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Apple Inc Company Report

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  • Introduction
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • International Operation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunity
  • Threats
  • Conclusion
  • References


Apple company is a multinational company of America. it was founded in April 1, 1976. Apple company Headquarter is in Cupertino, California. apple company has lots of product like iPad, iPod, Mac personal computer, iWatch , TV, Macintosh, Garage band and Home pod. Apple also has software which include Mac OS, iOS, iTunes and safari. It was founded by Steve jobs, Steve Woznick, Ronald Wayne. Apple has 500 retail stores (2018).  Net income of apple is US$59.531 billion (2018). Apple annual revenue of worldwide of year 2018 is $265 billion.In US apple is the first company which valued at over US $1 trillion. Apple also has its own website (www.apple.com)


Apple has converting there undertaking over the years. The company constantly changing enterprise landscape. Apple modern challenge is as comply with; Apple Macs designs, personalised personal computers within the international, as well as OS X, iLife, iWork, and professional software. Apple is at the leading edge of the revolution in virtual track, iPod and the iTunes net keep. A mobile phone is being relayed by way of Apple with a revolutionary iPhone and an App Store.


Vision of apple company are made by way of enterprise manager to make organization a hit in destiny. Under the leadership of tim cook apple business enterprise brought new vision announcement as comply with; We trust that we're the face of the earth to make tremendous merchandise and that’s no longer converting. We want to govern the primary era at the back of the goods that we made. Apple organization imaginative and prescient declaration tell the detail of there enterprise in numerous areas. The corporate imaginative and prescient enables set the strategic goal for specific regions in laptop technology,purchaser digital, online virtual distribution ,cloud computing and semiconductors enterprise.

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International Operations

Apple has averted billions of taxes through the usage of global associates. Apple has branches in Ireland. From there, the business enterprise negotiated a special fee of 2%. These units enter into contracts with producers to gather Apple merchandise, sell their products to other affiliates for distribution and generate profits in the chain of property inside the shape of dividends. However, a number of these branches do not have a chosen tax residence and do now not pay taxes at all.

SWOT Analysis


Apple has a unique ability to design and develop proprietary hardware, software, applications and services. Apple Inc.’s ability to layout and expand its personal hardware, software program, programs and services which might be so compact and person friendly for it' users which given them no or minimal lag for using them in their day by day lifestyles and also they are very adaptable to their surroundings which makes their products offerings effortlessly gel into them into their eco device which in flip allows the employer to introduce specific, innovative and easy-to-use merchandise and answers for its customers. Their merchandise clean-to-use and offerings combine seamlessly into one Apple ecosystem are the motives why customers purchase Apple’s top rate merchandise and enjoy the use of them. In other words, it creates a competitive benefit no other enterprise can match with super customer service which is likewise very effortlessly accessible.

Many of Apple’s competitors have attempted and nonetheless tried to imitate the success of Apple’s product surroundings, but fail because of not having sturdy talents in designing, production and developing each hardware and software, programs and services with that a lot precision and sophistication which apple has set their benchmark on on all variety of their key products. Samsung Electronics, Apple’s strongest competitor, lacks a comprehensive OS and has very few apps and services to provide its customers and after a point the bugs which infiltrate their devices which requires consistent app cleansing and use of anti virus apps of their telephones. Google, Apple’s 2nd biggest competitor may be very robust on software program, software software program and offerings, but has handiest evolved a few unsuccessful hardware merchandise like Google pixel which remains via far not near the talents an apple iphone affords to it's customersExcept for Google and Samsung Electronics, no other company should severely try to mission Apple’s aggressive benefit.


Apple merchandise are costly compared to competition. One of the maximum distinction in price range is also seen asian nations that are turning into apple's fastest promoting hub in latest years, their is still a price gap in the products bought their and different continents, apple merchandise are a great deal extra costly in such areas and this results in humans no longer being apple to buy the new products apple makes as early as feasible and ought to await prices to fall which in flip leaves them with no longer such a lot of options, also by the time a mean purchaser feels like buying the product, different competition already give you their new merchandise which confuses the market and scatters it's audience. As it shown in parent underneath the apple iPad and iPhone common selling fee is extra than USD400 during closing 5 years in worldwide and Mac product average promoting rate is more thanUSD1150 all through ultimate five years in global.Apple SWOT Analysis

Average selling price of Apple products

Despite a few products and services available, the economic overall performance of the multinational era is just too dependent on various merchandise, the iPhone. As the photograph under suggests, income of the iPhone during the last few years had been the bulk of the organization's general revenue. The modern-day state of affairs may be considered a massive weakness for Apple, as a terrible sales of iPhone income, as inside the beyond, can have terrible consequences on the worldwide competitiveness of the commercial enterprise international. Apple SWOT Analysis

iPhone sales share of Apple’s total revenue worldwide


Apple cars - With the addition of Facebook to Instagram, Occulus Rift, Whatsapp, and others, in addition to Google in ten exceptional methods, Apple glaringly wanted to discover a few new merchandise that Apple may want to convey to market. Apple is now tied to the Apple automobile, so that you can be on the market in 2020. Like any other Apple product, we also can expect plenty of the Apple automobile and various different innovative experimental merchandise for the atmosphere and various enterprise clients around the world.

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Technological advancement – Technological advances are continually the opportunity in the generation industry. And Apple is the brand that we can assume to make the first-rate use of era. In the coming years, we are able to count on superior MacBooks, iPhones, Pipelines and Iwatches with advanced technology and high-processors to keep the future in thoughts, as they nonetheless do, placed their machines in memory of. 5 years for the imaginative and prescient.

The growing market – Apple is a developing corporation in a growing marketplace. Equally important to the agency is the rising GDP of growing international locations, which in flip increases the standard of residing of humans while it increases their shopping strength thereby growing intake of such top class brands like Apple. Any enterprise that is growing desires a bigger marketplace base and the marketplace base is slowly being constructed via territory growth for Apple.

iWatch and Apple TV – Two merchandise which could increase the presence even further are the Iwatch and Apple TV, each of that are aimed at the destiny, for when the digital presence will increase. Apple Iwatch already has a 50% marketplace percentage of Smart watches in US and with such extensive technology and generation which receives into the lives of consumer and receives in conjunction with them as a part of their eco machine, it is in itself a bigger opportunity of the apple as it's an amazing possibility for them to more innovations in extra client attractive products and increase their market proportion and price in direct share.


Apple has no threat as a company. But as a product, all the products in the competition have a strong threat. It is not easy for company number 1 worldwide, and you are competing in other brands' competitions. SWOT analysis of Apple - 2

Market penetration in Smartphones – One of the primary threats to Apple is to penetrate other brands in the smart smartphone marketplace. Android eats marketplace proportion as some thing and presently has forty seven.5% market proportion, while Iphone has a market proportion of forty two%. Android is used by Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, and One Plus, and almost everyone desires to access the cellphone market. Apple must be Google (the second largest emblem) and Apple must be prepared to compete with smartphones. Recently, One Plus has set up leading era and top notch popular telephones, which has turn out to be extra popular with clients because of the price and what they all provide to smart phone audiences round the sector.

Laptop competition – MacBook is glaringly the first-rate as compare to different business enterprise laptops. But Dell, Sony and Lenovo are the competitiors of apple within the laptop segments. Dell has brought some beautiful fashions over time which includes the Alienware version. So, even though Apple as a brand is loved by each person, MacBook is facing stiff opposition from other manufacturers as properly and in the main due to it's price range and it being now not for every customers..


Apple's SWOT analysis has found out major keys of  the corporation. Apple's core is best and logo of merchandise. Its fundamental weaknesses are excessive product expenses. There are massive opportunities for this employer, and competing corporations also are a first-rate danger. Apple has grown hastily in current years in growing income of smartphones and MacBooks. Apple is one of the most powerful brands in the international. But to find quicker boom, Apple can launch new products and additionally invest in new technology. Its modern day launch, iPhone X, has visible a totally excessive level of popularity and growing revenue in an effort to take the organisation's emblem higher. A more potent dollar and a good regulatory framework, but, placed strain on business. Apple is still a main brand within the market and can discover faster boom through acquisitions and investments in inexperienced technology. The enterprise's attention on technological innovation is an essential source of competitive benefit for the emblem and could retain to offer growth and fulfillment.


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