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A Review of Motorola

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Executive Summary

Motorola believes in protecting the environment, creating a safe and healthy workplace and supporting the communities. Motorola is one of our leaders in automotive, broadband and wireless networks information technology. It was founded as Gavin Manufacturing Corporation back in 1928. Its first product was a battery eliminator, now it has a long list of products to include phones, wireless headsets, two-way radios, computers, and broadband product and many more. They lead the way with their two-way radio services for public service, government, and the utility businesses for many years.  Motorola leads the way in broadband communication for homes, entertainment, businesses (Motorola, n.d.).

Management Review

Motorola is committed to quality and excellence, they help to enable the public safety system to work faster, efficiently and smarter.  This system was built on decades of innovative and quality leadership.  Leadership continues to improve their products, services, processes, and solution to maximize the customer's expectation. Management likes to collect and analyze customer information, survey, and feedback.  This can be used to let management know what is going on within a customer environment and lets the team know how to improve their working relationship with clients. Motorola has an Integrated Management System that is used to support the overall strategy of the organization.  This system ensures that all members are aligned to meet their strategic commitments, goals, and objectives of the organization. The process is in place to support the compliance of various ISO standards (Motorola, n.d.).

Ethics Review

Motorola responsibility is to be a good global citizen, and to have a principle, good policies and to look out for the well fair of our community (Motorola, n.d.). Some of the ethical issues that Motorola deals with is child labor, which it makes sure that none of its phones are produced by child labor supply chains.  It deals with recycling of all products, like phones, computers batteries, and other products that it produces. They make sure that they produce an environment-friendly product.  They try to make sure that they are eliminating harmful chemicals from their products. Motorola makes sure that their employees are well informed of their ethical policies while in the work environment. Motorola Codes of Business Conduct requires all employers to follow their code. It describes the ethical value for all employees and their business partners to follow.  It sets the standard for what they can and cannot do.  Failure to comply could lead to some type of disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the company. Some of the codes are:
  1. Always Do the right thing
  2. Delivery on your promises with high quality and integrity
  3. Compete aggressively but with integrity and fairness
  4. Avoid conflict of interest between the company and your personal interest
  5. Report problems of interest immediately
  6. Respect individual differences

E-business Review

Motorola has a wide variety of product they can sell on their websites, like cell phones, two-way radios, phone accessory and charges for their product.  Most of their products are green friendly, and they will accept them back for recycling.  Some of the services that they may offer are extended warranty coverage for some products; you can pay for your product when you order it, or you can pay later if your credit is accepted. They offer contract-free offer, with no long-term commitment.  You can switch carriers, and till keep your phone, for most Motorola phone can be easily unlocked, just pop in your SIM card, and be on your way.  You have 24/7 support ready to help you at any time, and free shipment of all Motorola smartphones, which you will receive within 5-7 business days (Motorola, n.d.).

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act Compliance

SOX regulation work hand in hand with the HIPAA Security rules and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which were created to curb corruption within businesses, individual privacy protection and to strength and build on the overall information security.  SOX focuses on the controlling of financial systems of publicly traded companies.  SOX also helps to better control the integrity of shared data and to help manage compliance risk that most public companies have to deal with.  SOX requires that regulated companies do a periodic test and assessment of their software and network infrastructure are configured accordingly.  Management must also provide an adequate audit trail that allows for tracking of all incident to figure out the problem from start to finish. (Nasuti & Brown, n.d.)

Sales and Marketing Channels Review

Motorola uses a 3-step sales strategy plan step one is
  1. Planning allows the organization to look at the data and see how to make the numbers.  This is where they look at marketing, then they go after the accounts, and then look at how they make the purchasing decisions (Alexander, 2017).
  2. Engagement, this lets you see how the sales team interact with the prospect and customers.  We can determine what type of salesman is a need for a certain customer, look for real-time sales opportunities, we can use incentive compensation plans to help meet our goals.
  3. Sales support is used to help the sale team be effective throughout the sale process, you give them the ability to do their own thing and make the sale happen.  Be a company that is easy to buy from and sells for, with Back Office Support.
The marketing team works hand in hand with the sales team to make sure everything runs Smooth, and give the sale teams all the information they need to be successful.  The marketing team help develop products brands, campaign, and budget plans to allow the sales team to make their goal.  They will determine what program to run, which product to sell, and what the people are looking for and what will be needed to attract a certain market.  If you put the right plan in place and have the right salespeople working on the product, you can be successful (Alexander, 2017). The marketing team has a 5-step strategy plan, to help them to market a product;
  1. Marketing Plan, you develop the brand, you put it out there for sale, you set the budget for advertising and run the campaign promoting the products.
  2. Strategy and Planning are where you outline the process of how the marketing team interact with new and exist customers.
  3. Resources are there to make sure that you have the right people in the right place to execute the process to make the sale happen.
  4. The execution, here we consent on product marketing, lead management, campaign execution, and field marketing.  This is where you try to meet the need of the market while making the sale while motivating the sale team.
  5. Marketing Support will help the marketing team by reducing their non-program responsibility (Alexander, 2017).

Information Technology (IT) Review

Motorola leads the way when it comes to connecting people when it matters the most.  They delivery true innovated technology for resolving customer problems before they ever realized that they had a problem.  We make sure our customers have the best technology solution possible for them to do their job.  We connect our customer, protect our citizen and connect them to the shopper and help through our empowering IT operations.  Motorola provides IT services for phones, computers, and two-way radio services. Motorola recognizes important shifts in the market before it happens.  With their design expertise and breakthrough technology solution, this puts them above the rest in the same market we serve.  We bring technology to the market before other, because we recognize change before they happen they can see the need and the benefit the changes can make within a community.  This can be used to connect new and innovates business and technology together to combine and advance great ideas for upcoming/future revelations. Motorola solution services markets around the world, which needs fast and reliable public service communication in real-time. They are the leader in products, systems, software solutions and services which can help the people when it matters.  Our products and solutions are licenses to assist our worker throughout the world. IT can be used in most all section throughout the organization.  It can be used in the HR department, we have a lot of people who make their initial contact with HR. They will need to sign up for things like benefits, medical, dental, insurance and they will need to be assigned a username and password, to gain access to their PC and email.  HR must enter all information into a computer, which needs to be secure since there is personal information they have to enter. You can also use IT in the supply chain, they will need to have a secure database, where they enter all the items that they order and keep track of.  They will need to print out reports on daily, weekly and monthly and that equipment will need to be maintained.  One of the main places that IT will be needed is within the executive area.  This is an area that most people overlook, but the executive needs help just like all other members of the organization.  They have email, they need usernames and passwords, they have computer problems, and their systems need to be maintained and secured. The IT department has a lot of jobs and is needed throughout the company area.  We help the everyday worker, they make sure that all the systems are up and running. The IT department deals with all security problem as well as malware and virus.  Most people don’t see the IT personnel unless they have a problem.  Most of the time they work in the background, dealing with updating products and securing the system.  A good IT manager makes sure that all personnel of the organization knows the security policies and make sure that they are training annually if needed.  They make sure that all policies are updated and checked and test to ensure that they work. All parts of an organization must work together for it to function as a complete unit.  The executive and manager must work together to create rules for us to follow for the organization to do the right thing.  We must make the ethical decision daily and live with our decision, and hope it was the right one.  All organization must follow some type of rules and be in compliance in order to stay operating.  Most organization follows the business rules and regulation of the SOX compliances, this way we can help to minimize the threat of corruption.  If you are entering in personal information like Social Security Number, will you have to make sure that part of the system is secure and in compliance with SOX?  If you are selling a product, you must have a plan, and you must market the product to the right market for people to know what you have.  Most companies have a. E-business, where they sell online, this to can be marketed in order to sale and make a profit.  Most of the E-business will need some type of IT service for it to work correctly and be in compliance with your business.


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