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Resource Integration Management Process in the Tourism Industry

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Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest.  Tourism can be domestic or international according to the choice of the people. Today tourism is major source of revenue for many countries. There are many companies operating in this sector.


Makemytrip is an Indian online travel service company started in the year 2000. Mr. Deep Karla is the founder of makemytrip. Initially the company launched and operated in the US market. Makemytrip started its Indian operations in the year 2005. The company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company started with a $9 Million capital and now its reached $850 Million. Makemytrip is the market leader of online travel services in India (Makemytrip.com, 2018).


Expedia group was established in the year 1996 as a division of Microsoft. Bill Gates was the founder of Expedia group and it is headquartered in Downtown, Washington. The New Zealand head office of Expedia group is in Auckland.  In the year 2001, USA Networks bought Expedia Group from Microsoft and they started accepting bitcoins in the year 2014. In September 2014, Expedia Group created the Expedia+ card partnered with Citi Group. Expedia Group planning to relocate its headquarters to Seattle next year (Expediagroup.com, 2018).


MakeMyTrip Expedia Group
Flight tickets Flight tickets
Domestic and international travel packages Holiday packages
Hotel reservations Hotel reservations
Rail and bus tickets. Car rentals
Flight tickets (MakeMyTrip, 2018) Travel insurance
Travel activities
Holiday rentals (Expediagroup.com, 2018)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution becoming crucial to enforce with the passage of time. This software program totally transforms a commercial enterprise into the digital world. This is a software program solution used via all type of industries and businesses. Whether you’re running a small business or giant enterprise, ERP is the great device handy for efficient goal achievement. It efficiently manages the day to day organizational activities that include accounts, inventory, management, and others. It allows the management and other stakeholders to have complete trust in data accuracy.


ERP system is a valuable tool of administrative information and control, Makemytrip using Ramco HCM ERP for operations. Initially they are used SAP for their ERP operations. In the year 2009 Ramco introduced new ERP system for make my trip (ramco, 2018). With Ramco’s managed ERP service platform, MakeMyTrip now derives benefits of integrated processing system to effectually and professionally handle operations. Ramco HCM is self-service portal, it allows employees to login to the cloud with their personal user id and password. The employees will get the duties and assignments from the cloud. Make my trip can manage their goals with customized Ramco HCM efficiently. Ramco HCM cloud ERP used for all core organizational activities of make my trip such as HR, organization management, personal administration, benefits administration, travel and expenses and movement and exit management. Ramco HCM offers Comprehensive Time and Attendance management integrated with Core HR and Global Payroll. Make my trip using 11 other software’s like Clustrix and Apsalar for business processes. These also part of their ERP system.

3.1.1 Advantages of Ramco HCM ERP solution

  • Easy to use – Ramco HCM helps to gather and access data easily across the organization.
  • Reliable data – Ramco HCM provides accurate and reliable information for the short-term and long-term goals of the business.
  • Customized designing – Ramco HCM is capable to provide customized ERP according to the client’s requirements (ramco, 2018).
  • Less use memory more performance – It is using less memory as compared to other ERP solutions and it has more performance.


Expedia group using Oracle ERP software for their day to day operations. It helps the company to manage the business effectively. With the help of Oracle cloud applications Expedia Group doing business functions in standardized manner. Oracle is one of the top ERP solution in the current market. Expedia Group is using Oracle ERP cloud for Financial planning, Accounting, Order management. Enterprise performance management, Risk management, Revenue recognition and Compliance and governance. This customized ERP systems allows Expedia Group to add and remove features, functionalities and storage space at any time. This ensures that your system is exactly what you need at all time and even better in the future (Financesonline.com, 2018).

3.2.1 Advantages of Oracle ERP Solution

  • Implementation risk is less – As compared to other ERP solutions provide easy data transmission and installation.
  • Allows customization – Oracle can be customized with the requirement of customer. Expedia Group using customized Oracle ERP solution. They have made major changes in accounting systems because they are operating in more than 75 countries. Each county has different currency and tax system.
  • Unbreakable security – This cloud-based ERP enables high security and data accuracy for their customers. Oracle applications avoid illicit access and ensuring secured accessibility and integrity of system data.
  • User-friendly – Oracle ERP system is user friendly. The user can adapt the system very fast.


A schedule is a basic time-management tool, consists of a listing of times at that possible tasks, events, or actions are meant to complete for the success of the company. The method of making a schedule deciding the way to order these tasks and the way to commit resources and accomplish it. Scheduling is different in each industry and each company.

4.1 Makemytrip

Makemytrip following simple and easy procedures for their scheduling. The scheduling process includes customer management, goal management, employee management, etc. Most of the scheduling activities doing with the help of Ramco HCM ERP. Customer schedule management starts when the customer book a ticket or travel package on the website. The server provide data to the system admin and he transfer the data to different departments for further processes. With the help of Ramco HCM ERP makemytrip planning and organizing the customer schedules effectively and efficiently. Mr. Deep Kalra and the top management people of makemytrip planning and scheduling the long-term goals of the company (Schedule, 2018).

4.2 Expedia Group

Expedia Group has more complex schedule system. Because they are operation in more than 75 countries. Their scheduling activities are different from country to country. They have customers from the half of the globe. Travel and tourism is mainly depending on seasonal operations. Expedia is scheduling their activities with the help of Oracle cloud ERP. When a customer looking for travel package or ticket the data will transfer to the data base and the system admin will transfer the data to the ticket booking department. If possible, they will give some offers for the customers. When the package or ticket booked the details will sent to the relevant department and they schedule the customer booking. The marketing team of Expedia group plan and schedule promotional activities in different regains according to the season (Discover.expediapartnercentral.com, 2018).



Makemytrip is the online travel service market leader in India. They are only operating in less than 10 countries. They should plan for their expansion because in the future they will have more competitors in the market.  At the same time Expedia group should concentrate on the world market. They must provide more product and services for the potential customers. If Makemytrip is planning for an expansion they must implement more complex ERP system. Expedia group should focus on their aggregate planning according to the seasonal and market changes.

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Makemytrip is an expanding company and Expedia group is the global market leader in online travel services. Both companies are using customized ERP system for business operations. Expedia Group is using more complex ERP system as compared to makemytrip. Oracle cloud ERP solution is better than Ramco HCM because they are doing continuous R&D in Enterprise Resource planning. Scheduling has more importance in travel and tourism industry. Both companies are doing efficient business schedule that is why they are well known in travel and tourism industry. Expedia Group has taken over more than 120 websites globally and their planning and scheduling controlled by core management professionals.  Makemytrip give attention to environment and issues of corporate social responsibility and, therefore, believes in operating as a sustainable business enterprise with a view to serve the society, in a holistic manner.


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