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Apple's Strategy for Creativity and Innovation for Efficiency

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Apple Inc is  a international technology, which is well-known as a leading company manufacturing technology products with the headquarter located in Cupertino, California. One of the most valuable sucess of company service is that this company create brand with high quality services , innovative, product designed and other services  that  touch customers’ hearts (Amy). It is truly the fact that innovation and creativity is probably successful parts of the Apple during a long time. The company ‘s slogan “Thinking Different” have been a representation of innovation and strategy at Apple. This essay will be indicated about how Apple have been using the processes of creativity, innovation to bring efficiency in business.

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1. Innovation and strategy work together at Apple?

Apple had the called as the first innovative business in the global. The innovation strategy to be focus on terrific new products, creation and innovative.  In terms of marketing, the company successfully identified the target market, loyal customers and provided their product with easier and simply. For instance, in terms of product strategy, the design teams at Apple have a meeting every week to enhance a problem-solving function within Apple’s product development. At the creative meeting, some managers describe their idea and outline about new products and the expectation from any new products. While design staffs be allowed to brainstorm, which is the best way to incentivize invention and showing out the best idea from the plan design meetings to managers. Finnally designers and engineers are required to work out to realize that idea. This process has been able to develop product of change and innovation through  group’s idea  and experimentation.

2. The innovation approach Apple has success fully used to identify customers’ needs

At the moment, almost company would research and identify the market . based on that information helps the production of the greatly in overall product development and strategy. And Apple is not exceptions. In order to perform this task the company focuses on increasing emotional interaction between products and consumers to “help customers love products and the experience of using them’’ Every Apple product build block for the next generation. Understandably, Apple relies strongly on customer’s experience and interactive involvement in order to identify their real needs and demands. The new updates version of Apple’s products has been improving during many years, which is the result of many customer’s surveys that it conducted, understanding exactly excellent features and products people liked . (Martin,2016)

3.  Innovation approach Apple has successfully help them to continue to stay ahead of the competition

Apple is a research and development company, where creates high-tech products, Apple has a lot of competitors around the world. For example: Google, Microsoft and HP … etc. It is truly that Apple is not only the company with high experienced in the history of the international technology industry. But in the reality that Apple is fast becoming a leader , because at the first stage  innovation appears  to  the source of the company’s growth  and they have a effectively linked  this concept into the Apple’s culture  (Tim Cook, 2012). They rely strongly on customer’s experience and interactive involvement in order to identify their real needs and demands. Each product be appeared, which is a fashionable, technologically and trendy. All these combines to make consumption of Apple’s products higher than similar products from other brand, when it comes out at the same time (Barrett, 2012). This innovation approach enables Apple to stay ahead of the competition in the market.

4.What role did Apple´ s people have, in the company constantly coming up with innovative products, and how did the culture at Apple encourage / discourage them.

Apple designs develop and provide hardware products, software products, and online services to serve for education, business, healthcare, and government. The mission of Apple is to create the best user experiences for their customers by offering state-of-the-art hardware and software products (Apple 2019). To accomplish this significant task, Apple has a strict policy on its supply chain to meet all requirements of communities and governments.

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With Apple, their innovative products are to serve for the public benefits. Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple stated that “We believe that business, at its best, serves the public good, empowers people around the world, and binds us together as never before.” (Apple Inc 2019). Also, organizational culture is an indispensable factor when talking about the success of Apple, it contributes significantly to maintain and develop the business philosophy, beliefs, value and behaviours of employees. Apple encourages its employees participating in education and skill-building. They emphasize on offering education on three categories to their employees. Besides, they also aim at encouraging their employees to construct a safe and respectful workplace. Apple enhances and encourages its employees to respect the human right in its supply chain and encourages their employees to voice concern (Backer 2013). On the other hand, the culture of Apple also discourages its employees. As the culture of Apple is to emphasize on secrecy and a moderate level of competitiveness in the workplace, it could limit the relationship between the employees and reduce their morale (Panmore Institute 2019).

5 .The impact of  Steve Jobs have on Apple and bring personally to the organisation What was Steve Jobs view of process and innovation?

Steve Jobs is an indispensable character when talking about the success of Apple, he contributed his whole life to the development of Apple. Steve Jobs is well-known as a genius and charismatic leader, he contributed significantly to the success of Apple and the technology industry. In the era of Steve Jobs, he completely changed the organizational culture of Apple. Steve Jobs had drawn and created a significant vision for Apple and the plan of implementing it. According to Carey (2019), any successful business all come with a clear and realistic vision, Apple is one of the common examples. Besides, Steve Jobs also developed a passion for the organization by inspiring employees and creating challenges for them to promote their better performance. Steve Jobs always looked deeper into the actual abilities of employees and created challenges to increase productivity. Besides, the huge impact of Steve Jobs on Apple is the change in the mission of the whole organization. With Apple, their mission is not to generate a huge amount of money, but to focus on providing high-quality services and products. Innovation is the factor that Steve Jobs emphasize to enhance the organization. Steve Job has a lot of famous quotes to demonstrate for his view. As could be seen that with Steve Jobs, innovation create the differences in the industry and it is the key factor to create success. Besides, Steve Jobs also said that “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” (The Balance Small Business 2019). With Steve Jobs, the processes of manufacturing products have to be delicate and useful in both the function and appearance.


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