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Comparison of Puma and Adidas: Business and Marketing Strategy

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Main objective of the organization is to fulfil the demand of the customer as it the main objective and satisfying. Through the efforts of marketing by customer as well as organizations a strong developed relation is made. To the society and organization development marketing function makes significant contributions. In accessories and sports goods manufacturing, Adidas is known all over the world. Providing athletes with possibly best equipment’s in 1924 Adi Dassler the "Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabril" was registers since then. With more than 54000 plus employees, In Germany, Herzogenaurach Adidas is headquartered. In providing the friendly product range best and for customer continuously and since its genesis a youthful brand Adidas is established as.

Task 1

Of your choice select couple of organizations and to achieve objectives of business what sort of marketing planning in comparison organizations apply as marketing mix.


  • Puma

Throughout globe, Puma is pioneer in sports manufacturing.it cover range of items related to healthcare, daily life.it provide clothes, footwear as well as necessities needed for games like football, cricket. Puma manufacture diverse items according to demand of every nation.it cover every gender.it has lots of variety in health care.it include jumpers, three quarters, trousers and many more attire that is one of plan of mix marketing. Puma manufacture diverse items according to demand of every nation e.g. UK demands for soccer jumpers whereas India goes items (Ries and Trout, 2001). Puma include variety of footwear like joggers, trainers, flip flop sandals etc. The items are for every gender as well as kids. Items of kids are based on age limit like newborn, play group young ones etc. However, puma also has products related to health care as well as sports like sweat bands, valets, hats, water bottles etc.one of prominent landmark of puma is latest invention in footwear.it manufacture footwear by making use of technology and make comfort for its users in sports and exercises e.g. net fit, Arsenal etc. (Solomon et al., 2013)

  • Adidas

Adidas is name of significant brand in footwear and sports. Adidas is always focusing in managing outstanding products specifically for athletes, making a mark in its invention and manufacturing ice shoes as pioneers as well as first shimmery footwear.it also manage to provide sports bags as well as sport shoes.


  • Puma

Puma has made its landmark in describing the brand as courageous, as well as focused.it is in face to face contesting further with brands as Umbro, Nike, and Adidas. To overcome the contest, Puma items are bit low to others in market.it represent puma as reasonable to others. They initiate occasional discounts to maintain users as well as elevate switching price of users. It is known as premium brand and it explains advertising mix plan of Puma brand (Ries and Trout, 2001)

  • Adidas

Adidas has specific number of clients and it is always focus to provide outstanding items as well as services to them. Because of its landmark in inventions as well as nonstop development of items, every item of adidas is premium priced. Advertising mix plan of adidas comprises of outstanding quality as well as contest winning.


  • Puma

Europe, EEMEA (Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), North America, Latin America and APAC (Asia and Pacific) Puma is established. Demolished was the APAC layer of reporting during 2015 of variant structure of Asian retail, to provide worldwide firm contact immediately with puma . Puma comprises of 3kind of dissemination ways, large scale, puma individual owners, other shops in market and online stores. Puma is established above than 120 nations and has above 13000 workers all over. Bond of puma with retailers is deep rooted (Masterson and Pickton, 2014)

  • Adidas

Adidas is one such brand that has provided access to their items throughout worldwide by making use of various distribution ways like warrants, huge distributor, specifically shops as well as online purchasing. This is representation of overall access to various regions as well as retaining plans.


  • Puma

Puma, being worldwide famous has widespread plans for advertisement. Its marketing plans are alike all over. Normally sports star are approached for promoting brand. Puma has list of national stars for promotion in states where it is established. Sports celebrities like Schumacker, Pélé, Joe Namath and Usain Bolt are some of its brand promoters. Its list consists of star promoters above in 30 nations. Furthermore, it also sponsors different groups, organizations and club all over the world as one of its marketing plans. Its female collection is supported by Rihanna and Kylie Jenner while using ramp showcasing its footwear as well as attire.it has an extensive list of other celebrities subscribing the brand formally and informally. However, puma do involve other public and clients through its attractive programs (Kotler et al., 2013)

  • Adidas

Adidas has make use of media for its advertistment.one of adidas promoting mix plan is to utilize 360 plans, including all parts of media.it uses social as well as print media for its success. In casting Laila Ali, David Beckham, and Muhammad Ali it was remarkable victory in media, who were portrayed competing their anxieties to garb it at the end.

How business can achieve its objectives different tactics by organisation applied and to evaluate

Trading industries made use of various plan according to their set up in order to gain their goals. little as well as prosperous organization like Puma has incorporate 7PS of retailing merged with their advertising process to attain their goal. Few of other firms like Nike and Puma in UK uses marketing segmentation plans to attain success. These are comparatively new to puma.

Puma uses diverse advertising mix in its firm to attain success as well as its aim. Process is described as below.

Product: Item need to be according to client’s expectation and primary aim of item is pleasing the client (Hooley, Piercy and Nicoulaud, 2012)

Place: access to items and services should be convenient for users e.g. location of shop must be accessible for concern users.in case of online services, delivery must be on time.

Price: cost of items and services should be worthy in case of cash to clients. It is one of challenging part because it should present worth to clients as well as keep up with competitors in market.

Promotion: publicity involves marketing like sales as well as media marketing. Puma is one of B2C firm that emphasis on individual marketing rather than using other channels.

Process: it incorporates services of organization.it show consumption of services.

People: individuals consist of workers, administrators, company’s culture as well as client services of Cadbury. These are important people of a firm.

Physical environment: It explain provision, consolation as well as user interface in a firm (Gbadamosi, Bathgate and Nwankwo, 2013)


For chosen organization plan to produce a basic marketing.

Marketing Objectives

Puma is international brand of products of sport market with the brand sports developed on the love for sports and the style of living. The focus of firm is on the customers therefore they constantly established looks, feels, qualities and the structures of the firm and the items for integrating as well as gain their targets of the customers for the purpose of providing them the best products. For the innovation synonymous is the firm and to support at all level the sportsmen will need leaders in the layout and in the industry. gain higher performance level abilities. As Puma is committed for strengthening their brands as well as products in the competitive industry of the products related to sports and they have developed Puma Bold 2009 shoes (Gbadamosi, Bathgate and Nwankwo, 2013). This new item is for the males and the females and they can be used by them for their training irrespective of their sport. The plan of marketing was developed by Puma and the techniques were made that would be supportive to gain the objectives of firm in the market that are:

Market penetration- Shares of market over the world where Puma is in competition.

Market development - involving into the new industries and answering to the segments of customer.

Product awareness - establishing the visibility as well as the consciousness related to all the brands which are provided with the clear and constant support as well as messaging the innovation of the product at the sale point (Egan and Thomas, 2010)

For an organization marketing-based plan- detailed cherent evidence to produce.


High Growth rate: high rate of growth has been witnessed by the Puma. It gained increase of 12.8% in the sales and second period of three months in year 2016. The revenue of €3.39 billion has been witnessed by Puma in the year 2015 that up surged from €2.97 billion in the previous year. This mentions the rate of growth of 14.14%. and the healthy rate of growth is mentioned and now they are paying attention on the expansion that may end into the increased growth rate in the next year.

Marketing and Sponsorship: the promotion of the brand is done by Puma and it spends a lot on it all over the globe by sponsorship. It gives sponsorship to the athletic champion known as Usain bolt. The official sponsors had the name of Puma for 2014 FIFA football world cup (Egan and Thomas, 2010)

Research and Development: this brand is quite creative and has got the great team of R&D. we acknowledge that majorly screws are used by footballers in their boots for better friction when they run.


Competition: this part is quite viable and great competition is being faced by Nike and Puma. By their incomes and revenues, they have developed the strict barrier for entrance for Puma for becoming the biggest.

Market Share: almost 7% share of market is held by Puma whereas the competitors such as Nike has got 32%, Reebok got 6% and Puma has 16%. Also, this mentions that Puma has the way to go.

Wage Dispute: related to the salary’s issues between the employees that few times take it to the production have to suffer. This requires to be resolved (E. Dobbs, 2014)


New target markets: on the new rising industries Puma can pay attention in the continent of Asia in order to expand the share of market importantly. They could pay attention on the patterns that change in these markets and try to handle.

New Product line: Puma can think of drifting from the sports as this kind of firm could only pay attention for developing living apparels and develop new market for customers. If possible, they could also enter into new firms for developing a sense of competition.

More Disposable income: the income of people has up surged in comparison to the previous ten years. Also, they have shown the possible interest in trading for purchasing the products over the sectors. This chance can be used by Puma and change the possible base of customers for having more sales.


Economic Condition: altering the conditions of economy over the globe is quite difficult. In the changing times people have been caught up. This may cater the decision of Puma for opening the new stores over the world and may turn into a huge problem for their expansion.

Fraud Products: there are many individuals that develop the false items and mostly they copy the original ones and sell them at cheaper rates (Aghazadeh, 2017)

Market Segmentation

The segments of market are the people’s group who have the similar needs. The firm such as Puma needs to ensure that they develop the proper parts for their new items. The department of marketing has the duty of recognizing the appropriate parts and make choice of the certain target.

GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: Diverse location units such as neighbourhood, states, regions etc was the market divided. In the semi-urban and urban Indian cities Puma bold 2009 would work (Aghazadeh, 2017)

DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: different segments are made by market depending on the factors such as life cycle of family, gender, religion, occupation, size of family, nationality, generation and social class. This segmentation of Puma is mentioned below:

15-36 age limit

£5000 level of income

Upper middle, upper class and lower upper are of social class types.

Both male and female :Gender

BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION: the segment classified customers in accordance to their response, attitude, product use and knowledge. Same way of other firms it is believed by Puma the behavioural factors like occasions, rate of users, readiness of customers and status of the user these are all factors for developing the segments of market. Below is behavioural segmentation for Puma.


  • Customers regular in gym.
  • Love Sports
  • Athletes
  • Seek Image
  • Freaks Brand

Psychographic segmentation: According to segmentation the customers classified the values, and style of living. Customers inside the same demographic segment could show the different profiles. Keeping the before mentioned in view of the certain attention on the events, attitudes and interests and different people’s personality analysis who are the customers (2003 Lancaster). To be different is the single key

  • Go-getters
  • Experienced-well
  • Hard workers
  • Goal doers

Target Market

Target market of urban youth new product has and people that own the brand proposition in contrast to their living style (Stone, 1998). The basic purpose of this is to pay close attention on consumption rule to the urban regions as well as cities for getting to their required group of people.

Positioning and Product Differentiation

Main aim of technique is to stay authentic to the manners which is significant for the customers and must keep them. This method is quite motivational when customers want to be different and basic product makes them satisfied:

  • Make a best cost for the product.
  • Advertise and provide more stuff at the higher price and increase the share of market (Gbadamosi, Bathgate and Nwankwo, 2013)

To achieve marketing objectives overall apply tactics to use 7ps with stategic marketing plan design


With increasing economy customers answering to this increase by taking interest into the products of sports, placing the function can introduce several schemes that provide this an advantage at first. With the purpose of making style the target among the individuals within society the better choice could be UK because of the environment there which is multi-cultural.


Puma having the purpose of functions’ expansion must aim at the huge number of people belonging to the middle-class and therefore it must use the technique of pricing which is smart for the sake of drawing people and giving value to customers that would also increase the local tourism and things can be improved ( Piercy, Nicoulaud, and Hooley 2012)


Puma has target of leaving an impact over industry that is not known to the firm. We have to take into consideration the main customers that would be our target. According to the country’s demographic majority of individuals are linked to the middle class therefore they would be the target market

Marketing Strategy

As internationally Puma Bold would be introduced and certainly in United Kingdom so it is quite proper to apply the strategy of international marketing or global marketing whatever you say. This technique is among the marketing fields that drew attention of majority of study in the research of global marketing (Piercy, Nicoulaud, and Hooley 2012)

Return of Investment

Marketing techniques are executed for sake of gaining the benefits like enhanced customer loyalty, growth and profits


Here we have analyzed the Puma brand which is basically the brand that provides all kinds of sports goods. Several techniques have also been learnt which are being used by the firm for being the top firm in their field. Instead of the prominent share of the firm in the market of Sports still they need to keep their competition of market just like other firms named as Nike and Reebok. The strategic positioning has been applied by Puma by making use of the Porter’s generic policies in the industry for the sake of getting bigger share of market. The common theoretical structure in the global industry has been the thing that strategy of the firm must be proper for the outside environment such as the view of the industrial company and the inside environment. Funds allocation is needed for the application of these kinds of strategies. Puma is able for the provision of the funds for the marketing purposes and the outcomes must be capable of developing the ROI. One full year in this plan of marketing is anticipated for the return on investment.


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