first include developing a job description. Developing job descriptions helps articulate the primary outcomes the employee must conduct on a specific job. Secondly, posting job ads and finding the most qualified applicants to interview is another important hiring step the human resource professional must apply. Afterwards the human resource professional must carefully review both resumes and cover letters from the job applicants to determine which job candidate to screen over the phone.  The job candidates are then scheduled to be interviewed in person allowing the human resource manager to determine if the job applicant has both the characteristics and behavioral traits needed to be successful in the advertised job. Human resource managers must follow all proper steps in the hiring process to find the right job applicant for the job that is being offered.

Regulating performance management is also another important task performed by the human resource professional. Performing an effective performance management allows both employees and employers to perform the best and produce outstanding work (Sara Pollock, 2018). The strategies that will aid in regulating performance management include defining and communicating the performance objectives and goals of the company, utilize performance management software, as well as scheduling meetings to discuss the outcomes and results. Defining and communicating the performance objectives and goals of the company must be explained and outlined in full details to all employees. As a human resource professional, it is important to be as communicative and clear as possible even if it means scheduling meetings, repeating the same messages multiple times to employees, offer visuals, as well as continuing to check in with employees. Next, utilizing performance management software is important to use as it saves times by offering a user-friendly dashboard interface, provides an actionable and a fast reporting, in addition to fostering the developments of all employees. Being able to use a performance management software will not only benefit the employer but also the employees by staying current on everything that allows the business to be able to run successfully. Lastly, scheduling meetings to discuss the outcomes and results is also another important strategy involved in regulating performance management. As a human resource professional, it is critical to set aside time to meet with the team and conduct progressing meetings (Sara Pollock, 2018).

Compensation is a significant part of the human resource management as it helps improve organizational effectiveness and motivate the employees to perform their best. Offering compensation packages can indeed not only attract but also retain the best workers for the company. Compensation can include an increase in employees hourly pay, added bonuses, sales commission, profit sharing, and so forth. Moreover, compensation can also include company-paid housing, company-paid car, as well as stock opportunities. A company who is able to offer company compensation scheme is a company that is demonstrating to everyone inside and outside of the organization the company’s cultures and values. This compensation scheme projects what the actual company expects from their employees. The components of compensation include allowances, salary, and wages. Allowances may include a city compensatory allowance, a dearness allowance, a house rent allowance, as well as a transport or conveyance allowance.

The hiring process in human resource management department is very important as hiring and recruiting the right employees involves reviewing the job applicants applications, being able to choose the right job applicant to interview, test those candidates, as well as perform a number of pre employment checks and tests. As a human resource professional, it is important to be able to conduct the appropriate steps to be able to successfully determine what the best job would be fit for the job applicants.  According to the professor Kat Kadian-Baumeyer, with a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management, those steps include reviewing job applications, testing and interviewing the selected job applicants, decide which job applicant to perform a full background check as well as a health check. A human resource manager is responsible to read and screen each application that the company obtains and determine if the job applicants seem to possess the education, skills, as well as any other necessary job qualification. Those job applicants who seem to be eligible will be contacted and interviewed. The following step involves testing the job applicants to determine if the job applicant is qualified or not for the job position. These tests may conduct a variety of things such as a skills test, physical tests, as well as a personality test. Receiving the results of the testing will help the human resource manager to narrow down the job applicant selection to even fewer candidates. Interviews are coordinated afterwards with the job applicant and employer to be able to personally evaluate whether or not the job applicant possesses the required job qualifications. Interviews that are conducted face-to-face are important as the employers are able to learn more in detail about the candidate’s timeliness, hygiene, as well as manners. Now, choosing the right candidate must be completed by comparing the candidate’s personal skills and qualifications to a pre-determined list of criteria required to be able to successfully perform the job that is being offered. The candidate selection may be completed by a committee or simply by one person. After the right job applicant has been picked the job applicant must be able to conduct and pass a background and health check which includes credit score, education record, criminal record, military record, as well as test for any drugs in the job applicants’ systems. The hiring process within the human resource department is very important for the company and all steps within the hiring process must be conducted to the full extent to be able to obtain the right qualified job candidate.

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Investing in training and development in human resource is one of the top priorities for the company to fulfil. According to the author Arte Nathan of 7 Key Steps for Better Training and Development (2016), to train any new or existing employees may at times be a company’s biggest challenge and that is the reason why it is important to build out as well as update an effective development and training program for the employees. to begin with, surveying one’s employees is one of the best ways to collect data regarding both the needs and organizational performance of the company. Employees tend to know more about what is going on with the company and what needs to be done for the company to improve. Training the employees with a trainer who understands how and what ways to train the employees while making the training interesting and fun will improvise employees’ skills. Aligning training with the managements operating goals include productivity, customer satisfaction, better performance, and quality. Employees ought to be trained and understand the importance of customer satisfaction, being skilled and knowledgeable, as well as focusing on standards. Having the right trainers with great coaching skills who are able to communicate efficiently aids in employee training and development.

In summary, human resource professionals’ responsibilities include planning, directing, as well as coordinating in full the administrative occupations within their organization. These human resource professionals are fully focused and responsible for interviewing, recruiting, as well as hiring new job candidates while also focusing on strategic planning when consulting with the top employers or top executives. Human resource managers are very important to have within every organization and this is the reason they are often seen and employed in almost every single industry throughout the world. Human resource professionals are often needed almost everywhere and will be found working a full-time job within an office although sometimes these professionals must travel to be able to attend meetings as well as interview and recruit job candidates. The skills and responsibilities the human resource managers posses are very important for every organization and the business success often depends on these human resource professionals.


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