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A Risk Analysis Human Resources Scenario

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I’m going to try and explain how my college will setup a new project that will develop an information system that would allow all employees, students, and customers to access and maintain their own human resources information, such as address, marital status, and tax information. I will try to reach my students and professors with this paper.

A lot of projects have risk, some risk turns out to positive and some turn out to be negative. I think without some risk whether good or bad…it makes the project that much better because you are learning either way. I think the impotence of the task will cause the risk to be greater and this will cause you to have some issues. No matter what’s going on…if a risk arise you must take care of it, you should come up with some type of system to take care of the risk that arise and this way if more risk come up you will already have a plan in place to take care of it. I think there are a lot of risk in letting customers, and students be their own Human Resource. There will be a few negative and positive risk that will come about when letting this type of situation go on. I don’t think customers or students should have access to any Human Resource information. Human resources information can be very sensitive, and it must maintain its confidentiality (WHY IS CONFIDENTIALITY CRITICAL TO HUMAN RESOURCES, n.d.).

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Financial Risk Positive and Negative

When you give permission to employees, customers and students access to Human Resource…The employees in the Human Resource department will have less work to do and this could possibly cut jobs for the Human resource workers and in return cutting some of those jobs will save an organization money I think doing this will eventually cost the organization more money


When coming up with a new system such as this one you should consider other people private information such as social security numbers, home address, driver’s license numbers, and names. This type of information should not be able to be accessed by everyone …that would put a lot of people lively hood in serious danger. You have some rules in place as far as removable media…you should not be able to use removable media such as external hard drives and flash drives with in this office. I don’t think a log file will help because people will put down fake information and making the human resource workers take names and information of people that come to use the service is risky as well…they can get side tracked…especially if they have to stop in the middle of doing something.

New Employees positive and Negative

If the organization has to hire more staff, it will then become costly to the company, these new employees will have to be trained on what the job intel them to do and training along can be very expensive.


When using customers, students and employee the same rights and access as Human Resources some employees will not feel like they are as important as they use to be within the Human Resource department…I know I wouldn’t like it if customers off the street can come to my department and feel like they can do the same job that I can do when they have not had the training that I have had…their responsibilities would not be the same as mine…I’d spend more time correcting their mistakes and this would cause problems with me getting my daily work completed. Some students aren’t responsible, some Customers wouldn’t care about anyone else privacy but their own and that would cause a major risk in the Human Resource department. If there were some kind of software or key card that customers, students and employees could use that would enable them to access their information only…that would be considered as good and a positive for me.

Misplaced Personal contact Negative

If the risk analysis of the Human Resource plan is effective, then there should be more self-service office opening up. This will probably end open communication with customer, students and employees and this could lead to bad ethics within the organization.


A lot self -service structures can be very successful, and it could really be cost effective. I’ve seen a couple of service organizations that went well. There are a lot of restaurants that have self service soda machines in restaurants and the customers and employees seem to have good relationships…the communication is still there but, I think in a restaurant setting cashiers really don’t take their job that serious and some could care less if the customer come in and speak to them at all. In a Human Resource setting…that’s different…I think communication is key between customer, student and employees…some people just have no clue when it comes to Human Resource work…It would be nice to leave it up to the customer, student and employee to whether they would like to talk to a person or a machine. I would also try a suggestion box to see what the customer, student and employee would prefer and that way the project will be done right, and all people will be satisfied.

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Software and Hardware Issues Negative

I think you will have a lot of user errors because the more hands that touch a machine. The more problems are bound to arise, If the machines don’t update themselves…that can cause problems, system can lock up and have to be put in the out of business category for hours or days. I just think lack of customer, students and employee’s knowledge on systems are a recipe for problems to occur around the clock.


Having solutions already planned out is key, there should be people that is assigned to handling these solutions so that others aren’t disturbed when trying to do work. With this in place…I think this will help resolve some equipment issues with equipment.


        WHY IS CONFIDENTIALITY CRITICAL TO HUMAN RESOURCES. (n.d.). Retrieved from SHRM: https://www.shrm.org


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