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Design of Integrated Marketing Communication

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A well-designed integrated marketing communication incorporates various media to enhance the results of marketing campaigns. Each element reinforces the others ultimately aligning the campaign at each stage to ensure success. The importance of these elements is that they are working together to communicate a consistent message informing the target audience on the product/service. The effectiveness of the implementation determines how successful the marketing plan is. Pinot Palette’s marketing team will perform duties developing and implementing the short-term and long-term marketing strategies. Jenna Bruce points out, “With so many of your target audience members engaging across the wide, media spectrum, it’s no longer feasible to run an entire campaign on one channel. Integrated marketing campaigns offer better reach and allow you to craft messaging for specific channels your customers prefer.” (Bruce, 2016).

Below are various components of the IMC (integrated marketing communications) are most important:

  1. Social Media – create relevant content for your followers, establish dialogue with your followers
  1. Promotion/Advertising- techniques used to influence consumers’ buying behavior, builds brand image
  1. Personal Selling- very effective interaction with customer, allows for feedback
  1. Email/Direct Marketing – it is customizable, personalized and convenient way to market, allows you to constantly stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on your products.

Social Media

It takes time to build a successful strategy however, it will provide vital information to making key strategies and tactical decisions. A truly successful social media implementation requires authentic interactions with the target audience. A successful social media promotion needs to stand out with creative content that is relevant to your audience. We can measure the success by the number of shares, likes, and comments of posts. To begin building a social media presence, Pinot Palette needs to create profiles on the most popular channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and post regularly.

For Pinot Palette to properly achieve its objective they will need to implement surveys and measure our metrics to make sure they are gaining exposure. They will measure the below metrics and surveys each quarter:

      # of customers that sign up for our newsletter

      Identify Optimal Times for Engagement

      Examine click rates

To measure the effectiveness of its social media efforts, Pinot Palette will track increases in Twitter followers/retweets, likes/shares and reposts on Facebook and Instagram as well as Google Analytics on our website over the next three months. Pinot Palette will create contents that will spark interaction and lead consumers to share their experiences via social network. Each method selected for promotion will be tracked and analyzed to determine which worked well and what to use going forward in future marketing campaigns. With Internet advertising, we will use Google AdWords, which will give us the opportunity to reach potential users at the precise moment they’re searching for “paint and sip” shops. Another popular marketing tool is email marketing, according to Natalia Andrade Viana, “It is worthwhile to create a database with consumers’ emails to promote products, events, sales and keeping in touch occasionally building a good relationship.” (Viana, 2016).

Teaming up with the official Italian Tourism to promote the new Paint n’ Sip location is also another way for the business to bring awareness to their new location. Italian wine, art and tourism go hand in hand, working with website prove to mutually beneficial for both.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a wonderful way of targeting customers and companies want to reach their customers using the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. David Kindervater states, “Direct mail marketing is no longer thought of as an antiquated marketing medium. Rather, this $44-billion industry is becoming known as the thriving marketing channel it is—and it’s growing exponentially. Direct mail marketing statistics tell the story. Response rates are at an all-time high and the ROI for households is almost 30%. Thus, modern-day marketers are now using direct mail as often as they do social media—and they’re planning to use it even more in the coming year.” (Kindervater, 2019). However, neither online marketing nor direct mail can stand alone as the sole source of advertising for a business. A good integrated marketing strategy leverages the possibilities of all channels to draw customers, increase conversions, and improve sales.

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Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up stores only require a fraction of the financial investment (80% cheaper) of a traditional retail store, which can be very appealing to any size business. This could be a great opportunity for Pinot Palette to enter a new market. The pop-up retail format allows business to get to know their customers on a personal level and build stronger relationships. According to Storefront.com, below are some specific pop-up shop details (“What is a Pop-Up Shop?”, n.d.):

  • Term: typically, 3 days to 3 months.
  • Location: high foot-traffic areas such as city centers, malls, and busy streets.
  • Price: much lower than a traditional store, typically paid upfront.
  • Use: to launch a new product, generate awareness, move inventory, introduce collaborations, increase ‘cool’ factor.

“Because they are small-scale, pop-ups provide an opportunity for business owners to be creative and use innovative merchandising techniques to attract passersby. Pop-up stores are often characterized by an engaging appearance and innovative design. Successful pop-ups combine a good location and retail concept to create an experience that customers will remember.” (“What is a pop-up shop?”, n.d.).  Because pairing fine wine, food and art is celebrated throughout Italy, this type of pop-up shop would work well. Wine and art enthusiasts will have a variety of fine wines and farm to table fresh foods to try and as well as a fun outing to paint! Below are some festivals that Pinot Palette could place a pop- up shop:

  • March – The Festa Della Donna or Women’s Day
  • April – The Festa della Primavera, a festival which marks the beginning of spring
  • July – The Expo Tevere arts and crafts fair extends along the banks of the Tiber from Ponte Sant’Angelo to Ponte Cavour, with artisan food stands to sell wines, olive oils, and vinegar.
  • September- the harvest festival known as the Sagra dell’Uva (Festival of the Grape). During this holiday, Romans celebrate the grape, a food which is a huge part of Italian agriculture, with large bushels of grapes and wine for sale.
  • October – Marino Grape Festival
  • November – The Roma Europa Festival is ongoing throughout the month and has wide variety of performance art, contemporary dance, theater, music, and film.

Combining these marketing strategies into action is considered the implementation phase of the process and involves determining how they will be executed, by whom, allocated timeframe, and at what cost. Managers are important in determining the people and resources in the areas in which they will be the most effective. This phase requires assigning specific tasks and timelines to individuals of the marketing team. It is important that Pinot Palette spends advertising budget on what works best and that may require some trial and error. Jeanne Grunert states, “Controls established during the creation of the marketing plan provide benchmarks to assess how well the plan accomplished its goals. Controls are like goals; they give the company something to aim for when enacting the plan. Controls may include measures such as the marketing budgets and market share” (Grunert, n.d.).


It is recommended that Pinot Palette marketing activities be evaluated quarterly. This provides the company an understanding of how to judge whether the initial marketing plan is delivering the best possible results. Conducting these quarterly evaluations can save the company time and money, as well as, help ensure the continued success of the company’s market share growth in the target market of Rome, Italy. This involves evaluating the company’s marketing return on investment, brand awareness, their social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid search advertising efforts, and above all else customer satisfaction.


In order to meet the return on Pinot Palette marketing plan, another element required is developing and setting controls to monitor progress. As the marketing plan progresses, the controls need to be analyzed to determine how the marketing plan’s current performance compares to the what was forecasted. These controls are important as they specify how and when corrections will be made to the marketing plan.

One control that is put into place in Pinot Palette marketing plan is the monitoring of customer engagement on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages. Understanding these customer engagement controls allows management to adjust the company’s marketing plan accordingly. Engagement marketing is referred to as the use of strategic & resourceful content to engage and connect customers. Reshma Mandal states, “Engagement marketing strategy engages customers directly. It encourages and invites customers to participate in the evolution of their brand or brand experience. It is known when brand and customer connect. Engagement marketing believes that customers should be actively involved in the co-creation of marketing programs rather than looking at them only like material of receiving messages.” (Mandal, 2017).  One of the important ways to engage with your audience is to ask questions and get them to participate in sharing/commenting on what you’re posting.

One of the first points you learn in marketing is knowing your target audience, their behavior and buying habits. Understanding the customer is a key component in building an effective and strategic marketing strategy.  In terms of marketing, the buyer persona is a key aspect in influencing buyer behavior with think how consumers view themselves. A good content strategy aims at creating a connection between the brand and its audience. A content marketing strategy is a blueprint that lays out the what & how to create, but also how to distribute it, and ultimately use it to attract, retain, and convert them into customers. Content strategies should be tailored to the brand and how it stands out from its competition.



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